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Poems By Poet Dozie Wogu  12/19/2014 6:48:26 PM
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  Best Poems From
  DOZIE WOGU (7 December)

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I have Joy
Joy in pain
Joy in sadness
Joy in discouragement

I have Joy
The Joy that comes from within
Innate with that of Christ
The Joy to do His will

I' ve got Joy
The Joy of Christ
Which eludes Him
When He finds a lost soul

I have Joy
An aftermath of obedience
Which is seen in salvation
Joy in God’s law

I have Joy
Joy in tribulations
Joy through tough times
Joy in various trials

I have Joy
The Joy that lasts
Though I might be visibly shaken
The Joy of salvation

What type of Joy?
That is the Joy of Jesus
The Joy that sustains
Though there are troubles
The Joy of peace
It is the Joy of salvation.

By Wogu Nnadozie
Dozie Wogu



My Sin- His Forgiveness

Sometimes when I look up I remember my sins
Focusing on the lofty skies and grandeur heavens I recall
Those things I did in my mind without knowing they were sins
Then I fall helplessly to the ground after I have recalled

I look out with an eye of imagination
Thinking of my transgression and failure
I am being reminded of my indignation

But then I remember that I have a Savoir
I remember that I have One who died for me
I remember that His blood went forth as a sweet savor
Into God's throne when He suffered for me

Then I kneel beside my bed and pour out my heart
To the One who loves me so much that He died
I confess my sins and failure from the depth of my heart
To the one who saved me through His death
Suddenly I feel His presence
The One and only Redeemer by my side
Comforting and taking me in His bosom
The King of kings is by my side

To take away all my sorrows
That I had to bear because of my sins
He moves them from the ridge to the furrow
Giving me an assurance of freedom

Then I stand with a new heart
Embracing my Savoir with happiness
Thanking Him for His forgiveness and love
For He came down to replace my sorrows with happiness

Then I saw that his forgiveness brought me joy
That my repentance brought me peace
That His acceptance sparkled in me joy
And His countenance revealed peace
Dozie Wogu



Herr Herr

Herr! Herr! !
Warum misch gelosen?
Herr! Herr! !
Warum misch gelosen?
T'was His soul loud cry
As the burden of the world's sins weighed on Him
Darkness separated
The beloved Son from His father
Thicker darkness would engulf Him in Hades
He had asked that this moment would never come
When thick bloody tears fell from His brow
Even then, an Angel comforted Him
But now,
It was all dark
Thicker darkness was to follow
the king of Glory
As this excruciating pain
Erupted in this agonizing lament
Dozie Wogu




I stepped into this world
Grew up in the word
Amid strife and sorrow
With tribulation in the marrow

Amid rumors of wars
Amid fears of death
Amid disasters and accidents
Amid catastrophes and chaos

All these I have seen
But still I have peace
All these I have been
But still I have peace

I have peace
Peace from God
Which He gave out
In reconciliation with man

I have peace because-
I am reconciled with God
By Christ on the cross
An everlasting peace
Am not anxious amid these trials
Am at rest amid sorrows
Peace at home
Peace in Church
Peace with man

I have peace because-
It is an explicit made implicit
Not as the World gives
A state of mind from Christ

The Greeks call it Eirene
The Hebrews says it's shalom
It might not be quit explained
But still it is PEACE
Dozie Wogu

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Poems By Poet Dozie Wogu