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Poems By Poet Dr John Celes  7/23/2014 5:23:21 PM
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Dr John Celes   Best Poems From
  DR JOHN CELES (14-2-1957)

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Joy is in heart and mind
Joy is for eyes to find
Joy is found everywhere
Joy is when you soul-care!

Joy is when you well seek
Joy is for mild and meek
Joy is Nature divine
Joy is rain and sunshine

Joy is in each good thought
Joy is in success wrought
Joy is God’s love for man
Joy is in God’s life-span

Joy is in bud and frond
Joy is in brooks and pond
Joy is in things God made
Joy’s beauty cannot fade

Copyright by Dr John Celes 21-08-2013
Dr John Celes



A Poem in Maths

Count your blessings, God-given;
Add them one by one, each day;
Subtract your pessimism;
Divide time for all your works;
Multiply your joys in life;
Get success in earthly stay,
By praying to the Lord.

Numbers are infinitesimal;
Numbers are so magical;
Numbers can have decimal;
Numbers rule the modern world.

Numbers are abstract / real;
Numbers can amuse us all;
Numbers are the ‘bricks’ of Maths!
Numberless, world is dismal.

They can count your hair, these days;
They can count the stars, some ways;
Man’s progression in Maths is base,
For putting man on Moon, or Mars?

Numbers make computers work;
Hypotheses form the science;
Integers are wonders too;
A genius in mathematics

Copyright by Dr John Celes 7-22-2007
Dr John Celes



Teacher’s Day in India,2010

Teachers teach students to learn;
Teachers show them how to earn;
Teachers guide students to read;
Teachers help them if they need.

Teachers share with pupils, ken;
Teachers show them how to pen;
Teachers train them in most things;
Teachers make them good earthlings!

Teachers mould their character;
Teachers act facilitator;
Teachers are a boon on earth;
Teachers bring students, mirth!

Teachers care for children-wards;
Teachers don’t expect rewards;
Teachers slog throughout life-span;
Teachers make them man / woman.

Teachers are a humble lot;
Teachers make learning, an art;
Teachers perform well their part;
Teachers love students in heart!

Teachers are next to parents;
Teachers are a nation’s wealth;
Teachers make a student great;
Teachers are a must for all.

Revere teachers on this Day;
Thank them truly in some way;
Emulate them, if you may;
‘Give them good health, God’, you pray!

“Happy Teachers’ Day! ”

Most lovingly dedicated to all my teachers,
Living and dead, who made me,
‘What I am, today! ’

Copyright by Dr John Celes 05-09-2010
Dr John Celes



Happy Wedding Anniversary, dear Sister & Brother-in-law

More years have fled away so fast;
Much time has sped into the past;
Affection, love have stood steadfast;
The world looks small although so vast.

Your wedding day has come again;
It was a boon and not a bane;
It kept two minds so very sane;
There were a lot of things to gain.

We wish you years of bliss and peace;
We pray your problems sooner cease;
We hope you live in health and ease;
May you be free from more disease.

‘Happy Wedding Anniversary! '
Dear Athan and Akka
From Celestine, Mercy, Cathy and Diana
Copyright by Dr John Celes 2-06-2014
Dr John Celes

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Poems By Poet Dr John Celes