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Poems By Poet Dr John Celes  9/1/2014 6:17:00 AM
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Dr John Celes   Best Poems From
  DR JOHN CELES (14-2-1957)

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Happy 67th Independence Day, India

They died so that we all may live
With freedom from the British lords;
They suffered, sacrificed their lives
For freedom’s sake – a noble cause!

Many were men, women, children
Who laid their lives for nation’s sake;
They made our Motherland, heaven,
And drove away the masters fake!

Non-violence -tool invincible,
Spear-headed War of Freedom long;
Some fell to British bullets fast,
And in prison many were cast.

Many had been hanged unto death;
Many had been tortured by stealth;
Their cries were smothered by their lords;
But freedom-fighters won the war!

The British ran away in fright
As tricolor was hoisted high!
Freedom was won sans many swords;
Freedom was gained by merely words!

We were enslaved by British once,
Who hurt and maimed us Indians much;
Yet now, they are no more our foes,
But friends with whom, we have good touch!

Do we realize our freedom’s cost?
Does love afill our human hearts?
Are all Indians brothers, sisters –?
A question we must always ask.

Our hearts must change primarily;
Love for our nation must be prime;
Love for our brethren must be next;
Love must unite Indians by blood!

Divisive forces should not rise;
All states must share resources well;
Our voices must not be subdued;
Corruption must be pulled by roots!

Our country is not poor at all!
The people are its boundless wealth;
Hate should not run across the states;
Let unity all integrate!

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! Jai Ho to Indians world-over!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 23-07-2013
Dr John Celes



Happy Teachers' Day!

Next to my parents, you were great!
You are my special teacher dear;
You held my hand and cleaned my slate;
With words of love, erased my fear!

You taught me how to spell most words;
You showed me what is even, odd;
You made the pretty sounds of birds,
And showed me how to pray to God.

And when I entered college days,
You were my teacher dear and friend;
You gave me tasks and solving ways;
How well you tried to condescend!

I came to know this world through you;
You moulded strongly my pot-clay!
From depths of heart, with respect due,
I wish you ‘Happy Teachers' Day! '

To all teachers world-over: "Happy Teachers' Day! "
Copyright by Dr John Celes 5-09-2012
Dr John Celes



Teacher’s Day in India,2010

Teachers teach students to learn;
Teachers show them how to earn;
Teachers guide students to read;
Teachers help them if they need.

Teachers share with pupils, ken;
Teachers show them how to pen;
Teachers train them in most things;
Teachers make them good earthlings!

Teachers mould their character;
Teachers act facilitator;
Teachers are a boon on earth;
Teachers bring students, mirth!

Teachers care for children-wards;
Teachers don’t expect rewards;
Teachers slog throughout life-span;
Teachers make them man / woman.

Teachers are a humble lot;
Teachers make learning, an art;
Teachers perform well their part;
Teachers love students in heart!

Teachers are next to parents;
Teachers are a nation’s wealth;
Teachers make a student great;
Teachers are a must for all.

Revere teachers on this Day;
Thank them truly in some way;
Emulate them, if you may;
‘Give them good health, God’, you pray!

“Happy Teachers’ Day! ”

Most lovingly dedicated to all my teachers,
Living and dead, who made me,
‘What I am, today! ’

Copyright by Dr John Celes 05-09-2010
Dr John Celes




Joy is in heart and mind
Joy is for eyes to find
Joy is found everywhere
Joy is when you soul-care!

Joy is when you well seek
Joy is for mild and meek
Joy is Nature divine
Joy is rain and sunshine

Joy is in each good thought
Joy is in success wrought
Joy is God’s love for man
Joy is in God’s life-span

Joy is in bud and frond
Joy is in brooks and pond
Joy is in things God made
Joy’s beauty cannot fade

Copyright by Dr John Celes 21-08-2013
Dr John Celes

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Poems By Poet Dr John Celes