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Poems By Poet Dr John Celes  3/6/2015 2:59:42 AM
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Dr John Celes   Best Poems From
  DR JOHN CELES (14-2-1957)

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The Original Sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

The devil knew that Eve was weak;
So chose to tempt the lady first;
A Liar by nature, Satan,
It asked Eve tell what God had bid.

Poor Eve knew not the wily snake,
And the Tempter's evil design;
She blurted out the truth God said;
‘They could eat fruits of every tree.

But not the one, God had forbade,
For, death befell the one who ate.'
But Satan told innocent Eve,
It wasn't the truth what God had said.

By eating fruit of ‘knowledge' tree,
One came to know the good from bad!
Your eyes open, you'll be like Gods,
And never die as God had said.

Poor Eve believed the charming words
Uttered by mouth of wily snake!
The tree looked good, so would its fruit;
She thought the snake had told the truth!

The apple looked so enticing
That Eve decided to taste it.
She longed for the wisdom it brought,
And so decided to eat it.

She ate some fruits and took one to
The sleeping Adam; made him eat!
Adam also ate the fruit brought;
They realized they were naked!

Eve was the first to fall in sin
And succumbed to the temptation;
She did not stop with her folly
But made her husband do the same!

The moment, they had eaten then,
Their nakedness, they realized;
They made loin-cloths out of fig leaves
to hide their nudity from God.

They hid amidst the garden trees,
But God called them in a loud voice;
Adam threw the blame upon Eve,
And ate the fruit because she gave!

When God asked Eve, she threw the blame
Upon the snake who tempted her;
Thus was the original sin
Committed by our first parents!

The Tempter knew how to deceive
The lady first, through her the man;
To make the man first eat the fruit
Was perhaps not an easier thing!

And so, the crafty devil lied;
The woman Eve in him believed;
They committed the first big sin,
For now, the Liar seemed to win!

‘The snake became accursed of all
Bellying its way all through its life;
And eat dust as long as it lived.' -
The punishment pronounced by God!

When God had asked both Adam, Eve,
If they disobeyed His command,
They tried to blame the next for it,
Persisting in their lie to God.

Eve would bear children with great pain;
And yearn for her husband all life;
Adam would have to till the soil,
And get food-crops by sweat and toil!

As Adam put the blame on Eve;
As though he knew not God's command;
They weren't aware of God's wisdom,
And hence were banished from Eden!

Had they accepted their fault then,
Perhaps God could have forgiven;
And mankind could have still been saved,
From exile from Eden Garden!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 2-7-12
Dr John Celes



Clean India Campaign (Swachh Bharat)

To clean entire environment
World citizens should try;
Polluted earth and firmament
Will make all one day cry!

Most rivers formed from melted snow
Of mountains pretty high
Are source of drinking water, oh!
Without which people die.

All rivers are held sacred too,
Why dirty them in ways?
All lands need irrigation due,
To raise crops with sun's rays.

The filth in holy rivers found
Defies all cleaning modes;
Carcasses, corpses, urns abound,
Whose stench, the water loads.

When lanes with garbage littered stare,
With civic sense all gone,
Made nature calls in open air,
Diseases new are born.

The air we breathe be better clean,
And smoke and smog be less;
And public places must be green,
And wear a beauteous dress.

Keep houses, neighborhoods too neat,
Keep tidying all the time;
Like separating chaff from wheat,
Do this in every clime.

Effluents should not rivers reach,
Cause harm to fishery;
Let clean be every road and beach,
Life shouldn't be misery.

Yet, cleanse your hearts and minds and souls,
Avoiding heinous sins;
Renew your aims, ambitions, goals,
Keep clean, with common-sense.
Dedicated to Mahatma Gandhiji on his Jayanthi
And PM Modiji

Copyright by Dr John Celes 30-09-2014
Dr John Celes



The Festival of Purim

’Tis time for Purim this year,
Jews celebrate this, dear;
–God’s plan to save them from
Their perpetrator’s hands.

Esther became the queen,
And donned a glorious sheen,
Protecting her people
From annihilation.

Jews thank God for this act
Of kindness from His heart;
They dress and eat today
In remembrance of the day.

God’s wonders cannot cease;
His works are done with ease;
God’s words remain always,
And none can ever erase!
Dr John Celes



Happy Wedding Anniversary, dear Sister & Brother-in-law

More years have fled away so fast;
Much time has sped into the past;
Affection, love have stood steadfast;
The world looks small although so vast.

Your wedding day has come again;
It was a boon and not a bane;
It kept two minds so very sane;
There were a lot of things to gain.

We wish you years of bliss and peace;
We pray your problems sooner cease;
We hope you live in health and ease;
May you be free from more disease.

‘Happy Wedding Anniversary! '
Dear Athan and Akka
From Celestine, Mercy, Cathy and Diana
Copyright by Dr John Celes 2-06-2014
Dr John Celes

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