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Poems By Poet Dr.V.K. Kanniappan  9/3/2014 2:00:35 AM
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  Best Poems From
  DR.V.K. KANNIAPPAN (17.10.1944)
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By prayer you can feel God!

A few young boys met a saint,
Sir! You said to everybody that
There is God; He is everywhere!

Where is he? What is he doing?
How will he look like? Can you show us?
The poor saint! The boys were ridiculing!

The saint ordered, “Bring me some milk in a pot”
The young boy brought milk in a wide mouthed pot,
The saint was looking curiously into the milk!

Every now and then, the saint
Was stirring the milk with his finger,
Swerved the pot with both his hands!

He took it in his hands,
He kept the pot on the floor,
He was peeping into the milk again!

The young boys losing patience
Angrily asked the saint, “Sir, we asked
You to show the God,

But you are playing with the milky pot”
The saint replied, “Wait, I am searching
For the butter in this milk with hand”

The young boys became aggressive, said,
“You ignorant fellow, don’t you know that you have
To make the curd from milk and churn to get butter? ”

Young boys! Butter is there in every drop of milk,
Similarly, God is present everywhere in this universe!
By prayer you can feel God; as you prepare butter!
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan



Don’t Try To Convince Me By Condescend Words!

In literature, the husband who goes to harlot
may come back to wife after losing wealth;

If so, usually he sends bard to console the wife
Saying good words and make her to accept him!

The wife makes fuss in order to correct him
And do not offer consent immediately!

.....The wife tells the Bard! ..

O’ Bard! Don’t say condescend words
to me, to convince me about my husband!

If you want to say, since I am of no use to my husband,
(who belongs to land of agriculture and its surroundings)
Similar to the left side of the drum, unsuitable for beat,

You take slow steps, slink and sneak to tell the harlot
Who might be useful like the right side of the drum!
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan



Don't give up the virtuous means due to extreme greed!

If any person who happens to eat by begging,
…It is very pleasant that he should not get angry!

The pride of not staying isolated and
…thereby not getting too much sorrow is pleasant!

Considering the extreme greed in mind,
…It is pleasant of not getting vexed in mind
that leads to giving up the virtuous means!
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan



Elderly words are given a deaf ear!

Uneducated folks never listen to the
genuine advice by the learned persons!

Righteous deeds and morality
are lost in every citizen!

Many want everything free
from the government!

The politicians also attract mob
by selling liquors in govt shops!

making many people as alcoholics
to earn revenue to offer many necessities,

free to the poor, in turn, many do not want
to work and earn genuinely!

In most parts of our country, it is natural
to live with one husband, one wife once married!

Of course, in the present day, due to
education and job opportunities for earning,

many women don't mind
for divorce and remarriage!

It is not so common in India to say,
'your children and my children are playing with our children! '

Men may get remarried,
but women getting married after divorce

is more difficult here,
I think so!
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan
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Poems By Poet Dr.V.K. Kanniappan