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Poems By Poet Dr.V.K. Kanniappan  2/27/2015 1:28:22 AM
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  Best Poems From
  DR.V.K. KANNIAPPAN (17.10.1944)
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I spend my time usefully

The young girl of seven,
asks me for sake of heaven,
Why do you see computer?

I see computer daily,
I browse computer very frequently,
I see various websites and yahoo mail daily;

I get lot of news-letters regularly
from various medical subjects
like Pathology, Ophthalmology,

I get 'world wide words' weekly,
I look for share market almost daily,
I see 'This is true' and 'Times.com
Popular stories of week'

I go through www.eluthu.com,
and www.poemhunter.com,
Still many more sites in google;

I read lot of poems of various poets,
The poems are nice and excellent,
I learn from them a lot,
I gain lot of knowledge;

I write poems in Tamil and English,
Publish in eluthu and poemhunter sites,
I spend my time usefully.
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan



Impudence and indolence result in great loss!

Everyone may be knowing
the game of snake and ladder!

Head of the snake will be
in the last but one square - 99,

prior to the winning post,
The tail will be in the square - 3!

Now we shall find out who is this snake,
Its name was Nagushan who was a saint once!

He did sacrifices of thousand horses
and got a place in Indran kingdom!

He had a long time desire and ambition
to have the queen of Lord Indran for him!

Hence, he sent word to the Indrani
through his messenger about his arrival!

Indrani was very much upset in mind
Asked for advice from Agasthiya, in hand!

Agasthiya promised her that he will help
He asked her not to worry, he shall look after!

Nagushan was ready to proceed to Indrani’s palace,
Sitting inside his palanquin, he ordered 1000 saints to carry!

With lot of amusements and dancing procession,
He was proceeding to Indran kingdom!

Noticing the procession was proceeding very slowly,
He beat the saint Agasthiya with a stick, “Sarppa.. Sarppa”

Meaning to go fast.. fast..
Sarppa means snake also!

Agasthiya got angry cursed Nagushan
to be a python in the earthen world!

Realized Nagushan begged for pardon,
With shivering, asked for curse redemption!

Agasthiya said Nagushan shall get redemption
With the help of Yuthishtra, son of Pandu!

What the lesson we learn from this story?
Even a little indolence results in great loss!

When a person gets wealth, power and authority,
He should not get impudence, indolence and ego!
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan



Impurities Are Many; Purity Should Be Maintained!

Impurities are many; among these,
…along with the two activities of passing motion and urine,

Having sex with companion
…and the act of kissing by mouth

Are the four impurities that have to be
…safeguarded; purity should be maintained!
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan



Laugh, Laugh, Laugh

Best medicine,
Happy life!

Laugh Laugh Laugh,
Don't take the strain into heart,
Lead a happy life!

Laugh out loudly,
Don't give chance for others to laugh,
Lead a contented life!

Laughter is the quality,
Offered only to the mankind
Who thinks what is right!
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan
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Poems By Poet Dr.V.K. Kanniappan