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Poems By Poet Dr. Yves Joseph Jeudy  1/25/2015 6:20:01 PM
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  Best Poems From
  DR. YVES JOSEPH JEUDY (March 19,1951)

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A Flaming Love

I have to go into the blue ocean, all the way down
To find that love; and when I come with it,
I have to make it strong
To do that, I have to cry
Like a little child, asking for compassion
And pity. To conquer it again
I have to sing the song of forgiveness.
Because, from the outside, it wants to change.
From the bottom of the sea, it is a true love.
From the outside it wants to become a short time love.
Because it's too explosive, my love is like a flame...
An inextinguishable flame
That will radiate your heart forever
Beautiful girl; forever, is our
Word of love!
Dr. Yves Joseph Jeudy



Come To Me

Come to me
to heal my pain

Come to me
to fortify my life

Come to me
and strenghten my life

Come to me
and walk with
me on the road
of life

Come to me
and I will
be with you
Dr. Yves Joseph Jeudy



Down Into the Sea!

I have to go down into the sea
All way down to have your love
But when I come up with
Your passionate love
It wants to change
In a short period
Of time.

But I know one day
My darling
Even our love
Will take another
And other horizon;
You will not resist
And you will come
And rest in my arms.
Dr. Yves Joseph Jeudy



Dream Girl!

Dream girl
You are my hope
You are my destiny
You are all of me.

Your face is so beautiful
Your eyes are so shiny
Your ears are so attentive
To my words of love.

I'm listening your song
Of love
Inside my soul

Dream girl
I want to dream with you
The dream of our
Eternal love!
Dr. Yves Joseph Jeudy

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Poems By Poet Dr. Yves Joseph Jeudy