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Poems By Poet Eric Cockrell  10/30/2014 1:13:23 PM
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The Shadow Inside My Shadow

poverty is not my cousin,
is not my lover,
is not my preacher,
poverty is not my brother.

poverty is not my prayer,
or the song that i sing
is not my answer
poverty is not my dream.

poverty is not my teacher,
not the hand that i hold.
poverty is not my anger,
not my spirit, not my soul.

ah! but this poverty is real
it races thru my mind
crashes into my heart,
& leaves me deaf and blind.

poverty is my companion.
the aching cold inside my hollow.
the blow behind my eyes,
poverty is the shadow
inside my shadow.
Eric Cockrell



Cant Get No Justice

black man
in them poverty chains
cant get no justice
in them sterile white courts.

blue collar man
in them grimy working chains
cant get no justice
in them insulated courts.

freedom man
in them speak out chains
cant get no justice
in them walled off courts.

poor woman, ha!
in them second class chains
cant get no justice
in them man-god courts.

you and me
in them angry tired chains
cant get no justice
in them fictional courts!
Eric Cockrell



On Human Sexuality...

we understand very little about sexuality...
buying and selling cheap versions of the
fire on a day to day basis...
sex is not a phone call, a text message,
or the culmination of a night on the town...
we confuse masturbation with communication...
intimacy demands honest heart to heart
conversation... companionship... and a shared
to touch in the deepest manner we have to
know who we are.... we touch with both
our darkness and our light....
this touch is the gift of giving... unrestrained,
sensual, gentle, and borne of peace.
the act of joining... a thousand tiny deaths,
bringing forth new life!
Eric Cockrell




education, education, education!
every child, regardless of race,
gender, religion, or living status....

deserves the same chance
for a good education!

quit laying off teachers!
lay off corrupt brokers!
lay off ineffective politicians!

give the children a chance!
it will cost us more if we dont!
Eric Cockrell

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Poems By Poet Eric Cockrell