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Poems By Poet Eric Cockrell  12/18/2014 6:29:41 PM
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Civil Disobedience

civil disobedience...
daring acts of courage?
peaceful rebellion.

when, by choice, the freedom
of one is sacrificed for the
freedom of many.

believing that all men, and
women, are indeed equal...
in needs, rights, beliefs, and desire.

believing that no man
ever owns another man....
that dignity is not for sale.

believing that no man, or woman,
is ever free until all are free....
and all share the right to respect,

and the right to be individual,
with the need for community.
obeying the law of liberty

over the threats of the
law of the land... choosing
to stand, stay firm, and deliver.

putting feet to ideals, and
hands to the plow....
now you must choose!

civil disobedience...
a criminal act.... or
the cost of freedom!
Eric Cockrell



The Hanging Tree....

i took an axe
and cut down the hanging tree...
every blow a blow for
human decency, equality, and freedom.
and i sawed it up into logs,
and built a fire with them.
into the fire i threw
prejudice, hatred, greed, and apathy.
i watched it burn till
nohing was left but the
crackling of the embers...
even the wind grew still in prayer!
Eric Cockrell



On Human Sexuality...

we understand very little about sexuality...
buying and selling cheap versions of the
fire on a day to day basis...
sex is not a phone call, a text message,
or the culmination of a night on the town...
we confuse masturbation with communication...
intimacy demands honest heart to heart
conversation... companionship... and a shared
to touch in the deepest manner we have to
know who we are.... we touch with both
our darkness and our light....
this touch is the gift of giving... unrestrained,
sensual, gentle, and borne of peace.
the act of joining... a thousand tiny deaths,
bringing forth new life!
Eric Cockrell



Do The Right Thing!

just one time...
do the right thing!
go the extra mile...

give more than you
can afford to lose.
risk it all to care...

stop what you're doing,
listen with an open heart.
stand up for someone

who's being abused
for just being different.
and as you're getting off

the ground from your latest fall...
help someone else who has fallen...
he's just like you!

after all, you're the one
you have to sleep with tonight!
do the right thing!
Eric Cockrell

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Poems By Poet Eric Cockrell