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Poems By Poet Evon Christian  5/31/2016 7:00:23 AM
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Tangents, For Michael

-an outline of my conversations with Michael

what a waste of a day,
and you change my stupid,
little mind –
like melting ice, which has
has nothing to do with this,
other than I wanted to
say “ice”, especially melting “ice” –
and there we are,
my mind running frenetically
with silly tangents about
skies and rabbits –
i am reminded of our
first memories –
i get once more side-tracked,
yet you always remain
guilelessly patient –
if i could ever tell you
how much i love you and
the things that compose you,
the words would be jumbled
in a silly tangent:
melting ice, skies, rabbits,
i love you –
what was the purpose?
oh, i had a bad day,
and you changed my stupid,
little mind –
i love you.

(May 18,2009)
Evon Christian



The Analysis Of Ink In A Glass

As I had finished writing poetry with a calligraphy pen, I held it haphazardly over a translucent glass. A tiny driblet of ink sinuously slid off the pen tip and into the liquid. I watched the dropp permeate the water with whirling motions until the uppermost portion of the water was occupied with ink. At that time, a thousand tiny droplets depressed towards the bottom of the glass like anguished souls. The color was now a solid, sullen black....

With wide-spread eyes
I saw the ink drip into purity
Ripping the crevice of my very heart
And pouring in sweet bitterness-
A sickness without remedy

Verily I remembered then
The hand which held the pen
That lacerated my frangible soul
Being my very own
(In a pit of self-destruction
I inattentively dived in)

My black heart beats
To taint my systematic veins
Transparent through my skin
The very thing which offered life
Now aides in my demise

Like a glass
I am, I am
Oh, heart!
You are likewise.
Evon Christian



The Words Never Uttered On Our Breath

The words never uttered on our breath
Created a silence that was deafening to the heart,
The icy halos, casting crowns at our footsteps
When all love has been misled,
The tempest brewing behind my gasping eyes,
To see the rain at night, the ghastly wails
Creating lacerations at your soul,
To forget the voice which said my name
With such beauty never heard before.
Evon Christian



Young Love Is.

I never knew how something fragile
And beautiful
could exhaust itself before me,
Or how even the immaculate have flaws;

I should have realized by now
That love was selfish and imperceptive,
But guided by an easy craze
young love is

To have that simple feeling,
Which provokes and disdains all others.
Evon Christian
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Poems By Poet Evon Christian