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Poems By Poet Fiefa Bruce  2/26/2015 5:18:25 PM
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  Best Poems From
  FIEFA BRUCE (18th may,1983)

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Succes My World

When I think success
I see it comes
When i dream success
I see it comes
When i touch success
It fates away
Success success
My hope

I'll find success
Embrace success
When i hold success
I'll keep it save
When I have success
I'll share it
Success success
My world

I'll rule
Yes, I'll influence
Thought, Oh thought
My Success Success
I'll keep,
I see
Success a life
Success my hope
Success my world
Fiefa Bruce



Life Is A Reflection

I think you should know
Life is a reflection of the past
It may be hard to believe
Might hurt a bid but,
The future awaits patiently
When the past hunt our hope
then, future is fate.

I think you should know
Image behind the mirror
Never lie
But, the reflection is
Not the conclusion.
A chameleon may reflect
Our heartbeats, longing,
And Desiring for reality.

I think you should know
Believing is strength
To see it come alive
Not just hoping but,
Developing confidence
Is the zeal to carry on.

Not knowing is a loss
The pains and weakness
An illusion.
Seeing the dreams
Having faith.
knowing it
Is a great future
Life is a reflection of the past
Fiefa Bruce



Departed Soul

I long to see you
I long to hear you
I find myself wandering
Through my darkest night
Hoping aimlessly
Unsure of the reality
Departed soul

I heard a voice
I thought it was
But how, i asked
I heard, Yes I heard
The departed soul
Within me
Departed soul

How true
It is true within me
I can feel it
Feeling the departed soul
So untrue
I'm might be dreaming
I thought
The departed soul.

Then, he said to me
I am here in you
I am here for you
Watching you
Keeping you save
Loving you always
Yes, it is me
The departed soul.

No, I screamed
I want to see
want to hear you again
Come to me
Come to me,
I was dreaming
I woke up, crying
He is gone forever
Gone to eternity
Living in me
The departed soul.
Fiefa Bruce



I Am A Woman

I know who I am
I was formed from the man
I am the man's helpmate,
The weaker vessel
I am a mother

I am mother
I love my husband
I care for my Children
I provide for my family
I am a woman

I am a woman
The glory of a man
The epitome of wisdom
The reflection of beauty
I am a lover

I am love
The true description
The real demonstration
The fun of loving
I am a Beautiful

I am beauty
The image of God
I was made in His likeness
The creator of Heaven and earth
I am a woman
Fiefa Bruce

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Poems By Poet Fiefa Bruce