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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan  11/21/2014 5:59:45 AM
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Jude From Koonwarra

Jude from Koonwarra is beyond her prime
She is in her late thirties and like they say time
Doesn't wait for any woman or for any man
And three score and ten the average human life span.

She gave birth to one daughter the blond haired Kareen
Last year in September she turned nineteen
She now lives in Melbourne where she works for Myer
A two hours drive from Koonwarra in the South Gippsland Shire.

Jude from Koonwarra she is a divorcee
She doesn't have a man for to cook him his tea
Last year her husband left her for one of twenty four
Stories such as this we've often heard of before.

Jude from Koonwarra gray through her brown hair
She never uses hair dye or makeup doesn't wear
Yet she looks rather lovely and she ages naturally
And one can say of her that she is what you see.

Jude from Koonwarra will give love one more try
Once bitten to her doesn't mean twice shy
Like many she hopes for to meet her soul mate
And for Mr Right she is prepared for to wait.
Francis Duggan



Jude Jordan

As a ward of the State of Victoria no respect to her was shown
And the story of her tragic life is becoming well known
Violated by her so called mentors even before she was a teen
Some who profess to be men of God are morally unclean.

In the life story of Jude Jordan there is sorrow and heart break
And three months short off of her sixtieth birthday her own
life she did take
Her innocence was stolen from her in such a brutal way
But for those who do such awful things their price is huge to pay.

One might say of Jude Jordan that she did not have a fair go
A childhood of physical and sexual abuse she only was to know
The sapling damaged by the wind grows into a stunted tree
And of her traumas of her past poor Jude was never free.

A happy and carefree childhood she was not to enjoy
And she could not lead a normal life though quite hard she did try
And people like her do not have happy memories to recall
And there was never such a thing as a fair go for all.

The circumstances of one's birth their future can decide
And any chance of life's success to young Jude was denied
Her past she could not put behind her though hard enough she tried
And the uphill climb for her too tough she fell by the wayside.

Her so called mentors preyed on her they were callous and cold
And the life story of Jude Jordan is one that should be told
If there is a life hereafter she is in a better place
Whilst all of those who had violated her are forever in disgrace.
Francis Duggan



Judgemental Yobbos

Some yobbos are self righteous in their own way
On things controversial they do have their say
They form their own judgements though the facts they've not known
One can say they are in a group of their own.

They pass judgements on others though of the true facts unaware
The judgemental yobbos have never been rare
Our self appointed judges they gang up on the accused one
On some mother's daughter or some mother's son.

The judgemental yobbos in numbers seem to grow
Understanding and compassion for others is not in them to show
A fair go for all they could never embrace
They pass judgement without knowing the facts of the case.

They believe on a fair go for some but not on a fair go for all
The judgemental yobbos in their ways are so small
To judge others they feel they do have the right
And the windows of their souls could do with more light.
Francis Duggan



Julia Mary McCabe

In our family Julia Mary and Sheila are one of the same
She is Duggan by birth and McCabe now by name
Kind and generous she would help you if she could
We feel proud of our Sheila in her so much good.

More than four decades ago she married Myles McCabe from Monaghan in New York far away
From her Hometown of Millstreet and her Homeplace of Claraghatlea
A good mother to John, Mary and Catherine and to Myles a good wife
We feel proud of our Sheila and her achievements in life.

On June the seventh she celebrates her seventieth a milestone birthday
She deserves to be feted and of her one can say
That she is one who has passed the good person test
As a wife, mother and Grandmother one of the best.

Her praises do surely deserve to be sung
The eldest of the girls of our family I still see her as young
And young in my memory she will always remain
Cycling to Millstreet convent in the wind and the rain.

Named after our paternal Grandmother Julia in Lisnaboy
Her young years in Claraghatlea she did enjoy
She is the eldest of the girls of our family
Our sister Julia Mary still Sheila to me.
Francis Duggan
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