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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan  10/26/2014 12:07:51 AM
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Jim Fitzgerald

He will be missed from Murphy's Terrace and the Town of Millstreet and Ballydaly his beloved countryside
He was well known and liked in Millstreet Parish and sad to learn that Jimmy Fitz has died
For many years married to Betty Conway they have a son that very nice man John
Jim Fitzgerald will be missed by those who knew him his body dead in memory he lives on
A powerfully built and handsome man in his prime I remember he was one who was known to be quite strong
Yet he was never rough with other people and he never did to anybody wrong
When I was a teenager in the early sixties Jim Fitz back then was in life's bloom and prime
But the passing years take toll on everybody and we all eventually lose out to time
He will be sadly missed in Ballydaly he had a great love for that green old place
And through the length and breadth of old Duhallow his will remain as a remembered face
Jim Fitz in the flesh will not be seen again in Murphy's Terrace or walking on the streets of Millstreet Town
But our fate to his will not be any different on all of our lives the seconds counting down
When I was a boy Jim Fitz was in his prime years and him again I never more will see
But for as long as I live him I shall remember he will be living in my memory.
Francis Duggan



Jim From Greece

Jim from Greece is a clever fellow though he doesn't have a literary degree
He has learned from life and living few if any smart as he
He doesn't believe all he reads in the newspapers in the media propaganda rife
The book he has learned from is more truthful since he has learned from the book of life.

Jim from Greece is a fine dancer with the best he can hold the floor
On friday evening at the Greek club he dances for three hours or more
Familiar tunes from his Homecountry take him to his Village by the sea
Of that thing known as nostalgia Jim from Greece is not yet free.

Jim from Greece doesn't follow leaders he's very much his own man
He says to divide and conquer is a political plan
It was hatched by politicians to instil in the masses fear
From the mouths of politicians believe only half you hear.

Jim from Greece is in his fifties though in his dark hair little gray
One can't say about that fellow that he has known a better day
He is full of the joys of living many years left in him yet
And the knowledge of experience he's not likely to forget.

Jim from Greece I don't meet often though I've learned a lot from him
It's not a wasted conversation a half an hour talking to Jim
He's not one who believes in bureaucracy and he is a socialist true and true
And he doesn't say that politicians are of the enlightened few.
Francis Duggan



Jim His Next Door Neighbour

He says that he has learnt a bit from Jim his next door neighbour
That you won't become a millionaire by sweat and toil and labour
And few wealthy people started their working life working with pick and shovel
And fewer still knew childhood want and were raised in a hovel.

He says old Jim feels regret now at his poor education
He's been a victim all these years of greed and exploitation
For years he's laboured for poor wages and the work it was back breaking
And now arthritis setting in, his ageing bones are aching.

The World controlled by the wealthy few and the poor as usual striving
Just to live on from day to day they spend their lives surviving
And many weighted down by debt from the banks they had to borrow
And many far too many just survive for each tomorrow.

He says he's learnt a lot from Jim the old bloke worn and hoary
Says little gain in sweat and toil and he should know the story
For he worked for years for wealthy bosses, the work hard and back breaking
And now arthritis setting in and his old bones are aching.
Francis Duggan



Jim J

Jim J he complains he is hard done by life
His once best mate young Michael makes love to his wife
She has filed for a divorce their marriage at an end
He trusted his wife and he trusted his friend.

He is in his mid twenties a man in his prime
And the ache in his heart it will be eased by time
But his shattered trust may be harder to repair
Life can be so hard and 'tis not always fair.

His wife Jane is pregnant with Michael's child for them both good news
But suppose for one to win someone else has to lose
She and Jim did not have children which increase his heart ache
Since the question of his manhood is also at stake.

The breakup of his marriage is hurtful to Jim
Since his wife loves his ex best mate more than she ever loved him
Life's not meant to be easy said George Bernard Shaw
And for love there was never any written law.

Jim he did love Jane and to her he was true
But from his heartache he'll recover as most people do
She did not love Jim and with him would not stay
It was her decision and she had her way.

Though life at times it would seem can be unfair
We all have some cross light or heavy to bear
And Jim will recover from love's throbbing pain
And happiness and love he will know again.
Francis Duggan
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