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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan  9/22/2014 5:17:09 PM
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I've Heard It Said That Trix Who Lives Next Door

I've been told that Trix next door has passed away
And that her remains under Wonthaggi earth lay
But I think what I've heard must be hear say
For I've seen her in her garden yesterday.

She sat on chair in the shade of old ash tree
Her favourite cat 'Licky' upon her knee
And she hummed to herself an old familiar air
As she gently stroked the purring feline's hair.

I gazed and gazed methought this cannot be
Or have my eyes been playing cruel tricks on me
But I saw Trix and she was much alive
And looking fresh and young for eighty five..

I've heard it said that trix who lives next door
Will not be seen in Watt Street anymore
But only yesterday I swear I see
Her sitting on chair in the shade of old ash tree.
Francis Duggan



I've Heard Much Talk Of Darfur

I've heard much talk of Darfur though I've never been to there
Where people only live in hope and die slowly in despair
The tragic footage of there on the t v news brings it all home to me
Of what it must be like for those who live in abject poverty.

In a Land of war and droughts and famines where war lords rule by fear
Of any feel good and happy stories we never seem to hear
Where people die of hunger in their thousands every day
Man's inhumanity to man is alive and well today.

Where men and women look old before they reach their prime
To be born in the wrong place ought not to be a crime
The seeds they've planted for food have died and the parched ground is cracked and dry
And the warlords steal their food aid and the people starve and die.

A million people hungry for every billionaire
And the super wealthy getting wealthier doesn't life seem so
And poverty has it's root cause in man's inhumanity to man
And I feel sure that wealthy people also live in Darfur in Sudan.

Of late I have heard much news of Darfur and I've seen sad footage on t v
Of people due to no fault of their own in the worst of poverty
In a drought stricken Land ruled by Warlords the innocent die young
And are buried in mass graves and their praises remain unsung.
Francis Duggan



I've Heard You Pauline Hanson

I've heard you Pauline Hanson but don't ask me to understand
Why you and those you speak for think that they own this Land
Your views with racist undertones give rise to racist fears
And your people not been here so long at most two hundred years.

You claim that the Aboriginals get more than a fair go
But you've never lived amongst them then how are you to know?
Of their special set of circumstance, the hardships they endure
To understand the less well off you would need to be poor.

You don't like the Asian migrants yet most Asians do work hard
At dawn on cold Spring mornings they leave the farmer's yard
To go working in the paddocks in a chilly five degrees
Their backs bent working all day long hard working Vietnamese.

But your ancestors Europeans and they were migrants too
And you've not been down to Gippsland or done work like Asians do
Cutting asparagus all day long your back bent towards the sky
No law say you should like them but their worth them don't deny.

You and your racist mate Graeme Campbell for Australia have a plan
We'll keep all migrants from our shores and keep down the native man
We'll make the rednecks happy and put the record straight
And get rid of multiculturalism and make Australia great.

I've heard you Pauline Hanson but I don't like what you say
For there well might be a civil war if you had your own way
You only speak for racists you give voice to their fear
And the World around is listening and they don't like what they hear.
Francis Duggan



I've Known People

I've known people in their life's twilight with hair dyes they cover their gray
So full of pride yet pride's not a bad thing to feel proud of how you look seems okay
Some declare their small wars on ageing whilst others age in a natural way
But wisdom can belong to all ages no fool like an old fool they say.

I know blokes well into their seventies with their words they can be so cruel
They reflect in a negative way on those they see as different as if they were born to rule
Yet some near the end of their life's journey from life have learned little at all
Though the babes in their cots they start learning long before they learn how to crawl.

Some males as they age grow more bitter and feel unhappy with their lot in life
Go home from the pub with a few in and have a verbal with their wife
They even grow more xenophobic and those different barely tolerate
As they age they grow more unhappy but suppose in life we receive what we create.

I've known people in their life's twilight unassuming and worldly and wise
They have their few drinks at the local without adding to the pub noise
They never argue with their women and for everyone believe in a fair go
One might say for the young role models and people who are nice to know.
Francis Duggan
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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan