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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan  8/21/2014 4:57:58 PM
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Joe The Ex Greyhound Trainer

He used to train greyhounds for a living though that was a long time ago
The dogs he trained were grade race dogs only for the top races they were too slow
He never trained a big race winner top class dogs to say the least few
And the trainer only as good as his dog is so happens to be very true.

Joe works in the Sports Bar as a barman on shift work three days and two evenings each week
The wages not good just award rates and jobs are few though many work seek
But he won't go back to training greyhounds as he says I gave that my best try
For his hard work he was not rewarded and like they say once bitten twice shy.

Still he takes a keen interest in greyhounds and he is an expert on greyhound form
And when you talk of dog racing to him to the subject he always does warm
An authority on breeding and training and not much about greyhounds that he does not know
Yet to make money out of breeding and training you would need to be lucky says Joe.

Joe is an ex greyhound trainer he now works as a barman in the Sports Bar
Where the pay is not good he will tell you he drives an old late eighties car
Still he claims bar tending is better than training greyhounds you cannot make a slow dog run fast
And he will not be going back to training as he has learned from his mistakes of the past.
Francis Duggan



Joe The Infidel

The god fearing who do not know him well
Claim that to satan his soul he did sell
And that old Joe the infidel
For himself has booked a place in hell.

But all of those who know him better say
That old Joe goes out of his way
To help all those worse off than he
In his struggle against poverty.

He does not go to church to pray
And from the christian god he has turned away
But he is not a man of sin
And he nurture his god within.

Who better qualified to talk of Joe
Than the aged pensioner Annie Roe
She says the greatest man alive today
He mows my garden without pay.

An atheist with a heart of gold
He'll soon be sixty one years old
And the years on him now taking toll
But age not spoken of the soul.

And if there is a god beyond the sky
He'll say though me you did deny
You still lived well on earth I'll have you know
And I welcome you to heaven Joe.
Francis Duggan



Joe Zinco

Joe Zinco is a young man from Lakes Entrance and on his birthday in March he'll be twenty four
He is working his way around Australia and he will go beyond his Homeland shore
South to New Zealand and then north to Asia and Europe and to the Americas maybe
By the bug of wander he's been badly bitten and in the bigger World there is so much to see.

He has not been back to see his mum and dad in Lakes Entrance since he left home when he turned eighteen
He hasn't phoned or even written to them to tell them of the places he has been
To since he left the old Town by the ocean with them he never did see eye to eye
Compared to his younger brother John and his twin sister Lisa of the Zinco family Joe was the wild boy.

He hated school and rebelled against his teachers and he had his first smoke of cannabis at thirteen
Joe Zinco in his boyhood years precocious and to the ways of life he wasn't green
His father by canings tried to reform him and to him always was so very cruel
And at fourteen he was arrested for house breaking and he spent four years in a reform school.

Joe Zinco is a reformed young man at least reformed from what he once used to be
He is one of those who works to earn his living and he comes by his money honestly
He still drinks beer but not as much as he once used to and smoking cannabis he gave away
The wayward teenager from old Lakes Entrance is the reformed young man of today.

A love-lorn young woman pines for him in Adelaide she loved him but with her he did not stay
The sedentary lifestyle not for him at present I've still so much to see you hear him say
And he won't be going back to his old Hometown in Gippsland in Victoria by the sea
For to visit his father and his mother and other members of his family.
Francis Duggan



Joe's Greatest Disappointment

The day that the football club won it's only flag young Joe was seventeen
He missed out on a medal that day too young to make the team
The club he captained later on in a Grand Final defeat
At the final siren by one heart breaking point his side were barely beat.

That day he was voted the best on ground to him a consolation prize
As he and the other team members walked to the dressing room the tears were in his eyes
And fifty years on down the line he still recalls the day
His dream destroyed by a single point that's life as one might say.

He turned three score and ten on his last birthday his hair is silver gray
And one can truly say of him he has known a better day
A great grandfather for the fourth time the seeds of life he has sown
And like many other people life's ups and downs he has known.

But it's of his greatest sporting disappointment he often talks of in the pub
The day his team just missed out on a second Premiership for the Club
And the memory of that setback remains fresh with Joe
Though many games been won and lost since fifty years ago.
Francis Duggan
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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan