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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan  10/1/2014 5:19:07 PM
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In The High Woods Of South Belgrave

In the high woods of south Belgrave the bell miners I can hear
And their bell like notes are ringing and they seem so very near
And the sun is brightly shining on this warm October day
And the red rosella feed her young in hole of mountain gray.

In the high woods of South Belgrave I can hear the magpie sing
And his distinct notes so flute like always have a pleasant ring
And the butcherbird stick gathering she is building late this Spring
And some early broods to hatch out have already taken to wing.

And a warm wind from Tecoma up through the high country blow
And the paddocks lush and greener for the past two weeks or so
And willy wagtail perched on fence wire makes a chattering sort of noise
And his tail is ever wagging as he scans around for flies.

Were I a poet or lesser bard I might describe in words
The beauty of South Belgrave and the high woods and the birds
The gums, she oaks and wattles, the paddocks high and green
But I can't put to paper such great beauty I have seen.

Were I a gifted painter I would climb the higher ground
And from paddock of South Belgrave I would have a look
And go home an inspired man and paint from memory
For future generations to view what the painter see.

I can hear the magpie fluting I can hear the bellbirds ring
In the high woods of South Belgrave on this balmy day in Spring
And the red rosella fly into nest hole in gray gum tree
With a morsel to be eaten by her hungry family.
Francis Duggan



In The Human World

As long as they speak the truth of me that's fine
For what others say of me is their business not mine
We are judged by our success or lack of the same
In the Human World obsessed with money and fame
Big Brother's self appointed judges have never been rare
Of their harsher judgements the poor they don't spare
But if some are judgemental then that is their way
On everyone and everything they do have their say
In the Human World where there's never a fair go for all
We've been learning from life since before we learned how to crawl
The best of good people remain as unsung
And the future as always belongs to the young
But as long as the more judgemental speak the truth of me that is okay
Since on everyone and everything they will have their say.
Francis Duggan



In The Human World No Such A Thing As Equality

The lives of the wealthy and famous we read of and hear of every day
Though many of them are not admirable people ordinary in an ordinary way
'Tis true money speaks every language with money one can even buy fame
You won't read of or hear of poor people even few wish to know a pauper by name
In the Human World no such a thing as equality or no such a thing as a fair go for all
Though the Reaper the great equalizer to his scythe every life has to fall
For the monarch the president the billionaire and the celebrity there too is a final night and day
Like all life forms us humans are mortals with Nature our last remains lay
Out of the love lives of the wealthy and famous the magazine publishers do quite well
The impressionable love reading of them and such magazines readily sell
The paparazzi for their photos and stories never visit Poverty Street
In the poorer suburb such people you are quite unlikely to meet
Of the lives of the wealthy and famous so many like to hear of and read
Though 'tis not always by good example that many of such people are known for to lead.
Francis Duggan



In The J C

Those three long weeks were worse than hell
In the J C with Rob Waddell
It varied little from day to day
The games job seekers ought to play.

He told them some things they already knew
That jobs seekers many and jobs too few
And things to say and things to do
When they went for that interview.

For that interview you must dress well
Look spruced and clean no natural smell
No shabby coat or wrinkled dress
Your might be boss you must impress.

You must say things like I'm the best
I do not come to work to rest
I'll be your slave employ me please
And almost beg upon your knees.

With other job seekers you compete
And their high standard you must beat
And at interview you must show well
'A rattling speech from Rob Waddell'.

Initiative you have to show
And to win that job you must stoop low
And you must put your principles aside
And bury all your foolish pride.

The receptionist Sharon seemed okay
So helpful in her own good way
And so dedicated to her job
But then one can say the same for Rob.

And Bob they did not get to know
He seemed a decent person though
He took the packet and did not come back
Suppose that's better than the sack.

Lorraine they had her for a day
And she had far too much to say
Six hours with her a lengthy spell
They would even prefer Rob Waddell

Trevor, Greg and Phil from time to time filled in
Hard to pass judgement on these men
Cold canvassing was Greg's idea
Though that doesn't show much originality.

The J C members each other got to know
Though relationships to build seem slow
You've got to feel your way around
And tread warily on unknown ground.

Young Aaron seemed bored from first day
And he quickly gave the club away
And it's been said his payments stopped by the D S S
So cruel to add to his distress.

And Steve doing a course in security skill
There is a way if there's a will
He pecked his way out of his shell
And kicked a goal for Rob Waddell.

They did not get to know Kathleen
In the J C she was seldom seen
Perhaps she found the going too tough
And said to herself enough is enough.

Olivia got stuck in hard
She sent out letters by the yard
Without effort you cannot win
And she has put huge effort in.

Young Darryn of his future clear
He wants to build to a career
He'd love a job with B H P
A future with them he can see.

And Pearl is a rock of sense
Those years make all the difference
She does seem helpful, kind and wise
With happy smile and soulful eyes.

Old Frank bad mouthed his ex boss
He still has his last bridge to cross
And 'twould seem his chances now are dim
Of he getting wages owed to him.

There's more to Elvi than one see
She has seen much of the Big Country
And five million copies might be sold
If her own life story she told.

Young Rachel she would never lie
In ways she may seem quiet and shy
But she is not scared to speak out
And she knows what she is on about.

So much to like about Michelle
And in life she hopes to do quite well
At least she has time on her side
And youth will never be denied.

Blond Stacey young and slim and tall
In years from now one may recall
The girl with charm and personality
Who liked watching soapies on T.V.

The wise one Jeff from Ferny Creek
You listen to him when he speak
But there was none so glad as he
To see the last of the J C.

Young Amber she has a kind heart
And in all discussions she took part
She's going to live in Dandenong
The desire to succeed in her is strong.

Such stories I love to hear and tell
And one can only wish them well
And they don't owe to society
That's how it would appear to me.

May God be with the unemployed
At least they need him on their side
They are the target of John Howard
The man the voters have empowered.

Yeah Mr Howard is in control
He will cut back on pensions and the dole
And he'll help make this great Nation secure
Helping the rich by taking from the poor.

Some have worked for years been there and done that
And some bosses on them have grown fat
And they ask for work but they won't say please
Or crawl to bosses on their knees.

Before we walked we learnt to crawl
Goodbye to Sharon, Rob and all
Three weeks with them was not all bad
Though overbearing just a tad.

To your might be employer yourself you must sell
An opening line from Rob Waddell
And three weeks with Him in the J C
Seemed far more like an eternity
Francis Duggan
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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan