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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan  8/28/2014 6:13:15 PM
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Family Values

They love each other and their children but they studiously ignore
The poor old one in her mid eighties their near neighbour who lives next door
To her they feel so much superior in their eyes she's an old faded rose
Human beings can be so hypocrtical that's human life one would suppose.

Society promotes good family values but in their set of values inclusion they do not include
You must be a good family person but to your neighbours 'tis okay to be rude
'Tis okay to ignore an old lady in her twilight years wrinkled and gray
If she falls ill we might have to help her and for us that would be going out of our way.

Good family values just one set of values it doesn't say much for the person you are
If you do not pick up your aged neighbour who is carrying her shopping as you arrogantly drive by in your car
Your family and small circle of friends to you only important all others to nothing amount
But to those genuinely true to the higher principles everyone they know of to them count.

You are one of good family values you love your children and your wife
And though these values are quite important there are other values in life
You ignore your poor aged neighbour to her you never once did say
Can I do something for to help you and society sees you as okay.
Francis Duggan



What Is Success

What is success it has never been mine
In their different ways people it do define
Some see success as money to your name
As a lack of such a barrier to fame
Though others with such thinking do not agree
Success in quite a different way they do see
They will tell you that you cannot know of success
If in your mind no room for happiness
And some do say for a successful life
You do not need what's known as inner strife
The successful person does seem quite carefree
On what success is so few do agree
We all do look at things quite differently
That's how it is and that's how 'twill always be.
Francis Duggan



Marginalization Of Minorities

Most of us are addictive or so it does seem
And so many suffer of low self esteem
Big Brother's disciples judge us every day
And many of us worry of what others of us say.

Those into public shaming are ignorant and cruel
The humiliation of others to their egos fuel
And sad to think that their type have never been rare
There are plenty of them in the big World out there.

In a World where minorities are marginalized
And freedom of speech is becoming despised
We have to take care of the words that we say
Democracy is dead in the World of today.

The Government we elect they do prey on our fear
In their own cunning ways they say the things we want to hear
They create the barriers of us against they
Respect to a fair go they never do pay.

Patriotism and Religion and National pride
And all of this talk about God on our side
And the marginalization of minorities it is World-wide
And the things that unite us from others us divide.
Francis Duggan



My Heroes Or Heroines Do Good Deeds Every Day

The general public the legends create
The heroes or heroines we do celebrate
And if you wish to know what constitutes a hero or heroine ask someone other than me
For we all look at life one might say differently.

My heroes by the majority remain as unsung
And my heroes can be ageing, middle aged or young
My heroes or heroines not known in renown
They never do become the toast of the Town.

My heroes or heroines do good deeds every day
For to help others out they go out of their way
They do not do it for ego or honour or pay
Good karma awaits them one can only say.

My heroes or heroines of themselves never boast
And to them others never do drink a toast
For their acts of kindness they only are known
One might say they are in a class of their own.
Francis Duggan
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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan