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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan  3/1/2015 2:22:17 AM
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The British Empire

The British Empire once was Worldwide
And the proud monarchs glowed with monarchy pride
Of their great Empire where the sun never set
Though such empires they are made of tears by death
An empire that stretched far from Britain's shore
But empires do not last forever more
It lasted perhaps a century of years
The British Empire built of blood and tears
The invading soldiers under constant attack
And the fearless rebels won their Nations back
Another empire became history
The conqueror's greed is spiritual poverty
And the British Empire is now of the past
And nothing save for Nature seems to last.
Francis Duggan



Compassion And Kindness

Compassion and kindness are born in the heart
And in the making of a better Human World to live in they play a huge part
And those who have such rare gifts are lucky indeed
And of more of their type we are badly in need
A beautiful person with a beautiful mind
Is the he or the she who are compassionate and kind
Such people are beautiful people to know
The seeds of good Karma for themselves they do sow
Their gift is with others they can empathize
Above the ordinary they surely does rise
One can only admire them for their humanity
They lead in the fight against World poverty
For their future good Karma they have planted the seed
And by good example they are known for to lead.
Francis Duggan



Of The Horrors Of War

Of the horrors of war we hear every day
And of death and destruction in cities far away
And any lesson it would seem not learned from the past
And mistrust and enmity for centuries last.

Through hatred and warring peace is never won
And one war leads to more wars when all is said and done
And hatred is handed down from father to son
For to start off a war it does take more than one.

Those who for their sense of revenge extreme violence pursue
To their higher selves they can never be true
The value they place on human life seems very cheap
But the karma they sow is the karma they will reap.

Where mistrust and hatred is rife peace it never does grow
The war supposed to end all wars ended decades ago
But lessons not learned from the past and it does seem sad to say
That in war zones more people are injured and dying every day.
Francis Duggan



On The song of the Dipper

In Northern streams and rivers in the Spring of the year
The song of the dipper rural people hear
Above the sound of the rapid waters babbling along
One cannot mistake his unmistakeable song.

The dark brown northern dipper with breast as white as snow
On a rock in the river around where waters flow
He sings and as he sings he bobs up and down
In his watery home by the old rural town.

A bird of the waterways rural people know
The dipper he sings when the winds of rain blow
In great numbers his kind are not to be found
And for them rural waterways always home-ground.

From under the riverbank they first saw light of day
And for the rest of their lives in the river they stay
They walk under water a remarkable feat
In their search for tiny river life for to eat.

White breasted small water birds mostly dark brown
The song of the dipper a song that was passed down
From long dead ancestors many centuries ago
Of a life out of water they do not seem to know.
Francis Duggan
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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan