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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan  7/13/2014 1:37:38 PM
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Chan Mongol

Of such words of praise of me before I have not read
I fear that his poem it might go to my head
Chan Mongol with his words is so very kind
A nicer literary critic than he is one could not wish to find.

Chan Mongol in his own right is a very fine poet
And of his poetic ability we have taken note
To the fair go community he has answered the call
For he does believe in a fair go for all.

His poems more than local go beyond his home-shore
And I feel in some past life I've known him before
As a poet of Nature and the Environment by example he does lead
Far more like Chan Mongol in the World we do need.

You will not find anything in his poems of the us against they
From that sort of negative thinking he seems miles away
To his sort of thinking respect I do pay
We need many more like him in the World of today.

A poet and a humanitarian and one environmentally aware
The Chan Mongols of this World sad to say too rare
He empathizes with the marginalized of the big World out there
Few with his high standards can hope to compare.
Francis Duggan



Never Give Up On Hope

Never give up on hope never give up who knows what tomorrow will bring
Keep on hoping for a happier future for hope is a marvellous thing
Lady luck she may smile on you good things come to those who wait
Who knows in the not distant future you may have cause to celebrate
A first division win in tattslotto or some other unexpected windfall
Life does have it's good and it's hard times and it's good and bad memories to recall
Never give up on hope always keep on hoping your good times for you may be ahead
You cannot hold much hope for the future if hope in you is all but dead
If you succumb to feelings of negativity the universe out there you do tell
That you are happy with the hard life and you accept an earthly hell
Never give up on hope for hope springs eternal the quitter cannot hope to succeed
But if hope in you is ever present it will serve you in your time of need
So never give up on hope tomorrow well may be better and the good times for you may be ahead
You do not have much of a future if hope in you is all but dead.
Francis Duggan



Of Global Warming And Climate Change

Of Global warming and climate change we read of and hear
The changes in our natural environment gives us reason to fear
Of what does lay ahead for the children of today
We've brought climate change forward by centuries it does seem that way.

The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate
Our polluting of our natural environment not something to celebrate
To combat global warming we've left it a bit late
As a species we may well have sealed our own fate.

The burning of fossil fuels and carbon emissions have gone on for too long
On what causes climate change the experts have never been wrong
What we do to Nature in kind she repay
Global warming a threat to human existence many experts now say.

War and terrorism as a threat to humanity seems little at all
When compared to climate change it's impact seems small
Humans not known to learn from mistakes of the past
We must change our ways and we must change them fast.
Francis Duggan



Old Songs And Rhymes and Ballads

I love old fashioned earthy stuff old ballads and old rhyme
To modern sophisticated writing I'd prefer it anytime
But that is my opinion and though everyone's opinion ought to count
The opinions of one person to little does amount,
I love old fashioned earthy songs I love to sing along
with the folk or ballad singer of a loved familiar song
Perhaps I do seem boring as old fashioned I am known
But to each their preference like 'tis said to each their own,
I am not anti modern writers in case you get me wrong
But I could listen to ballads and rhyme in an old pub all night long
And with what I say if you are one who choose to disagree
You are entitled to your opinions and that's okay with me,
I may seem a bit dated but give me the earthy stuff
Old songs and rhymes and ballads for me are good enough.
Francis Duggan
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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan