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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan  1/31/2015 1:02:23 AM
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A Homeless Man

When compared to mine his dreams are very humble he does not seek much out of life at all
A small flat he could call his home to live in compared to most his wishes seem quite small
At sixty seven years he's on the street and homeless a Winter dawn is breaking cold and gray
With long gray beard and looking thin and shabby he walks uptown as he does every day.

Some may say at his age he should not be homeless that life's many chances he left them go by
But they don't know him or his circumstances he is a person just like you and I
So many of us lacking in compassion beyond our own selves we can't seem to see
We applaud the wealthy see them as successful and condemn all of those in poverty.

Where did he sleep last night? the thought just chills me
perhaps on park bench in the park nearby
I feel so lucky I've a warm home to go to and a comfortable bed on which to lie
Save for circumstance his lot in life might have been my lot
his life story must be one of living hell
But who knows if there is a life hereafter his soul may go to live where angels dwell.

A wintery dawn above the city breaking and the nip of winter in the morning air
And a homeless man uptown is slowly walking a gray bearded man with long gray straggly hair
There's many more like him around this city people like him nowadays no longer rare
And when compared to him I feel I have been lucky and by circumstance I have been treated fair.
Francis Duggan



Pam Ayres

A marvellous woman so witty and bright
And her whimsical verses are born of delight
And with the finest of poets she is one who can rate
And Pam Ayres is a name that we must celebrate.

And though some literary critics they do not rate her high
They cannot down grade her though hard they do try
And they failed to stop Pam in her rise to renown
It's so true a great talent cannot be kept down.

Her beautiful smile adorns her pretty face
And her infectious humour not hard to embrace
With immortal humourists like Lear and Belloc she is one who compare
And people like her sad to say seem so rare.

In years she is one who is beyond her prime
But she remains the queen of the humorists of rhyme
She is one who was born with the great gift of song
And if you cannot find a laugh in her verses with you something wrong.

Whenever I feel down and burdened by cares
I open a book of the poems of Pam Ayres
And she brings some happiness into my day
For she has me laughing my worries away.
Francis Duggan



Doctors Differ And Patients Die

Doctors differ and patients die
In some cases not a lie
And every surgical mistake
Can lead to death and grieving and heartbreak
Though surgeons have saved many a life
Some die under the surgical knife
A fact of life one well might say
And such things happen every day,
Doctors differ and patients survive
And even regain their sexual drive
Yet on our lives the Reaper has the final say
For all a last night and last day,
Doctors differ and patients die
That's a fact and facts don't lie.
Francis Duggan



No Matter What Your Nationality

No matter what our Nationality our colour or our creed
We are air breathing mortals and when we cut we bleed
We may look on them as inferior as weeds amongst the flowers
But the proof of their equality is their blood flows red like ours.

Racism is born of ignorance and ignorance is based on fear
That's what happens when the negative things of those we do not know we only wish to hear
'Til to the sharp scythe of the Reaper we eventually must fall
So lets toast egalatarianism and a fair go for all.

No matter where we come from or our title to fame
One day it will not matter to us we will all be the same
On our great journey through life we may weather many a storm
But we must all return to Nature in whatever shape or form.

No matter what our Nationality or no matter what our Race
We are mere mortals born to die and others to take our place
Ignorance and lack of empathy to racism does lead
And differences no more than skin deep, red is the blood we bleed.
Francis Duggan
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Poems By Poet Francis Duggan