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Poems By Poet Freespirit Juneja  11/22/2014 10:21:23 AM
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Your Beautiful Smile

Life is a mystical winding
Woven around happy and sad things
It flows like ripples of water
Turned me into a perpetual carter
Mirth & peace play games of guile
But I never realized
It's next to me, your beautiful smile

Rarely, blink my eye on an odd notion
Life's glazing with monotonous commotion
Whole year seems concised in a day
My own shadow made me a partying bay
Happiness seemed to be so labile
But I never realized,
It's always next to me, your beautiful smile

Beautifully unzips around your face
Annihilate griefs without any trace
Arouse me to the pinnacle of elation
Makes me amorous to God's beautiful creation
The melodramatic life made me fragile
To be protected and cared by your beautiful smile
Freespirit Juneja



I wish I could be a kite

Sky looks an angel in orange gown
Birds enchant beautiful sounds
Clouds run to be sky's crown
Winds blowing swiftly
Making themselves proud
Imbibed in rainbow's colors
All shining bright
Aiming for new heights
I wish I could be a kite

Don't want to be propelled
Don't want to be controlled
Want to sail in laminar flow
Without hip hop and without any show
Leaping from one cloud to the other
Dancing and aiming further and further
Without enrolling into fight
Aiming for new heights
I wish I could be a kite

Love to dance with the avians
Nest clouds in thunder & rains
Enjoying as if space's guest
Makig mockery of Mr Everest (Mount Everest)
Far away from everyone's sight
Cherishing the beautiful flight
Aiming for new heights
I wish I could be a kite
Freespirit Juneja



Zenith of Love

The stir you have created
Love has inflated
Am I dreaming
Watching the light beaming
Thinking you beside me
Oh your love has tied me
My heart is inflaming
Burning in your desire
I can't stop the fire
Oh stop teasing me
I ain't a liar
Just play with me
Bless me with your touch
Oh I need you so much
Listen to your zeal
Which only I can feel
Caress me cuddle me
In your arms huddle me
Oh adorn me with your lips
Hurt me with your nips
Move like a fish
Let yourself unleash
While on your sail
Leave on me some trail(nails)
With the music of fingers
Make my body your singer
Oh as you slowly unveil
Making me more n more male
The Expressions on your face
Inviting me in your embrace
As we are allying
Our love is flying
The act of being one
Making us sing in unison
Oh the rush of breaths
Make me explore more depths
The sprinting notes of your heart
Making me your part
More you en wrapping me
Only love I can see
Oh we become one
As you fall
Like an angel from heaven

I can feel the smiling you
As immersed in u
And we lying together
Giving our love feathers
Freespirit Juneja



Friends (A tribute to my friends)

Amazing Earthly beings
No they are not divine

Vivify with Intensity
Flout the apathy
I understand your curiosity
End here this mystery
With Innovating new trends
I introduce you my wonderful friends

Love & only love their ardor
Hearts blend and beat louder
Togetherness is their denomination
Hatred dies of its own creation
At times parents, at times teachers
Imbibed with everyone's features
Enriched with verve, innovating new trends
Oh they are my wonderful friends

Enthusiasm beams with pride
Welcome sheer happiness,
Sadness no more its bride
Life wishes to be caressed
Wishes emerge from duress
Create heaven every moment
With their innovating trends
They are just my wonderful friends

Our deeds decide heaven or hell
Only foolish buy & swell
God created one for me
Nesting on the friendship tree
Pranks, teasers, slangs come free
Elation and alliance enrich its beauty
I can even give heaven a miss
To reside in my Friends' eternal bliss
Freespirit Juneja

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Poems By Poet Freespirit Juneja