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Poems By Poet Gabriela Valoy  7/12/2014 2:32:02 PM
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  Best Poems From
  GABRIELA VALOY (12/05/90)

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Tears of Life

Oh mother, am i really that shallow?
you believe these tears are over no new phone?
i promise you.... they are not!

they are the tears that usually come out at night
when im alone and in the dark
they are the tears that have been burning my soul
waiting to surface and reveal the pain
they are the tears of the repressed, untold memories
which haunt my every thought and dream
they are the tears of feeling like a failure
and never measuring up to your expectations
they are the tears of feeling like a burden
because you don't want me around anymore
they are the tears of perfectionism
and breaking down when the slightest thing goes wrong
they are the tears of my life
which are now accumulated and ready to burst

so, no mother
im not an ungrateful, ignorant child crying for a phone
its just that everything pushes me over the edge
Gabriela Valoy




You always say I want attention
But did I want attention when...
I didn't tell you my innocence was ripped away,
And I was only 7 years old?
For two years my innocence was taken,
again and again, and you never knew.
Did I want attention when I never told you
That I throw up everything I eat?
Or that I can go days without eating.
Just to focus my attention on anything,
except what I'm truely feeling.
Did I want attention when you didn't know
That I cut myself when I cry?
Because physical pain is much easier to heal
than all my emotional pain.
How can I get attention for things
that no one knows are happening?
Truth is, I can't get the attention if you don't know?
and I don't want it either.
Gabriela Valoy



My Innocence

I was 8 when you took my innocence

You took my childhood, do you even care?

I suppressed my pain and guilt so long

And now it seems to be all I can think about

I can still feel your mouth on me

I can still hear you're every breathe and moan

I can still feel two years worth of your hands

And apparently, I wasn't the only one, was I?

When she turned you in, you confessed

When I was asked, I denied it

I thought it would disappear, I was wrong

Yeah, it left my thoughts for a few years

But now it haunts my every thought

And now I just wanna know why me?

I'm not beautiful or capable of being loved

But in a wierd way, I kinda think you did love me

And don't worry, no one knows

I promise not to tell
Gabriela Valoy



No Fairytale Ending

There's a smile on her face,
for the first time in a long time.
And she can't stop thinking
about the boy that put it there.
Though they've never met,
his words alone brighten her eyes.

And then she wakes up
from her fairytale day dream.
She looks in the mirror and wonders,
'What was I thinking,
dreaming such childish dreams.
Fairytales envolve beautiful princesses'

And the girl she saw looking back at her,
was definately no beautiful princess.
Gabriela Valoy

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Poems By Poet Gabriela Valoy