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Poems By Poet Geetima Baruah Sarma  7/11/2014 6:43:48 AM
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Geetima Baruah Sarma   Best Poems From
  GEETIMA BARUAH SARMA (April 26,1969)
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Not For Long

Bad days do not last long,
One should have patience,
To overcome them all.

As the day ends,
Darkness rules all over,
But not for long.

With the change of seasons,
Winter brings about chill,
But not for long.

Trees shed off leaves,
Appear like dead trees,
But not for long.

Hurdles emerge in life,
Rays of hope seem shadowed,
But never for long.

[Published in ‘Buzzle’ on 8 August 2013]
Geetima Baruah Sarma




A rivulet thronged,
Obeisance to the rising sun,
Rituals performed at chill dawn.
Burst of crackers,
Twilight sky illuminated,
Earthen lamps lit,
Fragrance in the atmosphere.
The wait ended,
As the sun appeared on the horizon,
Knee-deep in water,
The devotees offered their oblation.

[Published in the e-journal 'Indian Review' on 2 January 2012]
Geetima Baruah Sarma



Ode to Morning

Mother Nature gives you birth,
As golden sun-rays touch the earth,
Chasing away shades of darkness,
Brightening your beautiful face.

You sparkle with freshness,
You sprinkle around happiness,
Awaken people from deep slumber,
To march forward and shine brighter.

Closed buds prepare for bloom,
Fresh roses adorn my room,
And I simply love to hear,
The tiny feathered friends twitter.

Fragrance of burning incense,
Purifies the air with radiance,
With the cool gentle breeze,
Presenting a caress of perfect bliss.

Nature lovers consider you a boon,
Nocturnal activators say, you appear soon,
In fact, you're a harbinger of hope,
To discover new horizons and better scope.

[Published in the e-magazine 'Enajori' in February 2011 issue]
Geetima Baruah Sarma



Panorama, North-East

Behold the beauty of Brahmaputra, (Assam)
Travel to Tawang for tranquillity, (Arunachal)
Look at Loktak Lake the lifeline, (Manipur)
Cherish the charm of Cherrapunjee. (Meghalaya)
Cemetery at capital conveys courage, (Nagaland)
Balance on bamboos bring beams, (Mizoram)
Palaces of princes provide pleasure, (Tripura)
Rafting on river renders relish. (Sikkim)

[Published in the e-magazine 'Fried Eye' on 1 February 2012]
Geetima Baruah Sarma
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Poems By Poet Geetima Baruah Sarma