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Poems By Poet Gordon Jerome  1/30/2015 11:28:31 PM
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I remember back when
again and again
my memories of life as a child
Like doing my chores
before heading outdoors
to explore in the great open wild
Because when I was a kid
everything that I did
was special in the way it was done
Like the fort that I built
even though it did tilt
or the races that I most often won
With my childhood long past
I am just not that fast
I simply dont race anymore
But try as I might
I still find every night
yet another unfinished chore.
'closing thought'
When you feel the race is all but been won
thats when it hits you that youve only just begun
Gordon Jerome




I love the mountains so rugged and wild
like a friend they call out to me
they seem to bring forth my inner child
for its there I dream most to be
up near the top that stands there so bold
from which you can see near and far
the air is crisp and at night turns so cold
sleeping beneath a twinkling star
I look for places that are fairly remote
the true wilderness I seek to find
places the sounds on the air seem to float
and theres rest for my weary mind
up here all my problems I leave down below
its not often I feel free as a bird
so I sit here in the fires soft warming glow
and hear not a discouraging word
if its your wish to join me come be my guest
we will sit by the fire you and me
taking in nature as we sit back and rest
here among the wild and the free.
'closing thought'
Most of lifes problems we are able to beat
it is living with the rest that becomes such a feat
Gordon Jerome




Why is it people so often view
Only the worst there is of you
When there is so much more to see
If they would only chance there be
For beauty hides in so many places
Not just within the beautiful faces
It is in the heart and in the mind
If you would simply search to find
It is in the way one speaks to you
Or in many things they humbly do
But still judgeful people simply see
Only the things they perceive to be
If they would open up their eyes
A beautiful world could be the prize
But all so blinded shall never know
Of all the beauty you and I might show.
“closing thought”
Hurtful words have such an ugly tone
May only the beauty in your words be shown

Gordon Jerome




Those who know me
Know who I am
A simple man
With a simple plan

Helping others
The best I can
This simple man
With my simple plan

Comforting others
With all I can
Such a simple plan
For such a simple man

You could do it too
This simple plan
Doing all you can
For your fellow man

So join me please
Doing what you can
To share this plan
With your fellow man

Then maybe just maybe
Such a simple plan
Will urge our fellow man
To do the best they can.
“closing thought”
Caring for others we all should do
And it starts right here with me and you
Gordon Jerome

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 30 38

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Poems By Poet Gordon Jerome