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Poems By Poet graham russell  9/20/2014 2:55:35 AM
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  Best Poems From
  GRAHAM RUSSELL (29-08-1970)

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give a diamond give a pearl
give a bow and give a little twirl
make them laugh
make them cry

hear them roar with awe
as you fall and tumble
on the ground

see their eyes shine with delight
as you shock them with your

an act of fun an act of fear
watch the acrobats
jump and fall
doing tricks for all.
graham russell




magic means to touch the
stars, to feel a love of life
as we wander near and far

to see someone smile as you
walk on by
to hear the laughter in the sky
as children play at many things

a game of tag, or skipping ropes
a game of space, or dollies tea party
imagination running wild
thats what magic is

as people gaze into each
others eyes
to see love is no surprise
for magic runs even here

new born cries
say the same
for what is more
magical than life
being born

so give thanks for magic
all year through as you
see it were ever you are
known i think your magical
graham russell




the dog is what we wish to be
sensitive to our needs

it, s why we call them our best friend
these dogs of many breeds
graham russell




rain crashed thunder rolled
as the ship was tossed
left to right up and down
as waves crashed against the
ship fore and bow

as rain came tumbling down
as winds shrieked against the
ship that was sailing on the sea

the ship turn first one way
then another as thunder roared
land it could see just ahead
around the bend safety beckons this

ship sailing on the sea
but thunder, rain and sea
wont be denied as between them they
sink the ship that sailed upon the sea
graham russell

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 30 40 45

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Poems By Poet graham russell