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Poems By Poet graham russell  10/23/2014 8:04:36 AM
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  Best Poems From
  GRAHAM RUSSELL (29-08-1970)

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anything i do for you

would you do anything for love
would you climb a mountain
swim the seven seas
go to the moon and back

just to declare your love
is true?

i wouldn, t as it hurts to much
to watch you walk away
as someone else gives
the stars them self to you

how can i compete
when all i have to give
is a poem from the heart
that breaks in two

a red rose to show my love
a white rose to show i care
a blue rose to always be there
a yellow rose for yet to be

what use when you have
the stars in your hands
is anything i do for you.
graham russell




she stalks the bird so quietly
concertrationon the task
just to catch her prey
with claws sharp and quick
sheathed with in her paws
ready to strike at a moments

shoo i say and t
he bird flys away
as tiggy looks at
me with a look of
reproach or at least
it seems to me

little tiggy
my kitten so free.
graham russell




the sun rise, s then it falls as
judgement day comes for all
trumpets blow as angels
call to arm to arm
for judgement day has come
demons scream and bellow no
not yet not yet
for judgement day
man and woman
wail and cry
on there kneels and lying still
as fury fulls the skies
for here it come, s here it come, s
judgement day for all
those in heaven those in hell
and on the earth

graham russell




down he comes from mountain
high tablets held in his arms
words of god he does bring
a man called moses

the people wait untill he, s down
as walks towards them
tablets held so tight
a man called moses

a voice cries out 'moses
your hair is snowey white'
for god has touched your soul
a man called moses

he shows to all these words
written on tablets of stone
gods Commandments to his children
this man called moses

we can not follow these said some
such words would tell of a endless
wandering and hands turned against us
you man called moses

so a man called moses did gather up
all who would follow god, s Commandments
and led them to the promised land
this man called moses
graham russell

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Poems By Poet graham russell