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Poems By Poet Greg Dills  3/4/2015 5:13:56 AM
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bottom of my life

Tell me what you whant me to do,
I tryed to show you my world but you didn't wanna listen to me when i said you dont want to know what my life look's like,
You tell everyone im worthless but think about what iv'e shown,
This is the bottom of my life,

This life i would trade to have what a fraction of what you have
i beat myself for not doing all i could
i lost my love and you were that girl i gave you the world if you didn't remember i let it go when you took all the money i had earned all my love you decided you wanted to take
it feel's like to me you took all the love iv'e showed you and curved stomped,
thanks now i have nothing
this is the bottom of my life
Greg Dills



take me away from here

Let me out
shut the pain out
i lay in my bed
thinking of this story of my life,
As day's grow by my heart grow's old
day's go by, They seem to be shy,
By the end of these day's this is just a story of a broken soul,
I can't beleive i have gone this fast in my lifetime,
I beg of you to shut me down,
I beg for you to pull the chord i beg you to end this pain,
You sometimes wonder whats going on with me your just a pathetic soul
Greg Dills



All that remains

We fight day by day
for all thats been lost,
We fight day by day
for those who forgot,
we forgive shit ruined the world
now there is nothing left

We destroyed our homes
we controlled our lives
this is the pain of our past's
but this is all that remains

Thousand's of years
and they still rule strong no respect for life
just control

Forget today,
leave nothing for tommarrow
Greg Dills




Fear sometimes takes over,
Fear is sometimes wonderfull
but this is the thing everyone has had fear once in there life
it might be small or it might be huge
fear is what brought people together in the thick of things we cant ever suspect when fear is going to hit us
in the end fear just manages to leave and my only fear is dying alone
my mom hasnt always been there for me but she tryed her best as long as i made her proud her fear was losing what was dear to her
Greg Dills

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Poems By Poet Greg Dills