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Poems By Poet Hayley Foster  7/25/2014 10:57:06 AM
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  Best Poems From
  HAYLEY FOSTER (March 5th)

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Stay Beautiful

Stay Beautiful
Even if we don’t stay friends
Stay Beautiful
Even if we fall apart
Stay Beautiful
Because you’re going to be someone in life
Stay Beautiful
For me or if not for me
Stay Beautiful
For yourself or for the people you love
Just Stay Beautiful
Because someday you’re going to find the one
You really truly love and she’ll be telling you
To Stay Beautiful too
Stay Beautiful
Because you’re an amazing person and
That’ll never change and
Stay Beautiful
Because you’re one and in a million and
Stay Beautiful
Just to stay the beautiful person
You are today and
Stay Beautiful
Because that’s who you are
You’re Beautiful
Hayley Foster



~*The Moon And Stars*~

Beneath the shining stars,
beneath the gleaming moon,
when night has healed the scars
of the burning noon
and so, to you,
if hate possess your heart,
when the day's hot strife is through
bid hate to depart
the disappointing day,
whenever wrong, or how,
is something that has passed away,
it is ended now.
Forget, forgive, the stars, and
sleep will find you soon
Beneath the shining stars,
the gleaming of the moon
Hayley Foster



Mirror Me

When I stare into the mirror,
What is it I see?
I see my own reflection,
Staring back at me

But then I look deep within,
The mirror of my soul
I see my present, and my past,
And what the future holds

I see myself as what I am,
And what I could have been
I see the shadow side of me,
That’s hidden deep within

As I stare at my reflection,
Staring back through my own eyes
I see myself as others do,
But I also see the lies

Others cannot see, of course,
This person I conceal
They know the person I’ve become,
But my other side is real

The mirror rids me of disguise,
Of Hatred, Truth, and Tears
I see myself through my own eyes,
And see my deepest fears

Maybe I should end it all,
So many ways to die
I lean up against my wall,
And suddenly begin to cry

The tears stream down my face,
As I begin to say good-bye,
Good-bye sunshine, good-bye dad,
Can’t say I didn’t try

Then I look into the mirror,
And see me standing there
A troubled, lost, and lonely child,
With tearstained cheeks and matted hair

The mirror has two faces,
One of truth, reality
The other is what others see,
My made-up fantasy

Well mirror thanks for being there,
But it’s time I step away
It’s time my mask came off for good,
The real me is to stay
Hayley Foster



Kiss Me

Kiss me with passion
or tender care
kiss me with promises
that you'll always be there

Kiss me with love
or to make my heart dance
kiss me with promises
always full of romance

Kiss me so gently
or with heart-stopping might
kiss me with promises
that will last through the night

Kiss me for hours
or until our stop sign
kiss me with promises
that you'll always be mine

Kiss me wrapped up
and safe by your side
kiss me with promises
that we'll never hide

Kiss me so deeply
or in a warm embrace
kiss me with promises
that'll make my heart race

Kiss me so rough
or light and mild
kiss me with promises
that'll make me go wild

Kiss me, very calm
or to let your love show
but kiss me with promises
that you'll never let go!
Hayley Foster

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Poems By Poet Hayley Foster