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Poems By Poet Hayley Foster  8/22/2014 4:49:28 AM
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  Best Poems From
  HAYLEY FOSTER (March 5th)

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Stay Beautiful

Stay Beautiful
Even if we don’t stay friends
Stay Beautiful
Even if we fall apart
Stay Beautiful
Because you’re going to be someone in life
Stay Beautiful
For me or if not for me
Stay Beautiful
For yourself or for the people you love
Just Stay Beautiful
Because someday you’re going to find the one
You really truly love and she’ll be telling you
To Stay Beautiful too
Stay Beautiful
Because you’re an amazing person and
That’ll never change and
Stay Beautiful
Because you’re one and in a million and
Stay Beautiful
Just to stay the beautiful person
You are today and
Stay Beautiful
Because that’s who you are
You’re Beautiful
Hayley Foster



Silent Scream

outside you see me smiling
and floating through each day
a little tired a little thin
but overall okay

but you don't hear my anguished thoughts
which surface every night
they plague me, haunt me, torment me
til i'm too weak to fight

and so next day i come to school
with deeply shadowed eyes
i smile, laugh, and speak on cue
living a pack of lies

a silent scream echoes inside
reaction to my lie
til with no warning it erupts
and i crumble down and cry

come find me, help me, make it stop,
No! keep out go away
for if you come, i've no control
over the words i say

can't you hear my silent scream
decipher what i hide?
so come and ask me what is wrong
come sit down by my side

if nothing else then please read through
this tangled web i weave
for you are really not the one
i'm trying to deceive

help me, i don't know what i want
i've lost my guiding light
please hold me, let me cry and say
somehow you'll make it right

perhaps deep down i know what's wrong
what keeps me up awake
what is the source of all my tears
and ever- ther heartache

but not yet can i face it
or maybe i just won't
please someone help me understand
god only knows i don't
Hayley Foster



A Butterfly's Wings

Teardrops fell from Shelley’s face, as she held her mother’s hand
Sorrow filled her broken heart, as she fought to understand
Why her mom was dying, why she had to let her go
And as her fear grew stronger, Shelley felt her panic grow

For how would she survive without her mother guiding her along?
Giving words of encouragement, support to make her strong?
As Shelley started trembling, the tears continued down her cheeks,
She realized that the end was near, she’d prepared for it for weeks

But now here in that moment, Shelley couldn’t say good-bye
Instead she stood there silently as her mother watched her cry
And as if her mother read her mind, or maybe her heart,
She spoke her final words, intended to leave their mark

“There are so many things I need to say, so many things before I go,
But time is of the essence, so it’s important that you know…
That sometimes, you’ll feel powerless, believing you can’t win
What others think of you will be the image you hold within

“You’ll feel you have to follow quietly, at someone else’s pace,
And be the image on magazine covers, the perfect smiling face
With the pressure to be perfect, you’ll doubt yourself, and what you can be,
But I ask of you, dear Shelley, whenever you doubt yourself, stop and think of me

“For when I look into your eyes, I see a million stars,
Shining from within, all you’re magic and who you are
In your face, a flower’s blossom, a starlit winter’s night,
A butterfly’s wings spread gracefully, without effort taking flight

“A summer’s breeze and sunlight, colorful leaves found in the fall,
Springtime filled with new life; Shelley I’ve found it all
All in life that’s remarkable, when I look at you, I see
And if you can’t believe that of yourself, then at least believe in me”

Shelley listened closely, as her mother’s breathe grew weak,
She wanted to remember every word her dying mother fought to speak
“You can always make excuses, or you can make great plans,
You can bow your head in shame, or, Shelley you can take a stand

“And know how well deserved your place is in this world
Be a clear example, be a mentor to every girl
Take pride in all you are… a woman who is strong
Even when you stumble, when you feel you don’t belong

“For God had a part in making you, and all that’s on this earth,
And even if you don’t realize it, you have tremendous worth
For even though a butterfly may seem delicate…fragile to the eye,
Don’t you overlook the fact; it has what it takes to fly”

Shelley’s mother closed her eyes; her life on earth was gone,
But her words remained behind, giving Shelley the strength to carry on
For in her mother’s words, she heard a message reliable and true:
There is nothing in this world that a woman cannot do

Though there are often times when Shelley feels weak and small,
And it would seem easier to give into others, instead of proudly standing tall,
She finds herself thinking clearly of all the little girls on earth
Who feels so unimportant, not aware of their own worth

And then she hears her mother’s voice, from a breeze softly passing by,
“Don’t you overlook the fact, you have what it takes to fly”
Hayley Foster



~*The Moon And Stars*~

Beneath the shining stars,
beneath the gleaming moon,
when night has healed the scars
of the burning noon
and so, to you,
if hate possess your heart,
when the day's hot strife is through
bid hate to depart
the disappointing day,
whenever wrong, or how,
is something that has passed away,
it is ended now.
Forget, forgive, the stars, and
sleep will find you soon
Beneath the shining stars,
the gleaming of the moon
Hayley Foster

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