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Poems By Poet Hrayr Tchanan  2/27/2015 9:15:57 AM
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  Best Poems From
  HRAYR TCHANAN (16 - 02 - 1990)

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Once I was a poet

Once I was a poet
but now
here I am
Hrayr Tchanan




(a short pause)
-where are we going?
-I don't know..(a pause) ..why are you coming with me?
-No idea..(a long pause) ..what was your name again?
(a tiny pause)
-just shut up! God!
(an extremely long pause)
(The Pause)
The true meaning of life lies in the pauses
just like music
the melody is unbearable without pauses between notes.
And life becomes unlivable without pauses between thoughts.
Hrayr Tchanan



an apple and an orange

An apple is not an orange
An apple and an orange are similar: both are pieces of fruit
This apple will be, roughly speaking, the same as all the other apples I have eaten.
If I eat this orange and I like the taste, then I can assume that generally I will like the taste of the oranges.
you should eat this fruit because you are hungry
Hrayr Tchanan



Dr. Julie

I knew a man
his name was
Mr. Symphony
He used to sing Russian songs for me.
Mr. Symphony loved a girl
Dr. Julie, who wasn't
a doctor
at all
Dr. Julie fell in love with me
I fell in love with Dr. Julie
Mr. Symphony got very angry
he stopped singing Russian songs for me
Hrayr Tchanan

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Poems By Poet Hrayr Tchanan