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Poems By Poet J.B. Hines  7/24/2016 1:28:21 PM
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Yield To Success

People want to succeed,
but some are afraid.
Afraid of the person,
they'll be one day.

Where power defines them,
and their views are blurred.
where their control is endless,
while their heart is disturbed.

where greed becomes second nature,
and integrity is lost.
where money makes the decisions
regardless of the cost.

Fear of success,
is nothing new.
fear of success,
is humanity's glue.

It makes us humble,
and keeps us grounded.
so when we get there,
we're not dumbfounded.

For with clear eyes,
and an open mind.
Our success,
can never be refined.

So don't be afraid,
just be aware.
That success is something,
to be handled with care.
J.B. Hines



Inside Us All...

Look in the mirror,
just to see.
If you're the person,
you always wanted to be.

Can you the see the innocence,
or the sheer curiosity.
That taught you to love,
and live for prosperity.

Do you recognize the kid,
who sat on his lap.
To tell him the present,
to bring in his sack.

Is the excitement still there,
to do what you love.
Or has it flown away
like a spring morning dove.

Is the desire in your eyes,
to change the world still burning
or has it died down,
and no longer yearning.

Change is inevitable,
no matter who you are.
It makes us stronger,
and heals our scars.

But don't forget,
we all were young.
and that person inside,
keeps us from coming undone.
J.B. Hines



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Poems By Poet J.B. Hines