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Poems By Poet JA. River  9/18/2014 12:39:29 AM
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He Sweetens The Water

The Lord makes my drinking water taste sweet. He also

makes my joy's repeat. The Master fills my air with

might and marvelous scents of delight. His gifts i do

adore like a sea tossed ship insight of shore. His power

is beyond compare His gentleness strokes my hair. His

company i do seek my gladden smiles His heart doth

JA. River




Loves journey at last
Time has passed, heart full of class
No regrets
JA. River



Rainy Day

Glorious morning
Rained from sunrise to sunset
Lack of a raincoat
Caught in rain gladly rejoiced
Natures humidifier
JA. River



A Knights Plead

My older Brother The King
laid down his life for me.
I do not deserve the honor
His greatest act of love befell.

My Lord, my King I beg of thee;
On bended knee your knight pleads.
Is there a earthly love for me?
Does a maiden pray of me?
or is thy love so jealous?

Beloved King forgive my insolence,
your decrees live in my heart
far from pestilence. If this request thou
wilt grant, surely my soul could fly home.
Guide mine maiden to your throne; my stronghold.

Time will pass as so must I.
If my maiden's love your jealousy would hide,
grant she waits for me by your side when the battle is done.
No greater love then a knight for his King; mountain scaling,
brave lives maiming, but a maiden's love doth make him sing.
JA. River

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Poems By Poet JA. River