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Poems By Poet JA. River  3/2/2015 8:59:43 AM
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A Knights Plead

My older Brother The King
laid down his life for me.
I do not deserve the honor
His greatest act of love befell.

My Lord, my King I beg of thee;
On bended knee your knight pleads.
Is there a earthly love for me?
Does a maiden pray of me?
or is thy love so jealous?

Beloved King forgive my insolence,
your decrees live in my heart
far from pestilence. If this request thou
wilt grant, surely my soul could fly home.
Guide mine maiden to your throne; my stronghold.

Time will pass as so must I.
If my maiden's love your jealousy would hide,
grant she waits for me by your side when the battle is done.
No greater love then a knight for his King; mountain scaling,
brave lives maiming, but a maiden's love doth make him sing.
JA. River



Ancient Mysteries

Ancient inks and quills,
Modern keyboard spills,
Both must foot the bill,
of a free hands will.

O' Secrets left unsaid,
O' wisdom's gray head,
O' loves lust forever dead,
O' nothingness left to be said.

Much knowledge i once required,
Much wisdom sought acquired,
Much love is still desired,
Much heart bares my attire.

Everything has been done,
the old replaced by young,
darkness defeated by sun,
inspiration inscribed in lung,
all that's left is us,
and one breath.
JA. River



Anger Poem

Anger you are persistent, a spurt of pure rage subdued, and I will vanquish you.Continue to emerge for every time I see your weakness, your cleverness is thwarted by my meekness.

Anger I call upon you for training purposes,
lengthening the temperament wick, hastily enhancing my vigor,
you are clearly out matched just like a moth to light.

I tip my hat to your mind reading abilities, illiteracy to matters of the heart, and ever so thankful for minute self victories.
Anger the skirmish is yours but mine is sustenance of peace.
JA. River



Bed-Side Sword Septet

Bed side sword,
sharp hidden dual blades
always sheathed,
it guards the flesh while i get my sleep.
Its presence defeats bad dreams,
sinister slayer,
drawn with zeal.
JA. River

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Poems By Poet JA. River