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Poems By Poet JA. River  7/28/2014 9:20:48 AM
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Ancient Mysteries

Ancient inks and quills,
Modern keyboard spills,
Both must foot the bill,
of a free hands will.

O' Secrets left unsaid,
O' wisdom's gray head,
O' loves lust forever dead,
O' nothingness left to be said.

Much knowledge i once required,
Much wisdom sought acquired,
Much love is still desired,
Much heart bares my attire.

Everything has been done,
the old replaced by young,
darkness defeated by sun,
inspiration inscribed in lung,
all that's left is us,
and one breath.
JA. River



Good Sense Hiaku

Common sense is rare

Most people are damp and dark

The sincere shine bright
JA. River




Loves journey at last
Time has passed, heart full of class
No regrets
JA. River



Morning Poem

I laid in bed this morning
awake with eyelids closed,
pondering of divine dreams with
moral endings and secret codes.

With trances of love's embrace
embroidered into my pillowcase,
instilled warmth signatures
inscribed from the heat of night.

My eyes open and I see the light,
daybreak seeps through opaque blinds
like a mutiny afoot for quite sometime.
assured I stand with a fire at breast,
today will be greater than the rest.
JA. River

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Poems By Poet JA. River