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Poems By Poet JA. River  7/26/2016 8:11:31 PM
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Anger Poem

Anger you are persistent, a spurt of pure rage subdued, and I will vanquish you.Continue to emerge for every time I see your weakness, your cleverness is thwarted by my meekness.

Anger I call upon you for training purposes,
lengthening the temperament wick, hastily enhancing my vigor,
you are clearly out matched just like a moth to light.

I tip my hat to your mind reading abilities, illiteracy to matters of the heart, and ever so thankful for minute self victories.
Anger the skirmish is yours but mine is sustenance of peace.
JA. River



Compassion Lament

I am compassion
I dress in an invisible robe
I need others to get to know me better
I am related to love
I vacation in the hearts of noble men
My job is to share your burden
I desire tender hearten smiles.
JA. River



Heaven And Earth

This is the poem that enlightens
in the realm of heaven and earth,
that surrounds us entirely
because the air we share is one,
because all things have souls and are immortal.

And when valiant actions and
brevity induce a divine vigor,
this is the poem that purifies
in the putrid pit
the supernatural embrace.
JA. River



Side Walk Conversation Haiku

Loitering is fun

nonchalance, sincere Hello's

Love breaking the law
JA. River

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Poems By Poet JA. River