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Poems By Poet jahanvi .......................  11/27/2014 7:16:05 PM
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  Best Poems From
  JAHANVI .......................
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Life wid u............

Life seems so happy
wid u around
Life gliters in night
wid u rising in my head
Life sparkles in worst of the tym
wid u holding me tight
Life zig zag paths seems so easy
wid u always beside me
Life adds a new meaning 2 everything
wid u smiling wid me
Life disillusions disappears
wid u taking all of dem wid u
Life challenges seems interesting
wid u challenging dem wid me
Life has changed since u came
I wish u will never go
coz widout u life is all a blur
jahanvi .......................



only u

Holding on to you
Never letting you go
Dreaming every night of you
Thinking of you
My days r all urs
My nights r all urs

Ppl tell me to let go of you
But how can I?
You r d beat in my heart
You r d smile on my lips
You r d tear in my eye
You r d innocence in me
You r d only reason I breathe

Ppl say love has faded away
But how do they know?
You r d purity in me
You r d sincere thought of mine
You r d joy in me
You r love in me

Ppl say tym will heal everything
But how can they say?
You r life in me
You r d fear in me
You r concern of mine
You r all I am

Ppl say u’ll meet some1 even nicer
But how can they assure me?
You r d only 1 I want
You r d only 1 let inside
You r d only 1 so perfect
You r d only 1 who makes me complete
You r d only 1 with whom I want 2 b 4ever

Let d love for u in me float
Like river wid no end
Let it spreads its wings
Like bird flying in sky
Let it shine brightly
Like d sun in d horizon
Let it feel d warmth
Like mother caring her child
Let it rest in peace
Like d martyrs sleeping in heaven
Just let love for u b there in me
Like me
jahanvi .......................




i searched u in rain
i searched u in temples, church and mosques
i searched u in day
i searched u in night
but my search was in vain

i again searched u in nature
in our own creatures
i searched u in clouds
i searched u in rain
but my search was in vain

previously i searched u in world
but now i searched u in love
i searched u in friendship
i searched u in my needs
i searched u in all my deeds
i searched u in kindness
i realized that u were present everywhere and can be searched anywhere
my search is over
but my love for u is same forever
jahanvi .......................



Seed Journey

A seed planted with love
Growed into a beautiful flower
blossomed in every season
spreading the fragrance of sweetness
carrying with joy and happiness
but then, a stormy wind came
destroyed it
damaged the 'green ' leaves
petals falling down
like men shedding his sins
taking the pain for the crimes he did
may be in conscious or unconscious
bearing the burden of unpaid ecstasy
left to his own misery
but, roots were still there
hoping again
dreaming again
unaware of the lost sunshine
and no water to support
like a paralyzed man fallen to his knees
willing to stand
knowing he can't even move
difficulties mounting him
what is left, what is there
revolving in the cycle
unable to decide where to go
wondering what to do
will the seed grow again?
will it blossom again?
jahanvi .......................
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Poems By Poet jahanvi .......................