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Poems By Poet jahanvi .......................  5/29/2016 4:38:48 AM
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  Best Poems From
  JAHANVI .......................
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It Isn'T Easier

It isn’t easier 2 live own ur way bt its easier 2 live lyk a fool
It isn’t ryt 2 run bt its easier
Its nt dat I dnt care
It just dat I’m n ache
D pain dat u cn’t c
How do I explain when I cn’t fynd words 2 compose myself
How do I make u believe when I’m myself cnt face d reality
Its not dat I don’t understand
Its jst dat I cn’t cum 2 d terms
I’m fading away n lyt
Wid smile dat u identify
Things r turning around
Ways r departing
Thr is nothing left 2 hold on expect d vain
Curbed by d wight
Cnt break free d chains
I wna b free Bt whr will I go when I do d same
Nthing is clear
All is hazed
Lyk d sun in clouds playing games
Y I cnt get hold of myself
Y I hv bcum wild n insane
Y I cnt reconigze myself
I cnt fynd d reasons
Nor do I c d solutions
Bt I nly feel d anger building in ds play
Everything is trembling
Shaken off d rust
Madness pouring out
Destroying everything cuming in its way
Thr r s no control
Jst a aggression’s spreading ol d way
Fire has started bt widout flames
So even water cnt put off d heat its carry in its path
Cnt hear my beats
Am I dying?
Or is my soul departing away …d
Going so far dat I cn nevr reach d relm whr its hidden
Buried somewhr dwn
Or just lying in d pain
I cnt fynd it
Or do I really wna fynd it
Its betr ds way
When thr s nothing
But d hollowness dats comfortng me

jahanvi .......................




Love is a bowl full of life

Love is a passion owed with compassion

Love is to share for the ones u care

Love is friendship which sails with time

Love is messenger for us to bring peace

Love is infectious with no antibiotics

Love is to live, life to its fullest

Love is joy with whom u enjoy

Love is blindness for ur kindness

Love is inescapable with ones who are capable

so, let yourselves live to spirit of happiness
because Love is in the air
jahanvi .......................



My Tym Has Cum...

My tym has cum 2 shw wht i m
my wait is over 4 my turn
i m standng n crowd
2 prove myself
which will distinguish me frm others
i m here nt 2 loose lyk i alwaz had
i m here 2 get wht i deserve
no reasns, no excuses
can stop me 2day
its my tym
its my war n which my victory s confined
leme shw my true colors
leme tell u dat i cn even shine n nyt
i cnt b wht u wnt
my tym has cum 2 shw wht i m
jahanvi .......................



Only U

Holding on to you
Never letting you go
Dreaming every night of you
Thinking of you
My days r all urs
My nights r all urs

Ppl tell me to let go of you
But how can I?
You r d beat in my heart
You r d smile on my lips
You r d tear in my eye
You r d innocence in me
You r d only reason I breathe

Ppl say love has faded away
But how do they know?
You r d purity in me
You r d sincere thought of mine
You r d joy in me
You r love in me

Ppl say tym will heal everything
But how can they say?
You r life in me
You r d fear in me
You r concern of mine
You r all I am

Ppl say u’ll meet some1 even nicer
But how can they assure me?
You r d only 1 I want
You r d only 1 let inside
You r d only 1 so perfect
You r d only 1 who makes me complete
You r d only 1 with whom I want 2 b 4ever

Let d love for u in me float
Like river wid no end
Let it spreads its wings
Like bird flying in sky
Let it shine brightly
Like d sun in d horizon
Let it feel d warmth
Like mother caring her child
Let it rest in peace
Like d martyrs sleeping in heaven
Just let love for u b there in me
Like me
jahanvi .......................
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Poems By Poet jahanvi .......................