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Poems By Poet jahanvi .......................  1/30/2015 7:53:01 AM
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  JAHANVI .......................
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i searched u in rain
i searched u in temples, church and mosques
i searched u in day
i searched u in night
but my search was in vain

i again searched u in nature
in our own creatures
i searched u in clouds
i searched u in rain
but my search was in vain

previously i searched u in world
but now i searched u in love
i searched u in friendship
i searched u in my needs
i searched u in all my deeds
i searched u in kindness
i realized that u were present everywhere and can be searched anywhere
my search is over
but my love for u is same forever
jahanvi .......................



Seed Journey

A seed planted with love
Growed into a beautiful flower
blossomed in every season
spreading the fragrance of sweetness
carrying with joy and happiness
but then, a stormy wind came
destroyed it
damaged the 'green ' leaves
petals falling down
like men shedding his sins
taking the pain for the crimes he did
may be in conscious or unconscious
bearing the burden of unpaid ecstasy
left to his own misery
but, roots were still there
hoping again
dreaming again
unaware of the lost sunshine
and no water to support
like a paralyzed man fallen to his knees
willing to stand
knowing he can't even move
difficulties mounting him
what is left, what is there
revolving in the cycle
unable to decide where to go
wondering what to do
will the seed grow again?
will it blossom again?
jahanvi .......................




Death comes suddenly
How a person v luv goes 4ever
Breaking all d promises of staying 4ever
First v luv them
Cherrish them
Keep them safe in our heart
Then one day
Their eyes close 4 ever
Taking a piece of our heart
Breaking it again
As if it ws a game 2 play
They more listen 2 us
They no more wipe our tears
They no more sit beside us
Yet v keep them safe
In our memories
To hold them near us
Coz death has taken their presence
But not d luv v still feel 4 them
jahanvi .......................




Y things r hurting
Whr do I go now?
Cn ny1 tenme?
Is thr a place dat can promise me 2 keep me safe
Is thr a prsn who cn gve me luv I need
Is thr sum1 sumthng dat cn take away d fears
D gloominess 4m me
Patience is overrated
Selflessness is tested
Now I cn’t take it nymore
I’m tired of being who I ‘m
Everything dat cn destroy me is calling me
Stretching its arms
Trying 2 hold me
N I’m falling
Falling 4 d things dat entangle me
Taking me deep dwn in d darkness
Whr light cn nvr reach me
Yet I long 4 it
As if ts mine
As if its whr I belong
Cn ny1 teme?
What shuld I do?
Feelings r vanishing
Numbness taking over
Memories nvr fading
They r stronger than nthng I felt
I tast whatever cums in my way
Its d way I may I’l fynd what I desire
Or learn 2 desire
I stand here
All alone
Afraid 2 tell ny1
Fighting my bck
Reterining in d game I played
Or moving in d game in which I’m not thr
Cn ny1 teme
Whr I ‘m?

jahanvi .......................
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Poems By Poet jahanvi .......................