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Poems By Poet jahanvi .......................  8/30/2014 7:27:17 PM
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  Best Poems From
  JAHANVI .......................
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only u

Holding on to you
Never letting you go
Dreaming every night of you
Thinking of you
My days r all urs
My nights r all urs

Ppl tell me to let go of you
But how can I?
You r d beat in my heart
You r d smile on my lips
You r d tear in my eye
You r d innocence in me
You r d only reason I breathe

Ppl say love has faded away
But how do they know?
You r d purity in me
You r d sincere thought of mine
You r d joy in me
You r love in me

Ppl say tym will heal everything
But how can they say?
You r life in me
You r d fear in me
You r concern of mine
You r all I am

Ppl say u’ll meet some1 even nicer
But how can they assure me?
You r d only 1 I want
You r d only 1 let inside
You r d only 1 so perfect
You r d only 1 who makes me complete
You r d only 1 with whom I want 2 b 4ever

Let d love for u in me float
Like river wid no end
Let it spreads its wings
Like bird flying in sky
Let it shine brightly
Like d sun in d horizon
Let it feel d warmth
Like mother caring her child
Let it rest in peace
Like d martyrs sleeping in heaven
Just let love for u b there in me
Like me
jahanvi .......................



Painful Truth

I live with truth that is hard to believe
It tears me apart
When it drains into me
It leaves me breathless
When it rests within me
It bring gloominess
When it comes near me
It has entangled me in its chain of pain
It has engulfed my heart
It fills me with dejection and leaves me shattered
I runaway from this truth
But it follows me lyk a mare
I runaway from myself
But I’m stuck at my miseries which seems endless
I live with a truth
Which counters me everywhere
but leaves me nowhere
jahanvi .......................



Re - establisment

On a noisy road
Packed with colourful four wheel tins
And concrete hearted living beings
I saw an unexpected gesture
Which made me rethink upon my opinions
The world which i termed as cruel
Can it also be kind?
The people who i termed as selfish
Can they also be selfless?
With the pace greater than speed of light
Every one running just to settle at desired height
To own and show
To indulge and forget
Will ny1 stop to look back at the damage they are doing?
To listen to the deeper voice within them
Which may force them to ponder;
What we are made of
Which they have forgotten in order to be sum1 else
They say, it all comes back
The things we do
They pay us in the end
In d same manner we paid when we had a turn
Still we commit the sins
We break, we hate
We lie, we cheat
Blinded by the limelight which made us loose our sight
The basic reason of life
With truth remaining constant.
We have to dig in
Like the dog searching for the comfort in the mud
To realise
To remake
To reunite
With mysteries we left behind
To undo things we left in trash
They say, its never too late
I believe them
We can change things
With the single act of love
Which will take us towards a journey
From noisy crowd to a peaceful sanity
jahanvi .......................




Y things r hurting
Whr do I go now?
Cn ny1 tenme?
Is thr a place dat can promise me 2 keep me safe
Is thr a prsn who cn gve me luv I need
Is thr sum1 sumthng dat cn take away d fears
D gloominess 4m me
Patience is overrated
Selflessness is tested
Now I cn’t take it nymore
I’m tired of being who I ‘m
Everything dat cn destroy me is calling me
Stretching its arms
Trying 2 hold me
N I’m falling
Falling 4 d things dat entangle me
Taking me deep dwn in d darkness
Whr light cn nvr reach me
Yet I long 4 it
As if ts mine
As if its whr I belong
Cn ny1 teme?
What shuld I do?
Feelings r vanishing
Numbness taking over
Memories nvr fading
They r stronger than nthng I felt
I tast whatever cums in my way
Its d way I may I’l fynd what I desire
Or learn 2 desire
I stand here
All alone
Afraid 2 tell ny1
Fighting my bck
Reterining in d game I played
Or moving in d game in which I’m not thr
Cn ny1 teme
Whr I ‘m?

jahanvi .......................
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Poems By Poet jahanvi .......................