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Poems By Poet janine l stones  7/26/2016 10:42:22 PM
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  Best Poems From
  JANINE L STONES (5th April 1975)

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I live in a crazy world,
So busy busy busy.
Nobody has time to even say hello,
Rushing, pushing, hurrying.
Everyone caught in there own self importance.
We have created a society of crazy people,
Nobody talk, relaxes, or even enjoys the day.
When its too late they will see!
How crazy they once was,
Wishing they had stopped like me!
janine l stones




I am the sock fairy,
Who moves your dirty cloths.
I am the person who,
Cleans around the house.
I am the person who's noticed,
For what's not been done.
I am the invisable one,
Who will only be missed when I'm gone.
janine l stones




It’s starts so painfully, then in seconds it’s all forgotten
You are a proud mum, I have learnt that the above
Repeats so many times as your child grows.
Their first injections and the screams as you hold them tight
Then there’s nursery to leave them for that very first time,
It’s about 3 hours but seems like forever,
You`d think it would end there But oh no it continues
The first full day of school Who`s more upset
Then of cause you`ll never forget
The first relationship the one where holding hands was fun
My joyous bundle of pain in the arse was a girl,
And oh boy! It only gets worse.
The hormones through puberty then Thank god!
She’s now a young lady with age comes maturity
But maturity is a ball game all of its own
All of a sudden you want to be right back at the beginning
As it was so much easier, what do you do?
She’s now in a serious relationship
You want to protect your little girl,
But little she`s not and a life of her own she now wants.
The more you try the harder it becomes
To distance yourself when the time comes.
The difficult questions are now going to start
But to your surprise to a friend they turn
Now it`s over, its time to relax, watch and hope she will be alright
a different relationship you now find,
she only talks to you when she wants to moan or needs help.
Instead of just being there like she once was
Her life is just beginning and a lot she has to learn,
In her own time a friend she will find in her old mum! ! !
janine l stones



My Life A Rollercoaster

It’s on the up
No it’s down again,
I wish this ride was over

Living day to day
Never knowing whats around
The next corner!

It starts out low
Then goes up high
Evening out in the middle

So many problems
Shouting, screaming
When will it all be over!
janine l stones

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Poems By Poet janine l stones