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Poems By Poet Jeffrey Lee  9/2/2014 11:35:11 PM
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Why Do I Still Think Of YOu

Why do I still think of you?
When the nights are cold and long
As I toss and turn
Remembering the warmth of your face

Why do I stretch out my hand?
Into the cold darkness
Wishing to feel your hand once more
Gently melt into mine

Why do I long to kiss your sweet lips?
And feel my tongue melt into yours
As we both lay on the ground
Hot and sweaty as your hair wildly sticks to your face

Why does my heart pound?
When I think about caressing your soft breast
So round and perfect, in the palm of my hand
Yet still I have to remember, that no means no

Why do I still miss you?
After all these uncomfortable years
And why do I still wish
That you might wish for me too
Jeffrey Lee



Roller Coaster

I don't like roller coasters. But every fair has one. Its always some large dragon of a thing, twisting and winding its way in the center of the park. The sound of the tracks roaring overhead, a wave of screams that comes and goes like the wind. And in the end, it comes to a stop, while everyone stumbles out drained and disoriented.
But for that brief moment, as I catch a glimpse of them all, screaming at the top of their lungs. I want to be like that. I want to be like them. Happy.
So I go to the back of the line that seems to stretch further than the ride itself. And wait. One thing I don't like is the waiting. Nothing to do but to stare at the front of the line, as happy couples, friends, and family all excitedly get inside. Nothing to do but wait. Standing in the hot sun, as a brief shadow passes overhead, follow by a wind of screams.
After an eternity of waiting, it's finally my turn. The seats smell of freshly wiped vomit, the buckle always feels just a little too loose, and before I know it, the cart begins to move.
Click. Click. Click. Slowly rising higher and higher. A part of me wishes it would just go on clicking upward forever. but then i see the top of the peak, and the dread begins to fill me. I look out at the park and see a boy chasing pigeons. click, click, click, I see kids laughing as they go around the merry-go-round. click, click, click. A young boy holds a girls hand as they walk slowly through the park. click, click, click. Higher and Higher, I even catch a teenage couple making out behind a popcorn stand. Then the clicking stops.
The cart pauses for a moment, and I stare down at the rest of the ride. Full of ups and downs, twist and turns, and even a few loop de loops. Before I can even think about going back, I begin to fall.
Everything begins to pass by me in a blur. As I catch glimpses of a pregnant lady, a mother pushing a stroller, a kid crying alone. A glimpse of a couple arguing, a kid riding on the shoulder of his dad, and old couple sitting on a bench.
Then before I know it. The ride begins to slow. slower and slower, as we pull into a tunnel and slowly begin to stop. The end of the ride. The attendant helps me out of the straps, as everyone begins to go on with the rest of their lives.
The exhilaration is gone, and my steps are slow. But for the briefest of moments I was scared, frightened, and happy to be alive. I walk towards the exit. And look back. Maybe roller coasters aren't so bad.
Jeffrey Lee



Time's Relentless Sonnet

The sunset fades beyond the broken shores
As the night rises like a shadowed dawn
And deafened by the rhythmic crash and roar
Where my hopeless love and lies did doth spawn
Buried beneath the sands of frozen time
Where all treasured memories did doth lie
Amidst the stolen days of youthful prime
Remembering the moments with a sigh
Oh how time passes so swiftly and quick
The skin on my face wrinkles in its wake
Stealing my breath with every tock and tick
As I blow out the candles on my cake
Who knew? Who knew? I would live such a fate
To remember my youth with such a fierce hate
Jeffrey Lee



A girl I Once Knew

I once knew a girl
So very long ago
With her wavy brown hair
And eyes that sparkled so

I once had a friend
That was very dear to me
I could talk to her
And she could confide in me

We would share our hopes and dreams
And with it all our dark fears
Growing closer and closer
Back in those young lost years

I once fell in love
That would forever change my soul
With a girl who, would sadly never know
Each and every day, I prayed
To see her again, some day

I once saw an old friend
Walking by, on that fateful day
Which is now etched in my mind
And constantly replayed

I never said hi, or a hello, not even a good bye
I just looked and watched
As my life passed me by
And now I know, I can never go back
Jeffrey Lee
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Poems By Poet Jeffrey Lee