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Poems By Poet Jeffrey Lee  3/6/2015 2:59:33 AM
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The color of my life

I remember…
Her pouty red lips, when she wouldn’t get her way
The blush in her cheeks when her hand grazed mine
The freshly picked hibiscus that clung in her hair
And the mosquito bite that she wouldn’t stop scratching

The red and white striped hat
Atop the cat of the book we used to read
The little red shoes she wore for Halloween
And the six little flames flickering on her birthday cake

The color of my young fingertips
When she squeezed my hand in hers
As the spots of blood leaked from her fallen knee
Flushing her tear stricken cheeks red

The color of the first Valentine card I gave to her
And the color of the last rose, I almost gave to her

The color of the burning sky
As we both silently waited for our parents to come
The bright red brake lights of her parent’s car
Leaving the school and me behind

The color of the balloon that slipped out of her hand
And floated out into the eternal blue sky
I remember… the red in my life
Jeffrey Lee



A Late Night Dream

You are my unicorn, always just out of reach
You are my dragon, fearsome and strong
You are my angel, kind and beautiful
You are my demon, revealing all of my flaws

You are the past, I can never let go
You are the future, I could never have
You are everything to me
And yet we have always been nothing

You are the distant light, through the dark tunnel
You are the darkness, swallowing me whole
You remind me of everything I wish I could be
You remind me of how short I have fallen

You are a name, whispered in my dreams
You are a figment, of something that was once real
You are the girl, I used to know
You are just a stranger, of a life that never was

I open my eyes, and you aren't there
I whisper your name into the darkness
But there is never a reply
I close my eyes and all I see is darkness
Jeffrey Lee




I wish I could slam my fist against the walls of the world
The sound of my bones shattering like glass
And blood flowing like lava from the open wound
As my body quivers and shakes from the pain

My cries scream out like an endless hurricane
As my tears floods the world in sorrow
But still no one listens
Still no one cares

Billions of ants crawl upon me
Gnawing upon my naked flesh
Ripping the hair off my back
And bleeding the blood from my veins

When I die, who will remember me?
Who will remember the billions of ants?
Now specks of dust in a sea of sand
Buried under the monuments of their own design

No one will remember the great world that has come today
Just as they have forgotten all the empires that have come before
For we all must live, die, and be forgotten
Buried beneath the ground we once called out home
Jeffrey Lee



The Journal

Bold cursive silver letters
Etched onto a plain black cover
Labeling what I am
But not who I am

I sometimes just sit down
And clumsily flip through the pages
Smiling to myself on one page
And breaking my heart on the next

My friends are old photographs
Safely tucked between the pages
Guarding my scribbled down memories
From times forgetful spell

The love of my life is a bad poem
Quickly scratched out across the page
So many little messy wishes
That was never meant to be

As my eyes graze across my stained memories
I wish I could just scratch out
All of my regretful mistakes
But even then, the words would still remain

I am just a sad little character
Caught up in my own little plot
Living each page to the next
Until “The End”
Jeffrey Lee
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Poems By Poet Jeffrey Lee