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Poems By Poet Jeffrey Lee  10/25/2014 12:30:16 AM
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A Late Night Dream

You are my unicorn, always just out of reach
You are my dragon, fearsome and strong
You are my angel, kind and beautiful
You are my demon, revealing all of my flaws

You are the past, I can never let go
You are the future, I could never have
You are everything to me
And yet we have always been nothing

You are the distant light, through the dark tunnel
You are the darkness, swallowing me whole
You remind me of everything I wish I could be
You remind me of how short I have fallen

You are a name, whispered in my dreams
You are a figment, of something that was once real
You are the girl, I used to know
You are just a stranger, of a life that never was

I open my eyes, and you aren't there
I whisper your name into the darkness
But there is never a reply
I close my eyes and all I see is darkness
Jeffrey Lee



Box Full Of Memories

A shoebox full of dusty memories
Full of bad poems and faded pictures
That should have been burned years ago

Old flimsy year books with little stains on the cover
With old forgotten friends safely tucked inside
Still smiling, unaware of how sad life was going to be

Crumpled pieces of paper, with half written words
Aimlessly searching for the words my heart couldn’t say
Yet I couldn’t throw them away, still caring what they said

And a single red rose, now wilted away
The last one I almost gave to her on that lonely Valentines day
But I knew, that it wouldn’t be alone, as it drowned in a sea of others

I picked up the cover, to put the memories away
And I found a wish, scribbled on the back
“I wish she knew, how much I loved her.”
Jeffrey Lee



I wish...

Fighting my demons night after night
On the battlefields of broken dreams
I want her so much I want to scream and shout
But I know it was never meant to be

I look back and imagine, all the chances that came before
And pretend that if I had done things differently
We might have become more, then what we are now
But I know it isn't true, but I still can't help but wish

I wish, I wish, I wish over and over in my mind
That she loved me, that she needed me as much as I want her
But I know I'm lying to myself,
I know she doesn't look at me like that
But I can't help, but wish and wish and wish.

The bed feels hot,
the sheets are tossed,
the blanket dangles onto the floor

Another night turns into day,
another night lost thinking of her
I want her so much,
I whisper her name pretending she can hear me
But I know she isn't there
I know she can't hear me
I know she doesn't care
Jeffrey Lee



Legal Suicide

Blowing out the smoke
As if they were all my troubles
And watching them all
Quickly drift and fade away

I breathe in the grey death
Hoping it will kill all the troubles
That I’ve held on to for so long
But all it does is kill me

I take a comfort in the thought
That I now have once less breath to take
One less thought in the burrows of my mind
One less moment obsessed with regret

Before I know it, the embers reach their end
As I take one long last breathe in
I remember all the little troubles of the day
And I just blow it all out
Jeffrey Lee
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Poems By Poet Jeffrey Lee