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Poems By Poet Jeffrey Lee  8/22/2014 2:51:39 AM
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Time's Relentless Sonnet

The sunset fades beyond the broken shores
As the night rises like a shadowed dawn
And deafened by the rhythmic crash and roar
Where my hopeless love and lies did doth spawn
Buried beneath the sands of frozen time
Where all treasured memories did doth lie
Amidst the stolen days of youthful prime
Remembering the moments with a sigh
Oh how time passes so swiftly and quick
The skin on my face wrinkles in its wake
Stealing my breath with every tock and tick
As I blow out the candles on my cake
Who knew? Who knew? I would live such a fate
To remember my youth with such a fierce hate
Jeffrey Lee



To my children

To my children
My future
May you find happiness
In this world of darkness

I write this poem
For you,
You, who I have not met
Nor probably will ever meet

I write in the hopes that you
Will not repeat the same mistakes as I
Nor of those who have came before

You are the future
Born from centuries of ideas
Wars, conflicts, and hope

You are the future
That people have fought for
And have also died for

You are the future
That will continue on
Living, growing, thinking,
And achieving the impossible

You are my children
You are my hope
And you are the endless future
Which I can’t even dream to comprehend

So don’t waste your life
Wondering what if
And don’t get hung up
On the trivial past

Only look forward to tomorrow
And live your life
For your children
And your children’s children

Because they are the future
And we are but stepping-stones
Building for a greater tomorrow
Jeffrey Lee



A girl I Once Knew

I once knew a girl
So very long ago
With her wavy brown hair
And eyes that sparkled so

I once had a friend
That was very dear to me
I could talk to her
And she could confide in me

We would share our hopes and dreams
And with it all our dark fears
Growing closer and closer
Back in those young lost years

I once fell in love
That would forever change my soul
With a girl who, would sadly never know
Each and every day, I prayed
To see her again, some day

I once saw an old friend
Walking by, on that fateful day
Which is now etched in my mind
And constantly replayed

I never said hi, or a hello, not even a good bye
I just looked and watched
As my life passed me by
And now I know, I can never go back
Jeffrey Lee




I wish I could slam my fist against the walls of the world
The sound of my bones shattering like glass
And blood flowing like lava from the open wound
As my body quivers and shakes from the pain

My cries scream out like an endless hurricane
As my tears floods the world in sorrow
But still no one listens
Still no one cares

Billions of ants crawl upon me
Gnawing upon my naked flesh
Ripping the hair off my back
And bleeding the blood from my veins

When I die, who will remember me?
Who will remember the billions of ants?
Now specks of dust in a sea of sand
Buried under the monuments of their own design

No one will remember the great world that has come today
Just as they have forgotten all the empires that have come before
For we all must live, die, and be forgotten
Buried beneath the ground we once called out home
Jeffrey Lee
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Poems By Poet Jeffrey Lee