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Poems By Poet Jeffrey Lee  7/10/2014 5:52:30 PM
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Time's Relentless Sonnet

The sunset fades beyond the broken shores
As the night rises like a shadowed dawn
And deafened by the rhythmic crash and roar
Where my hopeless love and lies did doth spawn
Buried beneath the sands of frozen time
Where all treasured memories did doth lie
Amidst the stolen days of youthful prime
Remembering the moments with a sigh
Oh how time passes so swiftly and quick
The skin on my face wrinkles in its wake
Stealing my breath with every tock and tick
As I blow out the candles on my cake
Who knew? Who knew? I would live such a fate
To remember my youth with such a fierce hate
Jeffrey Lee



To my children

To my children
My future
May you find happiness
In this world of darkness

I write this poem
For you,
You, who I have not met
Nor probably will ever meet

I write in the hopes that you
Will not repeat the same mistakes as I
Nor of those who have came before

You are the future
Born from centuries of ideas
Wars, conflicts, and hope

You are the future
That people have fought for
And have also died for

You are the future
That will continue on
Living, growing, thinking,
And achieving the impossible

You are my children
You are my hope
And you are the endless future
Which I can’t even dream to comprehend

So don’t waste your life
Wondering what if
And don’t get hung up
On the trivial past

Only look forward to tomorrow
And live your life
For your children
And your children’s children

Because they are the future
And we are but stepping-stones
Building for a greater tomorrow
Jeffrey Lee



when I was a child...

When I was a child, young and small, the world was black and white.
Friends and strangers came and went like a child flipping through a picture book.
Sometimes I would find one face that stood out from all the rest,
But the pages would just keep on flipping, and they were lost all the same.

When I was a child, young and small, my life was just a dream
Everyday I would wake up and have fun, fear, anger, and love
And tomorrow was just another day, like so many that lay before
And yesterdays were so few that they all just seemed like harmless dreams

When I was a child, young and small, the grass was always green
The sky was blue and the clouds were white, and the sun a crayon yellow
People were people, and the whole world was just my backyard
Everything was as it seemed, Everything was as it seemed

When I was a child, young and small, The world began to grow.
With each new day it grew some more, and the world was more than it seemed
The grass was no longer green, but now it was a yellow-green, a sickly green
People were no longer people, they were strangers, or they were friends

When I was a child, young and small, The world became a darker place
Black and white is now just two sides of the same coin
Flipping back and forth, back and forth, until both sides are just grey
The grass is no longer green, the sky no longer blue, and the world is just a darker place
Jeffrey Lee



Why Do I Still Think Of YOu

Why do I still think of you?
When the nights are cold and long
As I toss and turn
Remembering the warmth of your face

Why do I stretch out my hand?
Into the cold darkness
Wishing to feel your hand once more
Gently melt into mine

Why do I long to kiss your sweet lips?
And feel my tongue melt into yours
As we both lay on the ground
Hot and sweaty as your hair wildly sticks to your face

Why does my heart pound?
When I think about caressing your soft breast
So round and perfect, in the palm of my hand
Yet still I have to remember, that no means no

Why do I still miss you?
After all these uncomfortable years
And why do I still wish
That you might wish for me too
Jeffrey Lee
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Poems By Poet Jeffrey Lee