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Poems By Poet Jeffrey Lee  11/27/2014 11:36:14 PM
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I cast the first stone
Into calm waters
Watching the ripples
Slowly grow and fade

I stare into the waters
Reflecting myself
Wondering if this person
Is who I have become

The longer I stare
At that unforgiving sight
The more I wonder
If this is truly who I am

I don’t know if I’m me
Staring into the mirror
Or am I the reflection
Staring back at me

Is this how the world
Views this shell of me
Because this is not the person
I've imagine myself to be

Everyday, all I see
Is these two hands
And the world around me
Never caring how I appear to be

Avoiding mirrors
Wherever I go
Reflecting a person
That no one will ever know
Jeffrey Lee



Revisiting old memories

Walking around the old schoolyard
Watching forgotten faces play in the field
Dashing every which way
As a memory of laughter fills the air

I can still hear the flat bounces
Of an old rubber doge ball
Bouncing off one child
And into the arms of another

As the girls whisper and gossip
In their special little circles
Pointing and laughing
About god-knows-what

I can still see the new girl
Quietly sitting on the side
And remember how I used to secretly glance
Wondering what was on her mind

Oh how quickly those days have passed
And even faster still, the years go by
And now, I’m just an old man
Revisiting lost memories
Jeffrey Lee



The Journal

Bold cursive silver letters
Etched onto a plain black cover
Labeling what I am
But not who I am

I sometimes just sit down
And clumsily flip through the pages
Smiling to myself on one page
And breaking my heart on the next

My friends are old photographs
Safely tucked between the pages
Guarding my scribbled down memories
From times forgetful spell

The love of my life is a bad poem
Quickly scratched out across the page
So many little messy wishes
That was never meant to be

As my eyes graze across my stained memories
I wish I could just scratch out
All of my regretful mistakes
But even then, the words would still remain

I am just a sad little character
Caught up in my own little plot
Living each page to the next
Until “The End”
Jeffrey Lee



The Life We Lived

The life we lived
And the lives we wanted
Are all but footprints
In the ever shifting sands

The lives we wanted
Are but mere fairytales
Woven from the threads
Of our wishful imaginations

While that self defining moment
Has long since passed
And whether by fate or coincidence
We have chosen the lesser

And like all lives
That came and are to come
Will be lived and forgotten
Like footprints in the sand
Jeffrey Lee
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Poems By Poet Jeffrey Lee