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Poems By Poet jennifer hall  9/2/2014 11:33:48 PM
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  Best Poems From
  JENNIFER HALL (12-19-89)

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My Little Sister

My little sister is
always there when you need her.
My little sister is the
best little sister ever
and i would not trade her for anything.
My little sister has
a way of making everyone
laugh when they have a bad day.
My little sister is one of a kind
My little sister is annoying to,
but i still love her anyways.
My little sister
is also my best friend.

Dedicated to my sister Megan I Love you 4 ever
jennifer hall



Remember Me Always

So many memories we've made together.
As the years have slowly passed.
Tears may have been cried
but our laughter drownedthem all out.
Sharing my deepest most secrets
'Till one in the morning.
Talking forever about things
until our words just ran out.
But now you must leave,
and I stay behind
Who will I call
when I just need to talk.
Who will I lean on
when my problems weigh me down?
Who's jokes will i laugh at?
Who will make me smile? ?
I can't tell you the answers
to the questions I have.
But I want you to know
I will always love you as my best friend.
And when my heart is troubled
I will think of you.
Remember the times of joy we have shared,
and maybe it will make you smile.
And since you can't take me with you
take the memories we have made
and cherish them as I always will.
jennifer hall




Makeup hides my feelings
Makeup hides my face
So many layers of makeup
My true colors can't be traced.

Feelings building up inside me
I'm ready to explode
I want someone to talk to
But no one sees my load.

So i wash away the makeup
and show my colors true
I see that someone cares for me
and makes me feel anew.
jennifer hall




Sex is love
Sex is pain
sex is good and sex is bad
Sex is a gift to your husband or wife.
Sex should never be abused. Sex should never consome your every thought or move.
Sex is powerful
YOu should never have sex when your young...thats what causes teen pregnancy.
Sex should be made for you and your mate.
Sex is what creates a new life.
jennifer hall

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Poems By Poet jennifer hall