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Poems By Poet jerine james  7/11/2014 11:33:44 PM
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  Best Poems From
  JERINE JAMES (07/05/1981)
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Family album is as a family tree
Pictures change to color
Black & white has gone
Yet, Family stands for ever.

They are my Force
They are my Trust
They are my Twinge
They are my Achievement
Family always knotted.

What they gave, I can’t Reimburse
What they did, I can’t add up
Love so true never ending & through.

Be it the hard times
Be it the good
They stand by me with all Support
They lift me when I am Devastated
They hold me close, when I am Disheartened
They pat me upon my back saying: “All will be fine”
Family is family.

They share their every Split second
They hide no secrets from me
They never pick on me
They never mumble when I am Eerie
They shoulder responsibilities that are mine Too.

They help me understand right from Wrong
They help me climb steps of Accomplishment
They gave me all that I need and more.

For me, family is next to God
He has blessed me in Abundance
I believe, Family is wealthier than Money!

To be with family like Mine
Is True & Divine
They are everything to me

We as a family united we Stand
Joined hand in Hand
Nothing can withstand
The love we Hand.

By Jerine Charles (16th Dec 08)
jerine james



Friendship of JAM(Jerine, Andrea and Melveera)

The Friendship of JAM

JAM Friendship is a ship that will sail forever,
No matter how hard-hitting the wind may be,
No matter how coarse the sea may be,
No matter if there is no sail above.
We will always remain.

The friendship of JAM is the togetherness,
Like the cords that cannot be broken,
It is kind and sugary
It encourages and never judges,
It is the sharing between the three,
It dwells profound inside
It happens soulfully,
We will always remain.

The love in JAM is so unconditional,
It has no limits,
It keeps all promise
They standby for each other,
No matter what time? which place? what climate? or with whom they may be ?

The Friendship of JAM is a time we will always remember and will sail forever!

By Jerine James
14th July 07 at 02: 45pm
jerine james




Gone but not for Long

We can see you in the dawn, as we wide awake,
You are there in every gasp that we capture,
Your love surrounds us.

We wanted to kiss the bundle of stars on your visage
Trace that you left behind
Will always last ceaselessly and will be taught to mine,

Enjoy the harmony and delight
In a world of no caution and no gain
Though you have gone too far,
Yet but not for long, as you will always remain in our hearts
We love you!

By Jerine James – 13th November 2008(dedicated to janny’s brother)
jerine james





Bells rang loud and clear
Rubbed my eyes and lined up as though, in an army floor
Saw my little brother sob and weep for mom
Heart broken and felt crushed upon

Helplessly looked around, vengeance crammed
Pushed the matron against the wall
You DARE not touch him: I said
No friends to converse out to, no folks to sob out to

Walked down the hall way
Food was prepared since age
Cold and frozen
Gulped it down the throat
Puked it all out

Empty stomach I went to class
Exhausted and worn out could not pay attention
Professors educated and explained
Many topics and subjects
All seemed mind-numbing and unclear.

Evening tea brought some zeal
Warm water bath, freshen me up
Strolled around the high fenced wall
Where world out side couldn’t be seen

Matron yelled and screamed: GET BACK.. IT’S STUDY TIME
All faces frowned,
Lined up to their particular places.

As the hours rolled by, all eyes would fall on the clock
Waited for the final bell so as to bid farewell to studies for the day
Waited for dinner –bland and neutral.

Time of relaxation was felt when the clock struck 10pm
Dormitories would be filled with lots of clatter

Me alone in the corner- thought and dreamt of my parents and other beautiful things of home sweet home
Consoled my self – All will be fine.

Nothing was cheery or thoughtful about it
No excitements, no ecstasies
All was grey and dark
Like the dungeons in the stories
Life was just so despondent.

Words can’t explain what I felt
Hated my world around me
Thought my parents didn’t love me.

No day light or moonlight ever shone
No proper food to eat
Everything was rotten and stale
Punished and whacked for any small mistakes.

With silent tears all over my face I would fall asleep
All is there still – memory
Home away from Home.

Jerine Charles (Jan 28th 09)

(Memories whilst in a boarding school during the IRAQ-KUWAIT WAR)
jerine james
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Poems By Poet jerine james