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Poems By Poet jerine james  10/24/2014 10:21:08 AM
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  JERINE JAMES (07/05/1981)
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Beautiful Golden Nature

The bright moon fades away into the white sky,
She cries ……. Tears trickle down her face
Earth rises………what an aroma!

She is quite today
Beautiful and calm, bringing joy and peace to our hearts,
She has been though struggles and strain
Tortures without any gain.

You can hear the whispers of the trees,
The humming of the birds, through the wide blue sky
The roaring of the wind,
Flowers bloom …dew drops as that of a shining pearl drops down to the earth.

She smiles to the world creating and strengthening every moment of our lives
Waters so deep and serene…. They ripple and gush against the rocks sprinkling like a fountain,
She moves in circles without any interruptions
She looks colorful as a butterfly… adding color to our lives.

Enjoy this Mother Nature!

By Jerine James
18th February 2008
jerine james



BOYS rather Men


Glad they feel coz Men they are!
They come in different shapes and attitudes
Coarse they are!
Tough they pretend!
Life is just not content.

Everything seems RIGHT in their acuity
Ideas and opinion of their own
Globe seems under their feet
Alas! Dominion is what they need

Striking they look!
King of the world they think!
Style they feel, and high esteem
But no big deal!

Sensitive they are!
Corrupted too!
In no way learn from mistake made
Repetition they do again.

Cynical and mislead!
Responsibility they never feel!
At ease in everything they see
Promises they give!
Promises they can’t keep.

Smile so cute and twinkling eyes
Curly hair and teeth within
Subjugates opposite sex
Love in the air
That’s just not fair

By Jerine James
20th November 2008.
jerine james





Being a student, is a struggle,

Burden away from shoulders...
Portions to cover, marks to score
Heights to secure- tough task!
Trying to comprehend what is educated?
Or substantiate what is well-informed? Challenging!

Studying hours together, working hard through the day,
Tired and exhausted -what to do?
Test papers and exams after another,
Teachers’ yelling and pupils blaring,
Life is miserable.. All one can say!

Impositions and suspensions,
Dismissals and appointments,
Parent’s meetings and principal’s suggestions,
Complaints through academic,

Extra classes and tuitions on holidays,
Life does not purpose
When will all this end is a Question?
Yet, one has to embrace it all as…

Education is vital
Its not about college/university,
Its about accomplishment,
Its about skills and achievements,
Its about knowledge and power,
Its about intelligence and enlightenment,

It’s about confidence level,
It’s about learning and maturing,
It’s about visions and missions,
It’s about who one will be tomorrow?

It’s a seed one should plant
Water and let it sprout to be a tree
To shadow the poor and needy,
To shelter the homeless,
To motivate and support the other,
To spread and express the same,

To build a new nation,
To encourage one’s hopes and needs,
To create prosperity and success,
Education is Treasure beyond Measure.

Jerine Charles (17th June 09)
jerine james




Gone but not for Long

We can see you in the dawn, as we wide awake,
You are there in every gasp that we capture,
Your love surrounds us.

We wanted to kiss the bundle of stars on your visage
Trace that you left behind
Will always last ceaselessly and will be taught to mine,

Enjoy the harmony and delight
In a world of no caution and no gain
Though you have gone too far,
Yet but not for long, as you will always remain in our hearts
We love you!

By Jerine James – 13th November 2008(dedicated to janny’s brother)
jerine james
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Poems By Poet jerine james