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Poems By Poet jerine james  7/24/2014 6:24:48 AM
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  Best Poems From
  JERINE JAMES (07/05/1981)
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I have walked so many miles,
All alone in solitary,
Ran across through many hills and fields,
Adage no smiles around, or the
Hands to lift me up,
Want to cry out loud, heart was so bare,
That I could not speak,
Everything echoed within,

I ran into the dark,
Where no one would identify me
I want to shout my heart
vigor in me found no more,
Raise me O’Lord is all I prayed!

By Jerine James
14th July 2007
jerine james





Peace Be Upon You,
Peace Be Upon You,
The Lord is your guiding star,
The Lord is your protector,
He is yours alone.

He is your Maker, (2)
He is your Shepherd,
He is your Path,
He is your Way,
Peace Be Upon You.

He is your Lamp,
He is your Radiance
He is your Love,
He is all you ever want
Peace Be Upon You.

He alone is the Way and the Truth,
He is the Life,
Savior and Friend have you.
Peace Be Upon You.

He will defend you, and wrap you in His love,
He is Righteous,
Compassionate and Merciful,
Peace Be Upon You.

Be not ashamed
Praise His Name
Sing Halleluiah, shout to the Lord
Come into His Presence, with Thanksgiving & Praise
Bless His Holy name and Rejoice forevermore,
Peace Be Upon You.

You are His Baby
You are His Child,
You are His sweet Angel
May He alone be your Guide?
Love Him with your Heart,
Love Him with your Soul
Love Him with your strength and Whole,
Peace Be Upon You.

By Jerine Charles – 12th August 2010
jerine james



Wish Life Blooms Again

Wish Life Blooms Again

Wish Life was so bare
Liberated from all tensions and struggles
Graceful and easy
Wish all the troubles could be
Swatted away like the flies
Wish all the tribulations could be
Batted like the sixes in cricket

Existence is just not the way it used to be
Errands doubled and then trebled
Got to revolt and wrestle with the predictable

Times have passed, years have gone
Sand under the feet seems to have been washed off
Yet need to standup for the right

Wish life that was hidden
Full of ecstasy and glee would
Come into flower (bloom) just once again.

By Jerine James
29th Oct08
jerine james




Your Friendship Is Beyond Measure

Your friendship is somuch beyond compare ……. Reasons are:

You are there to listen to me when no one ever listened,
You are there to keep my secret when no one did,
You were there to keep me secure,
And hold me tight;
Not allowing the bed bugs to bite.
Your Friendship Is Beyond Measure!

You are there when I needed you when no once cared,
You are there to call out to though no reason at all,
You are there to smile at me when all around mock me,
You were there to laugh with me, though a bad joke,
Your Friendship Is Beyond Measure.

You are there to walk with, when none sought to,
You were there to talk to, when none appeared to,
You are there to hold my hands, rub it so tenderly and
Say: All will be fine:
I cry and wonder why?
Your Friendship Is Beyond Measure.

You are there in my sorrows,
You are there in my joys,
You are there to let me know what this world consists of.
You are there to give me the love I once lost...
Your Friendship Is Beyond Measure.

You are there to contemplate on,
You are there to incline on,
You are there to confide in,
You are there to counsel me,
You are there to reassure me,
You are there to help me find delight in everything I do,
Now you make me feel light headed both in spirit and in soul………..
Your presence is what I needed the most …..
Your friendship is beyond all.

Jerine James - dedicated to a best friend (15th July 07)
jerine james
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Poems By Poet jerine james