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Poems By Poet Jessica Goudreault  7/13/2014 6:14:09 PM
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I Am Thankful For....

I am thankful for every day that I wake,
Being with those I love
And passing those I hate

I am thankful for my true, great friends
That I always love to see,
Who are there 'til the end
And really understand me

I am thankful for the food I eat,
That's healthy or fatty
Messy or neat

I am thankful for my family,
Who help me with what I do,
That are always there for me
To tell me 'I love you'

I am thankful for my boyfriend,
He is so sweet and kind
And completely mine

But most of all
I am thankful for my life,
It's not always perfect,
But it's always right.
Jessica Goudreault



The Diversity of People

There are pretty people
There are ugly people,
There are short people
There are fat people,
There are tall people
And there are skinny people

There are people that you blame
And there are people that blame you,
There are people like me
And there are people like you

There are mothers
And there are fathers,
There are sons
And there are daughters

They are all wound up in their family trees,
Walking ordinarily on the streets
To life's different beats
Jessica Goudreault



Characteristics of People

Long hair,
Short hair

Dark or light,
Black or white

Small or full lips,
Thin or wide hips

Blue eyes,
Brown eyes

Skinny or fat,
This or that

Everyone has one or another,
Wether it's from themselves
Or their father or mother.
Jessica Goudreault



Fall Victim To....

Fall victim to gossip,
When it is spoken about you

Fall victim to boredom,
When you have nothing to do

Fall victim to music,
When it speaks through you

Fall victim to hate,
When it is thrown at you

Fall victim to drama,
When you want to

Fall victim to love,
When it falls to you

Fall victim to life,
Because you have no other choice but to.
Jessica Goudreault

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Poems By Poet Jessica Goudreault