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Poems By Poet Jordan Legaspi  8/1/2014 7:22:53 PM
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  Best Poems From
  JORDAN LEGASPI (24 July 1978)

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+ Philippines

This poem is dedicated to all the Filipinos all over the world


You are the pearl of the orient
paradise with a distinguish beauty
Your daughter gaily- they sing and dance
Your son valiantly- they plant the seed of love

Oh Philippines, my beloved Philippines
old days slowly no more
Your children to distant land they wonder and sigh
Leaving you unwanted- oh my mother land
Some stayed but dream of the west saying
'lash green and rich'
Others survive but looking to the east saying
'milk and honey is everywhere'
While few starts the day hoping for prosperity
as their sweat watered the land
Oh Philippines once your breast is full of milk
Like as nurturing mother
Were tame and wild seek refuge and find rest
Were our fate leads us to become one and united
To the orient seas- the different faces of Philippines
My beloved Philippines
Jordan Legaspi



My classmate

Day after day I stared at you
With your angelic face magnify my eyes
Started to dream if I could make friend with you
To be acquainted and communion face to face

Even the thoughts flew so high but what if no
Our gesture normal as it is yet in veil
As if you keep your distance I don’t have the cue
But still you haunted me and I’m loosing my will

Night after night I made my plan
For the right time I know soon will come
But devil took it away using his magic wand
A spell that I don’t know what next to come

Nothing left for me time flew as easy it should be
Finally I have to decide less you’ll gone
And left me behind wondering if you can see
The difficulty of this feeling of being lonely

I am crazy I know if I will let you go
For what reason that you are here next to me
Sharing different stories but I still don’t know you
Until you go my heart still on you zzeee like a bee

So hard to speak if you’re around I am loosing my head
My heart skip a beat like a stone so hard yet so soft
But I know this will end up so soon I know it will
Our roads will part but thanks we’ve met my dear classmate
Jordan Legaspi



World Youth Day

Word of God –the message of service
On the contemporary word it is a challenge of holiness;
Reality therefore, you are called to believe:
Little of reason; little of emotion to perceive-
Details of truth in human terms and condition

You are in great distress before modernity
Over the years of wrestle against dishonesty;
Under the banner of secrets and lies-
The culture of no sense of sin in your heart dwells;
Have no fear, and learn to share in God’s mission

Duty and responsibility –the pillar of fate
Across time and space ne charitable in your faith
Yes, be open to the possibilities of sacrifice
-the saving act of God through Christ’s passion
Jordan Legaspi



+ Pride


I heard you saying it is the first of the seven deadly sins
But for me it is a virtue and its absence cause deficiency
We only need to restore it, our major goal in treatment
For if it is destructive, conceit and arrogance among our fellows
Then the pride in us properly be called unhealthy
Not a feeling of positive regard to drew out our potentiality

Pride without humility is a feeling of superiority
But for pride in a correct understanding, feels good of who he is
Aware of his limitation and retains a secure heart
For pride is his justice of admiration for humanity
Without he alone or she only but share the success with others
For failure of others has no room in “the heart”
and acceptance never depart

Pride then is a feeling of positive regard of himself
Very healthy feeling a tremendous motivator for self actualization
He does not need to elevate from others for he is secure and mature
A genuine self pride moves to condemn not but to promote no strife
For pride is part of him but not unjust yet with self communion
Self aware of being not vexed by power of pride
but possesses mature and healthy nature
Jordan Legaspi

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Poems By Poet Jordan Legaspi