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Poems By Poet JOSE MURGUIA  4/30/2016 8:12:15 AM
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  Best Poems From
  JOSE MURGUIA (4/14/80)

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Michael Jordan.

his shoes are sold world wide,
he made us believe we could fly,
he put on a show in every game,
he climbed the charts to fame,
michael jordan is a hero in my eyes,
watch him play and you'll get a big surprise,
he wears number 23 on his jersey,
he shows his opponets no mercy,
michael jordan can almost touch heaven,
michael jordan is a living legend...

Copyright 2009 Jose Murguia



Father To A Son.

these tears of joy,
are for the first time that i saw you
my beatiful baby boy,
i never thought this love i would find,
for what i feel for you is so deep inside,
when i see your face i see mine,
when i look into your eyes i can see the sun shine,
no matter how hard times may get,
just remember that im here for you dont ever forget,
for you are my hart my strenght my all,
when ever you need me just give me a call,
for i will always be here for you until the end,
because im more than just a father im also your friend.

Copyright 2009 Jose Murguia

dedicated to my son: nicholas anthony murguia i love u always!



Good Vs. Evil.

when i close my eyes at night,
the war i just begun to fight,
visions of lights disappear,
and nightmares reapear,
shribling with fear,
that my screams no one will hear,
and all do god is near,
the devil is right here.

Copyright 2009 Jose Murguia



The Toilet Poem..

the toilet is my friend,
we see each other every now and then,
heres where i read and think,
heres where i take a dump and make it stink,
heres a place i can get away,
i use it now and everyday,
the toilet is a useful tool,
just think of it as a pool,
the toilet can keep secrets it will hush,
you can use it but don't forget to flush,
it's a place i can use when im sick from my stomach,
or when i drink too much and i have to vomit,
the toilet also has feelings,
so make sure you're bathroom has a fan in the ceilings,
the toilet hates when you take a big dump,
do too much and you'll have to use a pump,
the toilet will always be my friend,
we will see each other every now and then.

Copyright 2009 Jose Murguia

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