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Poems By Poet JOSE MURGUIA  12/17/2014 5:04:42 PM
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  JOSE MURGUIA (4/14/80)

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these tears of joy,
are for the first time that i saw you
my beatiful baby boy,
i never thought this love i would find,
for what i feel for you is so deep inside,
when i see your face i see mine,
when i look into your eyes i can see the sun shine,
no matter how hard times may get,
just remember that im here for you dont ever forget,
for you are my hart my strenght my all,
when ever you need me just give me a call,
for i will always be here for you until the end,
because im more than just a father im also your friend.

Copyright 2009 Jose Murguia

dedicated to my son: nicholas anthony murguia i love u always!




time turns the weather from hot and cold,
time makes us grow old,
time is a split decision,
time is what we have alot in prison,
time is something you cant buy,
time keeps going even after you die,
time is money and money is time,
time is what you get when you commit a crime,
time is something you cant break,
time is something you learn from a mistake,
time doesnt grant you wishes,
time is based on decisions,
time is something you remember from the past,
time is something that goes by so fast,
time gives u another try,
time makes you laugh and cry,
time makes you happy and sad,
time is something you want more but never had,
time has no end,
time can make you a better man,
time makes you choose wrong from right,
time turns day to night,
time makes you forgive but not forget,
time is something you could regret,
time makes you go under pressure,
time is something you will always treasure,
time is never enough,
time is easy but also rough,
time can make you rich or poor,
time is something we all want more.

Copyright 2009 Jose Murguia




when i close my eyes at night,
the war i just begun to fight,
visions of lights disappear,
and nightmares reapear,
shribling with fear,
that my screams no one will hear,
and all do god is near,
the devil is right here.

Copyright 2009 Jose Murguia




a enemy will always snitch,
a friend likes you wether your poor or rich,
a enemy won't help you in a fight,
a friend is there wether you're wrong or right,
a enemy hurts you day and night,
a friend is like family you're always tight,
a enemy wont catch you if you fall,
a friend is someone you can always call,
a enemy doesn't care if you stay alive,
a friend doesn't let you drink and drive,
a enemy doesn't care if you feel sad,
a friend is there thru good and bad,
a enemy is not a friend hes fake,
a friend will give but not take,
a enemy will try to hit up your girl,
a friend will help you confront the world,
a enemy borrows money and doesn't pay you back,
a friend will always have your back,
a enemy to hurt you will always find a way,
but a friend will always be there until your last day.

Copyright 2009 Jose Murguia

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