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Poems By Poet josette rice  7/25/2016 7:38:36 PM
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Their eyes show me they care
But with their caring they stare

What you never seen someone in a wheelchair before!

The pitiful look in their eyes, belie thoughts
that can be seen through their eyes which do not lie

Hey! Guess what! Don't want your pity
I'm just going about in the City

Their stares convey the look you would give a sweet little puppy
Don't you know? Am Happy,

can't you see the strong, sexy
intelligent woman that I am

Just going about in the City

So what are you looking at!

Am just going about in my wheelchair In the City!
josette rice





I had a dream last night of passion
But when I awoke, realised it wasn't a dream
but mmmmmmmmmmmm a night of real passion,
the evidence around - assured me
it was real mmmmmmmmmmm
sweet dreams are made of this............
but reality is even sweeter.......I had a dream
last night.
Damn! What a nite.............
I had a dream of passion in the night.
josette rice





Friends come and go
this I know

Friendships should be give and take
But how long can friends be on the take and the other give!

Friends should be independent non-symbiosis
Content within their own selves
without the need for taking

Friends come and go
This I know

So until then I remain.....

Friends come and go
Always on the go, to TAKE, TAKE, TAKE

Friends come and go, this I know.
josette rice



Hiding Behind Smiles


Why do we hide what we are
behind smiles, chit chat
for what?

Would it be so bad
to show the real you
even if it's sad or bad

Why do we hide what we are
behind smiles....

We speak but not with words and if heard would
tell others who we really are

Would we be proud to show the world what we hide behind
the veils of silence, smiles, chit chat

Show ourselves for who we are with thoughts tho vile
that would even revile, or cause others to smile...
Why do we hide what we are, behind smiles.............
josette rice

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Poems By Poet josette rice