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Poems By Poet joshua reid  5/30/2016 10:59:38 PM
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  JOSHUA REID (march 7th 1993)
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A Note To A Distant Lover

If we were in each others arms
In a never-ending loving embrace
If we were locked at the lips
In a never-ending kiss
We'd be in heaven
Though there's so much space between us
I'm still right by your side
Even if I can't head there right now
Darling I'll be with you tonight
In your dreams
In your heart
I'm always by your side
In your mind I'm your pride
Even death won't keep us apart
Love is always there in you heart
In heaven or in hell
You're my saving grace
I'm the free key to your cell
In you I find my peace
In you find a helping hand
To save us from the things we've lost
So that we can learn to live again
Heaven is here for us to find
In our hearts
Without love we'd be blind
But then again love is the sight that we seek
And the heaven that we'd find
joshua reid



Cold Hearted

When your heart turns cold
it causes your soul to freeze
It spreads throughout your spirit
like a ruthless feeling disease
The walls that once were down
now stand firm and tall
Safe from hate/love, pain/joy
until your heart turns cold a baby's cry means nothing
A dead corpse is trivial
Mothers neglecting children is daily
Loneliness becomes your routine friend
Death seems like tranquility
Sleeping is never pleasant
if you even sleep at all
you forget ideas and turn off the reason
to make sure the product get sold
You don't understand how i behave
Just wait till your heart turns Cold!
joshua reid



For You My Heart Beats

Explosive emotions, drifting thoughts
Seeming so wrong, battles I've fought
Energy spent, from a soul filled with pain
Here comes windy storms, here comes the rain
As I ponder all the times I've been stepped on
And have tasted all the tears I've slept upon
My pillow soft, with all cotton fluff
Sorrows and heartache, I've had enough
Life gets tough, when you fight it up-stream
Though I share my love, no matter how hard it seem
My only fear, it just feels no matter what I do
My heart can't stop beating for you
joshua reid




It still hurts that you're gone
even after the years
I'm sitting perched on the throne,
I hold back all the tears
Wipe the pain from my eyes,
just grabbing the beers
I look at this bitter home
what the hell happened in here?
So I pick up this pen and paper
I have to have a career
Music is my only true love
it never shatters and tears
All that we worked for
it only gets better
Even when I doubt myself,
I sound composed in this letter
But sadly I can't say the same
for the women I love
or women I hate
for what they did to the dove
That used to represent
the love that I felt
for everyone that I see
but now you've fucked someone else
I said I would always love you
and it's still in my heart
Even though I wanna slug you
and I'm feeling so dark
I remember when I first met you
it was chill from the start
I said 'girl, you're so special
I would kill if we part'
You probably thought I meant you
but you were bad for my health
Loving you was like taking a gun
turning it up, and blasting myself
Because you're...Gone
joshua reid
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Poems By Poet joshua reid