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Poems By Poet joshua reid  11/27/2014 4:57:21 PM
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  JOSHUA REID (march 7th 1993)
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A note to a distant lover

If we were in each others arms
In a never-ending loving embrace
If we were locked at the lips
In a never-ending kiss
We'd be in heaven
Though there's so much space between us
I'm still right by your side
Even if I can't head there right now
Darling I'll be with you tonight
In your dreams
In your heart
I'm always by your side
In your mind I'm your pride
Even death won't keep us apart
Love is always there in you heart
In heaven or in hell
You're my saving grace
I'm the free key to your cell
In you I find my peace
In you find a helping hand
To save us from the things we've lost
So that we can learn to live again
Heaven is here for us to find
In our hearts
Without love we'd be blind
But then again love is the sight that we seek
And the heaven that we'd find
joshua reid



A prayer i wrote

I feel light touching me
but is it from heaven or Hell?
What is this I think I see
my heart truly cannot tell
My nerves are wild
control is a thing of the past
I miss that smile
and the jubilan way you would laugh
I am Satin in human flesh
don't deny it, it is true
Sometimes your life was a stress
I felt relieved to not deal with you
But I miss you Dad
I wish I had knowledge of your location
And with all the talks we had
We never disscussed your destination
So I wonder, where is your soul
that I hear in my heart on occasion
I cannot contain my center of control
You always were smart on those days when
I told you of my dreams and anxieties
you took it in and observed it with patience
You saw the stress was stifiling me
You could see the issue, burn to the basics
God, forgive my father his faults
If I have to work twice as hard in my life
To make up for what he lost
I'll take these scars and bargain with Christ
I need you Lord, no one else
I heed your advice in the Word
Why can't I take his salvation myself?
My life is pathetic, just trite and obsurd
I played the cards I'm recieve
I get three aces and fold
He got nothing but he believed
Kept a straight face and was bold
He was good man despite it all
even when he would yell at my mother
He was in pain, I heard him call
I know deep down inside...he loved her
Dad hear me, wherever you are
even if you're not in Heavenly planes
You are always my star
I love you, and that will never change
joshua reid




I know that feelin when it feel like nobody care
When you goin through your problems it seems like nobody there
I started question myself, If God really care
Sometimes I cut off all the lights in the room and stare
Wonder if he bought me this far To dropp me off here
I know it seems sometimes like Life ain`t fair
They say the only thing you can count on in this world is prayer
I prayed so much I thought that God could'nt hear
joshua reid



Come closer

come closer and I'll pull the trigger
dare you to ask me why my pupils are bigger
you filled my head with all this stress
come closer and you'll have to clean up my mess
i can't stand all you put me through
come closer and ill show you a side you never knew
i thought drugs would calm me down
let me turn all your smiles to a frown
my mind is moving faster than i can think
come closer and let me give you something red to drink
shot echo's through my head like a chyme
opps, i guess you got to close this time
joshua reid
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Poems By Poet joshua reid