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Poems By Poet joshua reid  3/3/2015 6:07:55 PM
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  JOSHUA REID (march 7th 1993)
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My destiny is you

You know it was your destiny,
For you to find me.
And yes its true,
Mine was to find you.
Now we're together we'll never be split,
What ever troubles us we'll get through it.
Now that I'm here I'll always be around,
Your one true love has finally been found.
Everyone could see from the moment you was born
That i was the one meant to fix your heat when its torn
You're the thought on my mind every single night,
And the one when I see morning light.
I'll never be without the one I call my girl,
If I ever am my life will die at that fatal twirl.
You're the one who keeps me breathing each and every day,
For as long as I live I'll be here to stay.
The amount I love you it don't seem real,
Our relationship is strong; it's my life and God's deal.
You're the one I live for every single day
We'll be together, forever, what do you say?
That' a simple answer it's an all around yes,
I can't wait for the day you put on that wedding dress.
I'm here to love you always, every single moment,
We're so perfect together, we don't miss one component.
I picture you lying here right next to me,
What would we do? What would it be?
Well things have changed cause back then I just wanted fun,
But now I love you, I want one daughter and son.
The boy can be called Josh as you would like,
Just remember, I'll teach him to ride a bike.
That's the future lets focus on now,
Will we continue to be one? If so how?
Remember it was destiny for me to find you,
Every word of that is oh' so true.
And for you to find me,
yes it is destiny
joshua reid



secrets i should keep

All she wants is your kisses to be a daily present
a gift that shows you appreciate her very essence.
She wants you through the long days, short nights
forgiveness for her past ways, dont bring up old fights.
she wants your love in any and every situation, no doubts
be a man, keep ya cool even when all she do is shouts.
your hugs should make her feel dam near invincible
tears on your chest & your heartbeat will be all she listens to.
she wants u to let your love show while you're with your dawgs
make her feel perfect when shes with you like you fix her flaws
she wants her bed to feel empty without you & her sheets meaningless.
all because your gentle grabbing her hair while telling her to scream this
every man should know that faithfulness is a must
and real relationships last on each others amount of trust
joshua reid



A note to a distant lover

If we were in each others arms
In a never-ending loving embrace
If we were locked at the lips
In a never-ending kiss
We'd be in heaven
Though there's so much space between us
I'm still right by your side
Even if I can't head there right now
Darling I'll be with you tonight
In your dreams
In your heart
I'm always by your side
In your mind I'm your pride
Even death won't keep us apart
Love is always there in you heart
In heaven or in hell
You're my saving grace
I'm the free key to your cell
In you I find my peace
In you find a helping hand
To save us from the things we've lost
So that we can learn to live again
Heaven is here for us to find
In our hearts
Without love we'd be blind
But then again love is the sight that we seek
And the heaven that we'd find
joshua reid



Bringing out the sun

I feel so dark now covered by your light in tortured eclipse
Just falling apart, how can I escape what you induce with your lips
Making me feel like the end of the world is nothing at all
Take me from real life, I lay fetal with apologies stuck in my jaw
My pride controls me, I have to feel I'm always right with words
But the ride gets lonely, especially when death strikes in thirds
Sensations of guilt leave me torn and seeking releases
My brain is filled with knowledge of Satan, I'm reaching for Jesus
Yet my soul is in doubt again, I reach for the one I appreciate
And when I open my mouth with sin, I desire something to keep me straight
She's been there from the start, through the crazy shit we engaged in
She hopefully knows I'm sharing my heart, though thick and thin
I'm never alone with you I'm surrounded by aid, even in the darkest maze
I hope to always make you smile, to remind me of the sunny days
joshua reid
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Poems By Poet joshua reid