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Poems By Poet joshua reid  1/29/2015 8:36:06 PM
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  JOSHUA REID (march 7th 1993)
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It still hurts that you're gone
even after the years
I'm sitting perched on the throne,
I hold back all the tears
Wipe the pain from my eyes,
just grabbing the beers
I look at this bitter home
what the hell happened in here?
So I pick up this pen and paper
I have to have a career
Music is my only true love
it never shatters and tears
All that we worked for
it only gets better
Even when I doubt myself,
I sound composed in this letter
But sadly I can't say the same
for the women I love
or women I hate
for what they did to the dove
That used to represent
the love that I felt
for everyone that I see
but now you've fucked someone else
I said I would always love you
and it's still in my heart
Even though I wanna slug you
and I'm feeling so dark
I remember when I first met you
it was chill from the start
I said 'girl, you're so special
I would kill if we part'
You probably thought I meant you
but you were bad for my health
Loving you was like taking a gun
turning it up, and blasting myself
Because you're...Gone
joshua reid




come here hold me tight cause i dont know wat to write
but a poem comes to mind whenever your in site
because my heart is all dark and your smile is its only light
i made alot of wrongs in my life but loving you is always right
so come here let me hold you till day turns to night
joshua reid



Little love song

I've Been thinking about you all night long,
So I thought I'd write you a little love song.
You're the sun, stars and moon in my eye,
I want us to be one forever til we die.
You make me smile in every single way,
I am smiling now, tomorrow and even yesterday.
I love you so much you're the light in my life,
Maybe one day you will be my wife.
Nothing can come between us especially no crew,
Cause I know you love me like I love you,
Well now i've finished my little love song,
I'll contiue thinking of you all night long.
joshua reid




lost in the dark
waitng for life to start
listing to the sounds of art
i don't know if I am a boy or a girl
i don't even know where I am in this world
I have been lost for three months and a day
i try to listen to a deep voice say
move woman get out of my way
I twist and turn until my stomach burns
then my surroundings gets cold
as i have my last thought at negative three months old
joshua reid
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Poems By Poet joshua reid