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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley  10/23/2014 3:37:44 AM
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Joyce Hemsley   Best Poems From
  JOYCE HEMSLEY (22.9.28)
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Eternity Ring

Poetic Style - Acrostic:

Eagerly he rushes down to the town
The jewellery store is where he is bound
Eternity's a word, very deep in his mind...
Rapturous delight of the lasting kind.
Never before had he felt quite like this.
Immediate action brought thoughts of bliss.
To place an eternity ring on her finger
Young love and true love ever would linger.

Resting on the laurel 'love lasts forever,
In sickness or health, love is a treasure'
Now was the time for angels to sing
Gentle love songs to an Eternity Ring.
Joyce Hemsley



Fairy Fever

Forty words:

The fairy queen's teardrops are falling

She sneezes all summer long.

Innocent recipient of pollen

Blame histamine's fairy song.

The reason is the sunflower season

Fairy ring carnivals galore,

The scenery is really beautiful

But fairies want fever no more.
Joyce Hemsley



Hall of the Mountain King

Ah, the fugue and pizzicato
hearken to the flute and strings
Grieg's 'Peer Gynt' is echoing
in the Hall of the Mountain King.

Fill your heart with the great Vivaldi
Concerto in C for trumpet and strings,
listen to Sibelius...FINLANDIA, and
Schumann's romantic symphonies.

Call for music from over the sea
and you will find peace and tranquility,
beautiful sopranos singing for you,
soothing your mind with sweet melody.

Oh the choirs of gentle voices
singing their madrigals of spring.
and the fugue and pizzicato
in the Hall of the Mountain King.
Joyce Hemsley



Sonnet - Fourteen Lines

Walking through the country
My best friend at my side
We met a group of students
Their faces shining with pride.

They were off to gather blackberries
Vegetables and strawberries,
To take to the nearby retail store
Down by the sandy shore.

This was their summer employment
And picking fruit was sheer enjoyment
My friend and I were overcome...
The job paid well, a tidy sum.

A pleasant way to earn their pay
And oh my, what a beautiful day.
Joyce Hemsley
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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley