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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley  7/25/2016 9:00:13 AM
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Joyce Hemsley   Best Poems From
  JOYCE HEMSLEY (22.9.28)
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Mistaken Identity

He was all out of luck, the chips were down
On the day he walked through London Town,
When out of the corner of his eye he spotted
His true-love - with another guy!

Turning his head, he just walked away
He would think about this another day...
Like Scarlett O'Hara, he knew the score,
When chips were down it was love no more.

He hurried home and guess who was there;
His own true-love, in her favourite chair.
She'd waited for hours. How wrong could he be?
'Mistaken Identity' so foolish was he.
Joyce Hemsley



Possessive Love

Save all your romancing for me dear,
never let those brown eyes roam...
call me possessive, for that's what I am
because I need you for my very own.
You are the only love I've ever known.

Wherever you walk I'll walk with you
if only in my mind's eye...I'll see your
sweet face ~ warm to your embrace.
I must have you for my own or I'll die.
The depth of my feeling tells no lie.
Joyce Hemsley



Beautiful Garden

Early summer again
when beauty is born,
birds are in love
and the lark sings at dawn.
Skies are in fashion
dressed in blue satin
instead of the grey
of a February day.

Once more I wander
in a beautiful garden
amid pretty rosebuds
of delicate pink...
and flowers of Holland
those tulips in bloom
are waving goodbye to
the breezes of spring.

I silently offer
a fervent prayer
as fragrance of heaven
touches my heart;
there is no place on earth
like a beautiful garden...
each individual aspect
is God's work of art.
Joyce Hemsley



British Summer Time Is Here Again

At early dawn in Britain
28th March 2010 ~ the clocks
go forward, so hold on tight
Sunday morning will be just right.

I quote an old familiar phrase
'Spring forward and Fall back'
This never ceases to amaze
I recall the words from my
early days. Now nothing shall
I lack, for like an old sweet
melody the phrase returns to
rescue me:
'Spring forward and Fall back'
Joyce Hemsley
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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley