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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley  1/26/2015 4:27:48 PM
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Joyce Hemsley   Best Poems From
  JOYCE HEMSLEY (22.9.28)
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A Family

Whenever I hear your call
I hear the angels sing.
For you were my own - my all,
You gave me everything.
I shall never forget
The way your heart was so true
And we'll be together yet
A 'family' up in the blue.
Joyce Hemsley



Beautiful Garden

Early summer again
when beauty is born,
birds are in love
and the lark sings at dawn.
Skies are in fashion
dressed in blue satin
instead of the grey
of a February day.

Once more I wander
in a beautiful garden
amid pretty rosebuds
of delicate pink...
and flowers of Holland
those tulips in bloom
are waving goodbye to
the breezes of spring.

I silently offer
a fervent prayer
as fragrance of heaven
touches my heart;
there is no place on earth
like a beautiful garden...
each individual aspect
is God's work of art.
Joyce Hemsley



Brief Vote Of Thanks From Years Ago

First of all, thank you Sir for
being our Speaker tonight.
We have listened with pleasure
and delight. This is most unusual
you see ~ seldom do we have
the opportunity to hear all about
The Prison Service, especially
a prison of top security. Your
talk has been most interesting,
coinciding well with current
events of the summer spell...
bad reports have sifted through
about Durham Jail, it is true!
I once drove up the long road,
surveyed the prison from very
close view...a gloomy picture
even tho' the sky was blue.
We urgently need more up-to-date
buildings AND more efficient people,
such as yourself, to adminster them.
Thank you so much for your very
special and interesting talk.

So now, dear Ladies of the Bernard
Gilpin Group of Women's Institutes
please stand and show your appreciation
to our Speaker of the evening.
Joyce Hemsley



Cherish The Moment

We are here on this earth for only a moment
Our lives are but clouds that quickly drift by
True love is all along life's fateful highway
As like leaves on the tree we wither and die.

So cherish the dream; it is our gift to savour
And he will sing you a love song divine
Walk with him now through a garden of eden
Taste of the fruit and drink of the wine.

Embrace his soul ~ NOW AND FOREVER
Let romance cling like the grape on the vine
You are his springtime, summer and autumn
A soft-glowing light that will constantly shine.

So when you're together with starlight above
Moonbeams enhancing those beautiful eyes
The angels will know how he loves you so
As concertos ascend to a luminous sky.

~~Cherish the moment~~

August 2008
Joyce Hemsley
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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley