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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley  1/26/2015 10:26:10 AM
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Joyce Hemsley   Best Poems From
  JOYCE HEMSLEY (22.9.28)
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Doggy's Barking

Forty words for the Children:

Master, please take
Pretty doggy for a hike
Through the permitted zone.
She mustn't be left in
Her cage all alone.
Doggy's at the gate now
Tail wagging briskly in
The 'pretty dog' mode.
So Master, please
'Hit The Road'.
Joyce Hemsley



Driving Home on Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night arrived once again
and a picture of home captured his brain,
as he travelled along the coastal road
slightly delayed with the January snow.

But those dear ones! He longed to hold them,
his smiles and his kisses always told them.
Sailing along with a heavy load, in a car
as precious as if it were gold.

Snow on the hills flooded the plain
blizzards blew wildly across the terrain,
but soon appeared a Sunderland sign
'not far now' to that City so fine.

All the yuletide lights were missing
Twelfth night kindly made that decision;
A welcome was waiting at his home by the sea,
as he parked his car 'neath the evergreen tree.

The message was clear: 'A Happy New Year'
Joyce Hemsley



Folklore for Children (1) and (2)


Won't you listen in my garden
to the tapping dancing feet
and the singing of the fairies
playing violins so sweet?

Won't you listen to the pixies
and the fairy queen's refrain,
songs of romance, songs of folklore
or do the fairies sing in vain?

Come and join these mystic beings
with pretty wings of fairest hue
delightful elves and friendly fairies
will sing and dance each day for you.


Down in yonder Elfin Park
Fairies play upon the swing.
Mother nature makes her mark
Saying 'au revoir' to spring.

Summertime is entering in
Fairy Queen begins to sing
No longer dark in Elfin Park
Sunbeams light the fairy ring.

Pretty Queen has lost her heart
True love to her is everything
And if we walk through Elfin Park
Bells will surely 'ting-a-ling'.
Joyce Hemsley



Fond Farewell

I am sad to be leaving,
I toast you with wine,
Oh how I'll miss you all
Fond memories are mine.

I joined as a junior
Fresh out of school,
I leave as a senior
Who has played by the rule.

So bring on the dancing girls
Let's 'party' all night...
With good food we will dine
'Neath soft-glowing light.

The staff from Accounts
May forget their finance,
We will play upbeat music
Tonight's our last dance.

I could ne'er say 'goodbye'
For I love you too well.
Grieve not my dear friends
This is only farewell.

We shall all meet again
In the years yet to come,
Not in snow, sleet or rain
But in the mid-summer sun.
Joyce Hemsley
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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley