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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley  7/23/2014 12:45:30 AM
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Joyce Hemsley   Best Poems From
  JOYCE HEMSLEY (22.9.28)
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Calamity Jane

With Jane
is where he wanted to be
no question of foolish goodbyes!
And he saved all his money
bought her a ring, as bright
as those stars in the skies.

He admired her faithful veracity,
truthfulness shone in her eyes.
His pretty little Calamity Jane
was very mature
and really quite wise.

Her happy schoolgirl mentality
was offered as a simple disguise
to please her many
she met them at Junior High.

Ignoring, forsaking all others
he set pretty 'Janie' aside
and with his sincerity
and her veracity, he decided
to make Jane
his beautiful bride.
Joyce Hemsley



Close to Green Fields

A sweet English cottage
built just for two, and a
quaint rustic bridge where
an inlet flows through:
This is my dream,
to be there with you -
amid green fields of Dover,
where the sky's ever blue.
We may live there one day
if we both make a wish, in
that southern port of England
beyond Shakespeare's Cliff.
Joyce Hemsley



Durham Cathedral - Sonnet

Welcome to Durham Cathedral,
Hear the sweet voice of our God.
Come ye, where pilgrims from out of the past
With wearisome footsteps have trod.

There is history to Durham Cathedral,
And such holiness is ours to behold.
Sunlight enters through a circular window,
The coloured window, known as The Rose.

Saint of the North - ah, the greatest!
Behind the High Altar he's enshrined,
St.Cuthbert, beloved of Lindisfarne fame
We never falter as we worship his name.

So come ye, to Durham Cathedral,
And hear God's sweet voice once again.
Joyce Hemsley



Durham City

Come all ye jolly wayfarers
and visit Old Durham Town,
a place with long years of history
a British place of renown.

A Norman Cathedral and Castle
bridges an old-fashioned mill...
could fill your day-out with wonder,
Come and climb up Old Elvet Hill.

Explore the City of Princes
and take a trip on the river Wear
see trees so green, a University
Minster bells you surely will hear.

The famed Durham Miners' Gala
is held every year in July,
brass bands play thro' narrow streets
and banners are held way up high.

Durham is worth a visit, believe me
if only to admire the encompassing view
and enjoy some time in a market town
where St. Cuthbert would call to you.
Joyce Hemsley
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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley