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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley  7/26/2014 10:09:52 AM
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Joyce Hemsley   Best Poems From
  JOYCE HEMSLEY (22.9.28)
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He Was My Star

Kisses on my left cheek,
and kisses on my right...
his eager arms caressing me
in darkness of the night.

He was my star from heaven
my hope and guiding light,
the kindest soul I so adored
to whom my heart took flight.

If I awoke tomorrow
and found him smiling there,
gone would be my sorrow
no more pain to bear.

Love would bring sweet kisses
two hearts would be so light,
his eager arms caressing me
in the stillness of each night.
Joyce Hemsley



Humble Thanks

the stillness of the morn
our joy when tiny lambs are born
gardens full of glorious fowers
I humbly thank the heavenly powers.

thoughts of golden days gone by
the lark ascending in the sky
babbling brooks and gentle streams
I humbly thank this land of dreams.

the magic hour you said 'I do'
glamorous nights all spent with you
the echo of our baby's cry
I humbly thank The Lord on High.
Joyce Hemsley



Joy of Living

Poetical Style - Acrostic:

Loud comes a voice from the heavens
Over the hills, and over the lea.
Raven and Blackbird fly to the sky
Denoting God's majesty.
Joie de vivre, oh joy of living
Endless rapture is ours, land and sea.
Secure with Jesus, protected from danger.
Under His wing may we always be...
Safe in God's majesty.
Joyce Hemsley



Lindisfarne Gospels

Imagine those days of the late seventh century,
So long ago, no mind can perceive...
when the Saintly Lindisfarne Gospels were written
in a form of old English ~ a masterpiece indeed.
They honour St. Cuthbert, Lindisfarne Bishop,
and belong to the Northland, where lived
the Venerable Bede.

These treasured Gospels, somehow went astray.
First to the Museum; and then made their way
to take pride of place in the British Library,
where they still remain to this present day.

The Document is beautiful, freshly covered in jewels,
its title page taken from the Gospel of St.John.
A replica now rests in Durham Cathedral...
but is only a copy and this seems quite wrong.
The originals belong in the place of renown,
and campaingners request their timely return
to exhibit in the Cathedral of 'Old Durham Town.
Joyce Hemsley
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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley