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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley  9/20/2014 6:55:54 AM
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Joyce Hemsley   Best Poems From
  JOYCE HEMSLEY (22.9.28)
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Nineteen Forty-One

Forty words:

Enemy fighters hovered over

the Southern Cliffs of Dover.

We heard the bombs coming down

across the raided town...

Oh what horrors could be told

but 'hush' ~ put these on hold,

because much happiness

waits in line in Autumn 2009.
Joyce Hemsley



Nineteen Thirties Depression

Forty Words:

Men laboured the martyr way
in meadows of hay,
oblivious of the inclement weather!
To give little children
food and warmth
and moccasins of leather,
'survival' ~ their sole endeavour.
The Wall Street blue...
they saw it through,
forever we'll remember.
Joyce Hemsley



Nineteen Thirty Nine And All That!

Memory lane forever leads back to
desperate years when days were so black.
Sirens were sounding; people were scared
To their shelters they fled when war was declared.
Our City was a target, buildings fell to the ground.
Destruction was rife, stones and bricks all around.
Theatres and churches bombed; little was spared
In one terrible raid from the 'planes in the air.
I stood with my father on the hilltop at night
And saw for myself, an horrendous sight
Wide-spread devastation ~ fire and flame
Which flattened the City and brought it to shame.
Men on the home front gave of their all
To bring food and shelter, and answer each call.
But people made homeless with loved ones dead
Were leaving in droves to find safety ahead.
There seemed no ending ~ war just raged free:
Killings at home and ships lost at sea...
Women and children gave their lives to the fight
Oh, never again must we face such a plight.
After five years in battle, victory came fast
And the scourge of hostility ended at last.
Britons and Americans were Victory Day mad!
Revelling and dancing. The scene was quite sad.
V.E night passed and daylight broke through.
A new life began...peace dawned anew.
We must never forget the multitude who died
They fought for our country and turned the tide
From conflict to Peace; that's how it must stay
And thank Heaven for the glory of the
Eighth of May. I have many memories but
This one stands out...my childhood was marred
Without any doubt. But if we never live through
hell and walk in the rain ~ where is the joy
when the sun shines again. Joyce Hemsley.
Joyce Hemsley



Nineteenth Century British Poet Laureate

Alfred Lord Tennyson
Penned many masterpieces.
The Lady of Shalott and
Charge of The Light Brigade
Will never ever fade...
Alfred had brilliance and ingenuity,
Much understanding of humanity.
Talent magnified him and
There are few beside him.
The world now treasures
An inspiring legacy.

(Joyce Hemsley) .
Joyce Hemsley
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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley