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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley  10/30/2014 5:52:04 PM
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Joyce Hemsley   Best Poems From
  JOYCE HEMSLEY (22.9.28)
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The Final Glory

Christ is our strength where'er we go
Faith in Him doth grow - doth grow.
Jubilation to the world He'll bring.
Born in a stable, that we know
Come, hear the precious angels sing.

Christ takes away our darkest fear
He's ever near - ever near.
On high, He reigns as heaven's King...
We see His Cross ~ the face so dear
As holy yule-tide carols ring.

Peace to the world, battle is o'er
There's no more war - no more war.
Soon cometh the Final Victory...
Ovation will spread from shore to shore.
No greater glory could there be.
Joyce Hemsley



The Five Pound Note

Jenny and Danny were tired of waiting for
Mummy to bring chocolate and sweets,
But alas she forgot and bought many things
Except for those usual treats...

They had longed for choc-ices all of the day
So they cried, and were very upset.
Mummy was sorry ~ and said to them both:
'Wipe tears from your eyes, and don't fret'.

She handed to Jenny a crisp five pound note
Jenny grasped it, with cries of delight.
But on her way to the shop, the wind did blow
And the five pounds quickly took flight.

It whirled round and round ~ up to the sky
And worst of all, down came the rain.
Luckily a passer-by offered his help and
The five pounds was theirs once again.

Jenny kissed Danny, and they ran to the shop
Bought Mummy a box of Milk Tray...devouring
The sweets, they gave mummy the change
And the secret is well kept ~ to this day.
Joyce Hemsley



The Flowers Know

Overboard we fell ~ there's no denying
At the altar bride and groom quite grand
You spoke with faithful voice beguiling
And placed a golden ring upon my hand.

A gentleman thou art ~ and I'm your lady
Inspiration brought us symphonies divine
Renouncing other loves we stay together
Forever we shall see our lovelight shine.
Joyce Hemsley



The 'Forces' Sweetheart

Wearing a necklace of glistening pearls
Her blonde hair in glamorous curls,
No-one ever ignored her...
A huge audience would always applaud her.
She daintily stepped onto the stage
And sang many songs of bygone days.
Dame Vera Lynn was the inforgettable name
Our sweet British nightingale of World War fame.
Joyce Hemsley
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Poems By Poet Joyce Hemsley