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Poems By Poet Julian Mann  7/10/2014 11:07:11 AM
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River Feeling

River feeling is
As simple as
Closing your eyes
For a moment.

Everything flows like river

River feeling is
As smooth as
Everything after
The first step.

Everything flows like river

River feeling is
easy as forgetting
Walking boots.

Everything flows like river

River feeling is
nice as
iron ties
Coming off.

Everything flows like river
Everything flows like river
Everything flows like river
Everything is good and flows
like river
Julian Mann



How Complete The Fields Look

How complete the fields look
When between them runs a brook
Giving life to plains all still
But for soft grass that in a chill
Of wind waves at some passers-by
Who stop to stare and sweetly sigh
At the sun early turning in
For an owl to longer sing
In a dark green leafy den
Where I will sleep but only when
I've sung all my love away
And seen the last of this fair day.
Julian Mann



The Night Road

I'll meet you along the night road,
Not far from where an orchard showed
To me some lapping waters new,
For me at least, though more than a few
Lovers have gazed through to stones
Which seem to be time's very bones;
And then draw away eyes to a hill
That holds a river's promise still
In a grove where, softly blowing on leaves,
Walks desire herself, and aching breathes
Till grasses lean and bushes yearn
And desire lies down among the ferns.
Julian Mann



A Handful Of Jewels

That which you paint,
Or seek to express,
Is that which I feel.
I carry no less.
A handful of jewels
Is my hand by the throat.
Such is daylight's rule,
And I always flick the boat
With Red Sea as I miss it.
I have gone and missed it again.
Julian Mann

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Poems By Poet Julian Mann