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Poems By Poet Justin Edejer  7/27/2016 4:05:06 PM
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Never Trust A Man Who Hasn'T Already Lived A Lie

I have this recurring dream
where the cops found me in a desert in New Mexico
after I robbed every bank from here to Chicago.
They ask me, 'Where did the loot go? '
and so I tell them
that I bought groceries for all the ghettos!
Than we fist bump
tell each other we're awesome
and we go to Disney World
but than I wake up
and the world is less forgiving.
Justin Edejer




I'm just used to seeing the sun in different locations
and when I sleep
I only dream of seeing you in the east
well, who I think is you at least.
I'm floating around
stranded in a sea of apathy
and worst of all, bored.
I don't have a map, or compass
so all I can really do is watch the horizon
gazing out to pink skylines
watching the planets re-align
just to fit this one perfect occasion.
I don't know how long it's been
but I haven't seen land in who knows how long.
Than again I haven't been looking.....
If the stars are my only guide
'Than I defy you, stars...'
Justin Edejer



Valentines Day, Everyday.

They say Valentines day is a fake holiday
but than again
it usually comes from people who like to downplay.
Some days
I just wish I could be one of those hombres
who go on hot dates eating gourmet on pay day
but it's okay.
It's just that three dollars and a few quarters
isn't really going to cut it.
Maybe I could buy a chocolate bar
pick some flowers, and write a sonnet
but that's not real romantic.
Players make the moves than they move on
hiding misery behind smiley face emoticons.
You know you're lonely whenever you're texting
just to keep your phone from dust collecting.
Love is jealous
but only enough to let them know you care
or at the very least stalk them on Facebook.
Love just isn't kind sometimes
I've been there before
and I'm probably still there.
I have ninety-nine problems and only fifty two of them
are involving the girl I like
so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.
but I never said I had the answers.
The fact is
we have about three hundred and fifty two days
and who knows how many years
so time is worth more than money.
Why should love ever take a holiday?
If you really care about someone.
Simply be with them.
Don't be stupid.
No excuses.
Justin Edejer



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Poems By Poet Justin Edejer