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Poems By Poet Kale Beaudry  9/1/2014 11:21:19 PM
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  Best Poems From
  KALE BEAUDRY (September 3rd,1990)

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*Ocean Waves on Ocean Rocks in Ocean Air

Wind Whisked West;
An Undeniable Stretch
Of Realistic Form.
Lightning Strikes Twice,
Revealing The Different
Are The Norm.
Take Cover From the
Storm, One Look At
First Glance Changes
Words to Swords.
It's a Seperate Way Of
A Smile Beyond A Smile
Invites Even The

Mind Open At Dark
Kale Beaudry



Great Blue Sky

watching the great blue sky recede into the black space it really is,
listening to the lapping of an active lake under the great blue sky,
feeling the soothing warmth of an active lake under the great blue sky,
smelling the lotion passing into the soothing warmth of an active lake under the great blue sky,
tasting the freedom of summer as the lotion passes into the soothing warmth of an active lake under the great blue sky,
the great blue sky which recedes into the black space it really is.
Kale Beaudry




Occasionally, regardless of time or day,
I am filled up in either my heart or my mind-
sometimes both.

Sometimes it hurts... a lot. Other times it lets me
know that I am still here. That I am not just a
faded light.

Often I've noticed the black and white of gray lives
and concluded there is never a half-way point-
one in all,

all in one. A seemingly unyielding force
spanning the fog of time, infinite yet distant;
falls both ways.

Hospitilized at ones own will. A captive
behind invisible bars. Heart and mind ballooned-
stuck on earth.

It's hard to see out the window when it's so cold,
but know this... only you can bring back the warmth, since
the sunshine

never left your side. It only takes Time, and Thought.
And within years, the gentle wind will carry your

body over mountain and ocean and grass and
take you out of the clouds so everything can be
green once more.
Kale Beaudry




Like a dropp of rain in the wind,
Like a fish in the ocean,
Like a spark in the darkness,
A clock ticks without motion.

Like a diamond in mountains,
Like a tree in the forest,
Like a cloud in the sky,
The choir sings without chorus.

Like a shard of glass from a window,
Like a torn page from a book,
Like a burnt home in a field,
A life worth one more look.

Like red candlewax melted,
Like flame turned to ice,
Like pond ripples at midnight,
The devil grins twice.

Like a diamond buried,
Like an hourglass shifted,
Like a mirrors reflection,
A perspective twisted.

Like a star in the universe,
Like a planet in space,
Like a crater on the moon,
Life is a race,
is a race,
is a race.
And some leave too soon.

Kale Beaudry

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Poems By Poet Kale Beaudry