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Poems By Poet Kale Beaudry  9/20/2014 12:53:21 AM
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  Best Poems From
  KALE BEAUDRY (September 3rd,1990)

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*Ocean Waves on Ocean Rocks in Ocean Air

Wind Whisked West;
An Undeniable Stretch
Of Realistic Form.
Lightning Strikes Twice,
Revealing The Different
Are The Norm.
Take Cover From the
Storm, One Look At
First Glance Changes
Words to Swords.
It's a Seperate Way Of
A Smile Beyond A Smile
Invites Even The

Mind Open At Dark
Kale Beaudry



A Mishmash not too Different from Potatoes

Bounds at last and freedom cut
with choices done and wishes made
as if a million up-aboves are looking on,
pushing me down, their fire saved,
giving me the subtlety of charm and bond -
not the time to cast away
a second, third, fourth, and fifth chance
at truly finding love at a second, third,
fourth, and fifth sight.
But whom?
The endless now are possibilities in scope;
so confused in my choice of words,
words of choice that could be worse -
strike out third and I'll rejoice!
Kale Beaudry



A Tribute to Dionysius, the Hellfire of the '60s - Part II

To think I truly forgot
what this is—a lie
& to think I understand
is a myth

finding it increasingly difficult
to keep this pen in my hands
followed with words I
couldn't possibly

Irrational; irresponsible,
no focus w/extra focus
& thoughts dribble from tongue

doing my best to keep my
spirits alive, in another
world I would

problems & complexities
people w/ personalities
forever entwined.

associate with morning breeze
thru parks bench and ocean beach
a synonymous greeting of
affection caressing
your every curve.

It's always busy.
something that shakes me to my center core
something that fills me with uncertain
something that
It's never quiet.

lost a father to brainwash
mirroring myself unto
his fucking fate.

(a single penned line scribbled, capturing seven minutes of
Riders on the Storm.)
Kale Beaudry



Epiphanies on the C28

in this house of mine there's a cat on every floor
looking out the window, sneaking through the doors
left, right, day and night, they will always ask for more,
their constant contemplating so impossible to ignore.
they shed like snakes and always find their ways into the cracks,
keeping you under pressure 'til you think you're going to snap,
claw, bite, hiss and swipe, they will always keep you back,
until you face them head-on like you're leading the attack.
Kale Beaudry

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Poems By Poet Kale Beaudry