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Poems By Poet Kami Haha  2/28/2015 10:27:08 PM
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  Best Poems From
  KAMI HAHA (4/24/1998-)

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You walk alone
You eat alone
You rose alone
You are alone.

You feel you have it all;
the 'friends', the 'fame', the 'fortune'
You feel you're on top,
but there you lie, at the bottom.

You just don't care;
about the hearts you break,
the lives you end,
the planet you destroy

You think, you think you own the place,
with your selfish talk,
your arrogant walk,
the look, the smile, the attitude.

Alone you rose,
alone you'll fall;
alone you'll lie, alone you'll be,
with the thoughts of those you tormented as your only companion.

Alone you'll remain,
Kami Haha



Dead Man's Contest

A heart pounding,
blood pumping,
exhilarating, run.
Through the woods,
over the sticks,
ending only when one of us are dead.

He's caught up to me. I turn to face him.
To face my Dead Man.
Dead Man's Walk.
The walk no man should ever have to face.
The one who finds the sword first,
must plunge it into the other's heart.
This time, I have no weapon.
Meaning my time has finally come.

The sword is plunged,
through my heart, my soul.
My blood spurts in every direction,
even on his face,
but he doesn't care;
he only wants to see his family again.
I see him push it forward still,
but there's no need;
I sit as a ghost in a tree,
watching. Waiting.

I join the other's, the souls of the lost men
of the Dead Man contest.
A man is lost to this foolishness every year.
This time, it was me.
And none of the souls of my former opponents,
young or old,
look happy to see me.
Kami Haha



For The Days That Lie In Between

A good day is that of bright, sun-like gold;
A bad day is that of endless, heavy rain.
Yet days that lie in between the two,
days when the sun disappears behind the rolling hills,
days when you neither laugh heartily,
nor cry endlessly.
Just days;
days when the silver platter appears
in the dark, white-lit splattered blanket called sky,
and we fall away, into a peaceful sleep,
with a serene smile plastered onto our faces,
our last thought is to be thankful,
for the seemingly perfect days
that lie in between.
Kami Haha



Heart, or Father?

Feel with the heart that is my own
or think with the mind of my Father?

My heart says stay,
my Father says go.
My heart says high,
my Father says low.

My Father says play,
my heart screams laze.
My Father screams sleep,
my heart stays awake and ablaze.

Oh, what is a girl to do?
Feel with her own heart,
or think with the mind in her head,
but controlled by her Father?
Kami Haha

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Poems By Poet Kami Haha