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Poems By Poet Kathryn Miller  7/23/2016 6:05:35 AM
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  Best Poems From
  KATHRYN MILLER (Oct.1,1986)
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Where Have You Gone

I wrote this after 3 of my grandparents passed away.

I miss you so much,
I never got to say good bye,
You left me to fend for myself,
At such a young age,
You left a platinum watch but no memories,
Nothing that I would have rather had,
I can barely remember you,
You’re probably watching me now,
And you’re probably disappointed in me,
And my lack of memory,
I don’t know what you see in me,
But I want you to know I hope that somehow you know,
I miss and love you,
More than any number can express,
I’m sorry I didn’t turn out the kind of girl that wear’s dresses everyday,
And loves to put on make up but I do love you,
I just hope that’s really enough.
Kathryn Miller




I hope you’re who you say you are,
Sweet, caring, thoughtful,
I hope you’re who I think you are,
Loving, creative, funny,
Because you are someone I like,
And I don’t want anything else.
Kathryn Miller



Your Hearts

Your hearts have been misplaced,
They have been slaughtered inside you,
They fade to the darkest gray,
So you have little to no mercy,
And little love,
Because that's what you seek to distroy,
All faith and hope is lost when your around,
Because you HATE happiness.
Kathryn Miller

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Poems By Poet Kathryn Miller