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Poems By Poet Kathryn Miller  7/26/2016 4:46:19 PM
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  Best Poems From
  KATHRYN MILLER (Oct.1,1986)
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Can'T Get You Off My Mind

I’m here in a place,
Where playing in the sand is the thing to do,
But instead I want to be with you,

I’m here in this place,
Where gazing into the water is what’s right,
But instead I want to gaze at you,

I’m here in the same place,
Where watching fireworks if fun to do,
But instead I want to watch you,

Because this place I’m in is lonely,
Without you,
My only haven is sleep,
For I dream of you.
Kathryn Miller



Rainy Days

When I wake up in the morning and look out my window,
I see the world is gray,
And I stand there and watch,
Nothing moves,
Except for the blowing wind,
And all it's victims,
As I get dressed and put in my favorite CD,
I don't feel like putting in a happy little jingle,
Because when it's grey,
I don't feel the day is a happy one,
I want colors to burst through this steady stream of rain,
That beats on the roof of my house,
When it rains it has a rhythm,
The taptaptap of the rain on the window,
The whoosh of the curling wind outside,
And the splash of the cars streaming by,
But this rhythm makes you feel like staying in bed,
And dreaming of untold desires,
And in this rain has it's victory.
Kathryn Miller



Why Live

I feel the darkness floating in,
I feel as if I must die,
The pain I just can’t bare,
The thoughts of living,
Make me want to crawl away,
And cry.
If I disappeared no one would care,
They would all go on with their day,
As if no one was ever there.
I don’t feel like being on this Earth,
There’s nothing here for me,
Accept to be,
The one they can’t believe,
Is still here to see.
Sometimes I feel,
As if the world doesn’t offer anything,
To those who are like me,
And therefore I don’t see any reason to live,
But then I think again,
And to see his face one more time,
Is that one reason I choose to live.
Kathryn Miller



A River's Speed (3rd In Set Of A Rivers Run And The Way The River Run's, And A Rivers Speed)

The speed of the river never changes,
It goes at the same pace and to the same place,
But if you can't keep up then you will get left behind,
Yes it's swift pace makes it a never ending race,
So if you stop you will never catch up,
For that is something you just can't do,
And we all know that is nothing new,
So don't get left behind,
Just follow the path that it leads you,
For you just can't change destiny,
The path has been chosen and I choose to follow mine,
Some paths are meant to be broken,
But the real question is what path are you going to choose?
Kathryn Miller
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Poems By Poet Kathryn Miller