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Poems By Poet Kathryn Miller  11/22/2014 11:44:44 PM
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  KATHRYN MILLER (Oct.1,1986)
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Fear is something we all have,
It's something we don't prefer people to know,
But sooner or later we meet face-to-face with that fear,
And if you've never told anyone then who's to stand near,
I am afraid of becoming something I'm not,
All of my friends know that and stand close when I start to slip,
They all remind me to stand out of the crowd,
Because those who do usually get noticed,
But what is fear?
Something we have never experienced,
That might be good for some fears,
But what about those that might turn out better,
We'll never know until we try them,
I have tried mine and didn't like what I saw,
But whose to say being afraid of something is actually keeping you away from something you might really like.
Kathryn Miller



Forgotten Words

You said things to make me happy,
You said things to cheer me up,
But all those were forgotten words when you hit me,

You said things to make me feel at home,
You said things to make everything ok,
But everyone of those words were forgotten when you beat me,

You said things to keep our secret,
You said things to keep yourself safe,
All killing me.

All those words forgotten with the wrongs you did to me,
All those words forgotten with each stinging blow,
All those words left dangling in the air when striking me.
Kathryn Miller




My grandfathers were wonderful men,
They both were willing to help our country,
The coast guard and the air force was their calling,
They came back and married their sweethearts,
And then they grew into tired old men,
With me at a very young age,
I didn't think that they'd leave me so soon,
But now I remember little about them,
And our times together,
I really miss them,
They both were taken from me by cancer,
I wish I could have learned more about these inspiring men,
But being so young I didn't understand the quilities they held,
So I often took them for granted,
And I will always hold onto the memories I have of them.
Kathryn Miller



Since You Left Me

Since you left me it hasn't been the same,
I'm not interested anymore in playing the love game,
The last time I let myself love I got my heart broken,
Into tiny shards that just won't piece back together,
I don't trust myself to make the decisions I once could,
It seems like you are holding my self confidence,
And grinding it into the ground.

Since you left me for her I haven't been the same,
I feel like going insane,
I don't want to get up,
in fear your essence is still lingering near,
To make me sick with past memories of us,
And the last time we kissed.

Since you left me something snapped inside,
I don't care what happens as long as you're not here,
I can't be motivated to do anything,
I just can't live because...

Since you left me I don't feel beautiful inside,
Like you took that away for some cruel thing,
And some cruel game.

Even though I know that it was me who jumped on the love train.
Kathryn Miller
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Poems By Poet Kathryn Miller