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Poems By Poet Kathryn Miller  9/15/2014 9:52:08 PM
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  Best Poems From
  KATHRYN MILLER (Oct.1,1986)
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Imagination is a powerful thing,
It can run as wild as a stalion,
We all have at least a touch of imagination,
We use imagination everyday,
Without even realising it,
It is used for many diffrent things,
It is used when we read,
When we dream,
And much more,
Most of the time we don't have a limit on our imagination,
So it gets us carried away,
And usually makes our day,
Without over doing it.
Kathryn Miller



Our Friendship

Our friendship is like a book,
But we are the ones who write it,
We fill the pages with wonderful fun,

Our friendship is like a book,
That waits to be written,
Sometimes all writers need a break,
So we stop to think a while back,

Our friendship is like a book,
Waiting for an onlooker's eye,
That just happens to be passing by,
But is afraid of being buried under rubble,
But we're sure it never will.
Kathryn Miller



What Hurts the Most

What hurts the most is the way you looked at me,
The way it felt like you didn’t care,
The way it looked as if there was no hope left,

What hurts the most is the heavy feeling I gained in my heart,
I wanted to start over and begin anew,
But you had different plans,
Plans to leave and to let die,

What hurts the most is that you don’t care anymore,
You’re like the grim reaper walking,
You think it’s ok and that I’ll live but you were my all,

You meet someone else and leave me to be,
But I just can’t move,
Without you,

Why can’t I let go?
Because the pain is just to real,
What I feel,
Just seeps into the deepest crevice,
And stay’s and never fades,
Like the love I once had for you.
Kathryn Miller




We all have to adapt to something,
But what is adapting all about,
Letting things slide and slip into something else,
Adapting brings good and bad things,
Ups: friends, more love for yourself, open mind,
Downs: Hurt, a yearning that is never fulfilled, and vulnerability,
But we all do it without acknowledgement,
And sooner or later we fall in love with someone or something,
And then most of the time get our hearts broken,
So what are we to do?
We can’t just stop adjusting,
In my opinion we adjust but with great care not to lose ourselves.
Kathryn Miller
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Poems By Poet Kathryn Miller