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Poems By Poet Kathryn Miller  12/22/2014 8:12:19 AM
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  Best Poems From
  KATHRYN MILLER (Oct.1,1986)
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I did my research!

Music has a great influence on life today,
They play it in resturants,
In schools,
And a lot at home,
There are many types of music,
Jazz; heavy metal; alternative; rock; etc.,
They all can change our moods,
If you put on a sad song it usually makes you feel sorrow,
Heavy metal makes you pump adrenalin,
Jazz is rather calming to your soul,
But it started way back in 1100s or earlier,
And we still have it today,
But in many different forms.
Kathryn Miller



My Sweetheart

My sweetheart never left me,
He stayed right here beside me,
'Cause we both know we were meant to be,

My sweetheart never hurt me,
He helped me when you couldn't,
'Cause he's the one who cares,

My sweetheart never made me cry,
He helped me inside,
'Cause he knew i couldn't live without it,

To bad my only sweetheart is you.
Kathryn Miller




I’m on my daily walk when,
I look down and notice my shadow,
It fallows me through the many turns and twists of the road,
But when it meets another shadow,
They blend into one,
And it reminds me of humans blending,
Blending into the crowds we have,
Blending into an everyday average person,
And I see that I don’t want to become just another blending being,
I want to be unique and different.
Kathryn Miller



Why is it so Hard

Why is it so hard to let go of something,
I want to so bad,
I want to forget the fight and the love,
Forget letting myself love,
Forget the utter pain,
to let go.

Why does it linger near,
To see every tear,
To see me weep and weep,
Or perhaps to see me seep into every hole I can find,
To watch me.

Why does it sting so bad,
To see me in pain,
To make me miserable,
To kill me bit by bit,
To hurt me.

Why do you feel so right,
When all I have is gone,
When all I've ever loved is misplaced,
When I want to just be sick...

I would love to know but it's true,
There's no You,
No one to hold,
No one to lean on,
No one to love.

But ahh here you come,
Calling my name,
What's that, me take you back,
After the pain,
no, no, not that again,
we played the game,
I thought I had lost,
but now it's obvious,
It was you.
Kathryn Miller
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Poems By Poet Kathryn Miller