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Poems By Poet Kathryn Miller  8/23/2014 10:20:46 AM
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  Best Poems From
  KATHRYN MILLER (Oct.1,1986)
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My Last...

The last word I breath is something that won't be repeated,
I'll tell you of a time when I had nothing but a dime,
I'll ramble on as if time would not move,
But then it's time for me to pass,
For nothing is meant to last,
I will go happy with my last testimony,

While I fade away,
I hope I left good memories,
And love to fill a family,
Not hurt and pain,
I hope that I told you not to fret,
And that I'd be going to a better place,
I will go happy with my last memory,

I will have had a lifetime spent,
And hopefully a good impression on you,
For it is true that I try,
I'll watch you from above with a front row seat,
And guide you on your way,
help you threw the days,
I will go happy with my last impression,

I will go happy with the thought of you,
I will go happy with the thought that i can help you more when I'm looking down upon you,
I will go happy knowing that, that is how it is supposed to end,
I will go happy and I hope you don't grieve.
Kathryn Miller



Since You Left Me

Since you left me it hasn't been the same,
I'm not interested anymore in playing the love game,
The last time I let myself love I got my heart broken,
Into tiny shards that just won't piece back together,
I don't trust myself to make the decisions I once could,
It seems like you are holding my self confidence,
And grinding it into the ground.

Since you left me for her I haven't been the same,
I feel like going insane,
I don't want to get up,
in fear your essence is still lingering near,
To make me sick with past memories of us,
And the last time we kissed.

Since you left me something snapped inside,
I don't care what happens as long as you're not here,
I can't be motivated to do anything,
I just can't live because...

Since you left me I don't feel beautiful inside,
Like you took that away for some cruel thing,
And some cruel game.

Even though I know that it was me who jumped on the love train.
Kathryn Miller



The Undying

I am the undying,
I have died inside,
I have died emotionally,
I have died mentally,
Because the pain I had to endure,
Was what made me this way,
You tormented me for 6 long years,
Now that's over 'cause,
I stood up and fought,
I fought for myself,
I fought for others,
and I fought for my sister,
'You won't do this again',
I screamed,
Now you are being set in front of a judge,
for the horrible crimes you committed,
'I'll Kill You',
you screamed but now I was safe,
away from the person I hated most,
away from you.
Kathryn Miller



What Hurts the Most

What hurts the most is the way you looked at me,
The way it felt like you didn’t care,
The way it looked as if there was no hope left,

What hurts the most is the heavy feeling I gained in my heart,
I wanted to start over and begin anew,
But you had different plans,
Plans to leave and to let die,

What hurts the most is that you don’t care anymore,
You’re like the grim reaper walking,
You think it’s ok and that I’ll live but you were my all,

You meet someone else and leave me to be,
But I just can’t move,
Without you,

Why can’t I let go?
Because the pain is just to real,
What I feel,
Just seeps into the deepest crevice,
And stay’s and never fades,
Like the love I once had for you.
Kathryn Miller
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Poems By Poet Kathryn Miller