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Poems By Poet Katie Bunge  11/23/2014 11:00:13 AM
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Always with Me

Tonight's the night
for me and you,
The night to prove
we were meant to be.
You mean the world to me,
and so much more,
I would give my life for you,
the one I adore.
You're the one I think of,
when I'm happy or sad,
You're the one i think of,
and am very glad to have.
Your touch is s o gentle,
your smile is so sweet,
Everytime I'm with you,
my heart skips a beat.
Together, Forever,
I know it's meant to be,
for you to only be with me.
When we hold hands,
my heart fills with joy,
Just to hear you tell me,
I'll always be your boy.
When we hold eachother close,
the world seems to move fast,
And it seems like forever,
though much time has past.
When we hug eachother,
and i look into your eyes,
Your sweet adorable smile,
catches me by surprise.
Your kisses are so sweet,
when our lips begin to meet.
To hear you say, I Love You,
means so much to me,
And I hope and pray that you,
will always be with me.

~Katie Bunge
Katie Bunge




I love you today and
I will love you tomorrow

Just some words
To clear the sorrow

That will never
Leave my heart or yours

From this day forward
You are so special to me

I love you
With all my heart

Always have
And always will

From family and friends
That never end

You will always be with me
As I will always be with you

Until we cross the gates of heaven
There we will always be

Together until the end

~Katie Bunge
Katie Bunge



Just Remember

When you keep anger inside,
it is pretty easy to hide;
but when you keep so much
it often explodes in just one bust.

When you keep sadness in too long,
and just act 'OK' and say your fine;
you know on the inside you're wrong,
so why must you hide?

When stress and worry are on your mind
and all you can do is sigh,
just remember that you cannot hide
from I.

Remember that I have been in your same situation.
and I know it is not an easy road;
but if you keep faith and hope in your heart,
just remember that is part of the not so easy road.

Just remember that time heals and will tell all,
and that God above has a lesson for all.
Whether if it is about anger, sadness, pride, or love -
just remember that he has a reason for this
from the good angels above.

~Katie Bunge
Katie Bunge




A young girl and a young boy
Both standing waiting for the sound of the click
They are in true love, his hand around her waist and she never wants him to let go
Her smile so bright, it could light up the whole world
He looks at her with wanting glares
His eyes tell people, the girl is his and no one else’s
A woman told them to stand there and what for her instruction
She went over to camera and said
A flash of light, blinded them both
And then another
Until they got it right
The women walked away and after the pictures were taken
The young boy looked at the young girl
And just smiled
Katie Bunge
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Poems By Poet Katie Bunge